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  1. As a special needs mama and formerly SLP working with kiddos with special needs, I would not recommend continuing lessons that take hours to complete. I don't think it's good for either one of you. I would let go of the thought that they are both supposed to be at the same grade/level. I would look at what they have each mastered and the next steps for each of them. I would try to find some things that your son with special needs is skilled in. Give him some independent work to review those things and then use those nuggets of time to work with your other son. When you introduce new mate
  2. Shameless plug...if you are looking for young resources, or resources for children with special needs, I have a relatively new store. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Teach-Speech-Coffee-With-The-Therapy-Mama Thanks! Jenn
  3. Hahaha! Thanks! No, just little money so it was easy to do! But it is really nice to be told I rock at something! :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: Jenn
  4. I finished mine last night...so glad to get it done! Jenn
  5. I'm a single mama homeschooling my two daughters that I adopted. I often forget that we are technically at the poverty level-but somehow make do. I have been fortunate to receive some support through HSLDA/homeschooler's foundation (they have widows, single parents, special needs grants, etc.) I've personally used some fund from ARC for my daughter with special needs for school supplies. I know that the foundation accepts help so that they can help others. There is a also a Facebook group/non-profit group-Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping. You can post materials there that others c
  6. I had lots of Daniel Tiger song running through my head when I read that thread. "You gotta try new things cause they might taste good!" "Close your eyes and think of something happy." "Think about what you're gonna do and pick the clothes that are right for you." We love Daniel here!
  7. I don't know that this is the case for you, but I have heard of many people who have toenail fungus that ends up clearing up when they target their gut health through a very strong and effective probiotic. I do use Plexus and initially began it because I had fungus type rashes on other parts of my body. It has cleared it up for me. Just something to consider.
  8. I do and I love it! I haven't lost much weight, but the slim and probiotic have done wonders to help my gut and control my blood sugar.
  9. I guess I technically still sell it, though I haven't sold any in months. I really like it...but I can't afford it. Some of my friend's have done amazing with it, they have lost weight (though inches seem to come off first, then pounds), gotten off medications and have improved their overall health immensely. Like I said, I do like it...it helps even out my blood sugar and I lost inches. I like the pain relief pills and lotion-works so well. I just don't seem to be a pushy enough salesperson to make enough to afford it.
  10. My daughter with Down Syndrome is still really struggling with math. We are switching to Touch Math this year. I love the way that the numbers are the manipulatives. We will see if it sticks.
  11. I can totally relate! I'm a single mama, through adoption and have two girl's with some special needs. I homeschool because I feel like it's the best for my children. I am constantly reminded that we could have more/bigger/better "things" if I was working. But you know what, this is my choice and I don't think I will ever regret the time with my daughter's over things. I try to pick stuff up for cheap at yard sales/thrift stores, etc. and if I can't use it, I sell it to buy things that I can use. God has always provided. Big hugs to you...it's hard, but totally worth it!
  12. I have been so bad about picking up stuff at thrift stores, sales, etc. I am taking over $800 of stuff to a homeschool consignment sale this morning! Feels so good to clear out. But there's still more I could have taken! I'm an educational hoarder!
  13. Where do you find the best prices for books on audio? Thanks!
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