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do your kids ever try

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Sometimes with history. The kid is uncomfortable with the idea of no Single Correct Answer, so he's prone to trailing off and hoping I'll finish sentences for him.


He knows better than to try to use my brain for math, though. He'd be better off asking the cat. :001_smile:

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Not sure of her reasoning, but sometimes when I don't understand a math problem, I start with the answer and work backwards to figure out how on earth the problem worked! Um, I do that quite frequently with ds14's geometry. :tongue_smilie: I find this book doesn't give enough examples. I need to see several problems worked out before I really understand. It irks me to no end for them to throw us into the problems to continue figuring out the concept. I noticed that dd12 is that way in Algebra too.

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My son's favorite tactic is to emit a huge, dramatic sigh to try to get me to ask, "What's up?"


I wasn't born yesterday, kid. :glare:


Yesterday I threw him for a HUGE loop. He has an electronic dictionary, and I know at this point that he can spell well enough for it to guess what he's shooting for 95% of the time. So when he asked me to spell "Constantinople" for him, I told him to look it up. The look of shock on his face was priceless. It made me giggle. :lol: He felt so proud of himself when he got it, though!

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