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  2. I use Google Calendar. I have one calendar for the household, and a separate calendar for my school that shows up as a different color. At the beginning of the semester I go through the syllabuses and map out what time I am in class (and where), what time I'm at work if applicable, what big assignments are due when. If you get extra credit for turning in projects in early, I write down those dates as well. If I ever find that I forget something (mostly things like kids' doctors appts), I tell Google Calendar to remind me.
  3. I'm a TypeWell transcriber as well, working at a college. This college provides student notetakers to students with learning disabilities such as ADHD. Like milovany said, that's not enough for communication access for the deaf and hard of hearing, so the college provides sign language interpreters or TypeWell for them.
  4. Here is a summary from a loss mother about the Not Buried Twice campaign: http://safermidwiferyformichigan.blogspot.com/2014/06/not-buried-twice.html. Lots more links in there.
  5. When I hired a midwife for a VBAC (1st cesarean for breech), home birth stories were a big influence on me. Then I had the birth--long labor, little progress, some fetal distress, hospital transport at midwife's insistence, cesarean and healthy baby, but learned that the distress was worse than we had thought when we decided c-section (meconium, infection starting). It could have easily gone the other way and I am very thankful we were lucky enough to get the healthy baby that has grown into my 14-year-old. You should be aware that the natural birth community censors home birth stories. Pe
  6. I loved breastfeeding despite a few problems, but that was because it worked for me and my family. If my circumstances had been yours, I would have quit. "Breast is best" only with all other things being equal, which they definitely are not in your situation. Fearless Formula Feeder is a good support resource for people like you who feel the pressure to breastfeed, but it's not a good choice for you and your family.
  7. Go to the accessibility services office ASAP! I used to work for accessibility servcies at a university as a TypeWell Transcriber for the deaf and hard of hearing. I provided a meaning-for-meaning transcript of the lecture. I carried two laptops that were wirelessly connected. I typed on one and the student saw the lecture in real time on the other computer, enabling them to participate in class. (More info at http://www.typewell.com/overview/how-it-works. Milovany, another poster here, also works as a TypeWell transcriber.) Many colleges offer this or similar services, but the more advance no
  8. How long have the trees been dead? Did the seller know about it and fail to disclose? If so you may have some recourse.
  9. You guys might like Inside the Pitch Meeting for Maleficent, very funny!
  10. A couple of months ago there was an AskReddit on this topic here, also here (NSFW, and this is Reddit so the people aren't as classy as we are here, but still the stories are enlightening). Those abused by women were often drunk or asleep at the time. Often no one takes the complaints seriously or it goes unreported because the man doesn't want the stigma of being too weak to fight it off or the "stigma" of not wanting the sex.
  11. I have seen it at home a few times. It's on Netflix now and I saw it a few months ago with the captions on. It's amazing how much dirtier it seemed with captions. I never knew the exact lyrics of Greased Lightning, for example. And the ending always makes me mad.
  12. A couple of interesting tidbits I picked up elsewhere online: That weird cartoon character that spoke out of the iPad is from a famous art historical piece, The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronomous Bosch (the Prince of Hell down in the lower right corner). (Now you can count your watching time as educational!) Also, did you notice that Doug died the way Underwood's great-grandfather supposedly did?
  13. Computer engineering is a hybrid of computer science and electrical engineering (more hardware focused than computer science). Computer science is more programming, and usually requires math through at least calculus 2 and linear algebra. It's considered a rigorous degree which gives a lot of options down the road...a computer science major could get a job as an IT guy, but an IT major probably couldn't get a job as a software engineer. Information technology (IT) is probably more an exact fit for what he's looking for: how to use specific computer systems to solve specific problems, s
  14. I agree with the earlier posters that the best bet in the long fun is finding another job. But some other ideas I haven't seen yet: While I agree that he shouldn't use the salary information he accidentally obtained, he can check out the information on glassdoor.com, which gives salary information that people voluntarily report from their company. This information would still be a little tricky to use, involving language like "my research shows that my compensation is below comparable positions" or something like that, but it's less risky than the alternative. Another option (that I le
  15. How are you at STEM (science technology engineering mathematics)? I always did fine at math in school, and my homeschool journey taught me that I actually like math more than I did when I was younger. I am now in school in computer science with the goal to become a software engineer. It's a skill in very high demand that pays very well, and has lots of flexible work-at-home options, and is a lot of fun. You can combine other talents or skills with computer science and be a lot more marketable (it's difficult to get a job as an artist, for example, but if you can bring art talent to ability in
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