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  2. While you await your books, be sure to check out HalfPintIngalls (actually the author of The Wilder Life pretending to be Laura Ingalls) on Twitter:
  3. I first heard about the book from an Amway-er, back in 2002. I think that's how the first TJed book was promoted. Something that always bothered me about the TJed books was the plagiarism. Anyone who has taken English 101 knows that you don't give an idea without citing where it came from. Every other neo-classical education book cites at least the Dorothy Sayers quote. WTM was published 3 years (I think) before TJed. Neither one is cited. It's like he invented these ideas out of his head, which I find difficult to believe. Or he is a poor researcher and didn't know what other books were out there. Either way it's unprofessional.
  4. I've been reading Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz. She says that foreign language learning is incredibly difficult for dyslexics, and if possible and needed, dyslexics should be able to opt out of foreign language college admission requirements. My oldest daughter has not been diagnosed with dyslexia, but she's shown signs since she was at least 6 years old, and I think I'll pursue the diagnosis this year. Right now we homeschool in the morning: spelling, memory, math, dictation, oral reading of a passage, and then narration of that passage, intensely in less than two hours. She's spelling on a 3rd grade level, doing math and reading on about a 4th grade level. She's made tremendous progress since we started working intensely on her level in January, but I can see that reading, spelling, and orderly thinking in general will always be more difficult for her than her siblings. Her passion is animals, and her goal is to become a wildlife biologist. So she works willingly on her basic skills with me so she can meet that goal. She'll be entering 6th grade. I've always envisioned learning at least some foreign language as part of a good education. It's hard to scale back, but I do see that a foreign language would be difficult for her. I also see that it's most important to do the essentials, and the essentials with a dyslexic do take more time. But is doing foreign language with a dyslexic unavoidably head-explodingly hard? Is there a way to pursue it that makes it doable? Are there dyslexics that can handle Latin? Or maybe starting slowly at junior high age, and incorporating lots of review, with a relatively simple language like Spanish? I'm wondering what your experience has been in this area.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. That avatar pic is darling! :seeya:

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