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Wanted: Fun, family friendly NYE ideas

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We set out finger food platters instead of dinner and snack all night. Things like crackers and cheese, chips and dips, summer sausage and pepperoni, olives and pickles, fruit and veggies. etc,. We have watched movies, played video games, played board games, done kareoke. Mostly it depends on what we got for Christmas. This year we got the Wii, so I forsee a lot of Wii games.

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In addition to board games, puzzles are fun. I try to stick to a 300 piece or less so it is not too overwhelming. Target has a great puzzle selection.


If you are thinking about inviting a few friends over, a pizza decorating contest is fun. Ask your guest to bring an uncooked cheese pizza. Provide different toppings and have a decorating contest. Cook the pizzas one at a time and serve as appetizers.


I think a movie marathon is a great idea. We did that this year for Christmas and introduced our kids to Gillian's Island. We rented season one through Netfilx.


Have fun!

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We usually do a combination of activities. If it is warm enough and clear enough we will spend part of the night outside with a small fire stargazing. Board games, TV shows marathons, movies, crafts, devotionals have all been part of a NYE celebration at some point or another.

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Dinner: Make-your-own-pizza


Board and card games. We always play a good long round of poker and another game or two.


The younger guys watch the ball drop and go to bed.


Everyone still up watches Men in Black.


Then we watch the ball drop, have champagne and sparkling apple cider to toast the New Year, then off to bed.




ETA: I love the idea of stargazing! We might try to fit that in if it's not raining. We're in the PNW so not much hope for that, but it sounds lovely.


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This is our first year not having to go anywhere- yeah!

We are planning on ordering in dinner and then having some snackies. Our girls are young so we are going to set the clocks ahead a few hours and let them stay up until "midnight". I think we are going to play board games and Wii. I'm planning on getting some sparkling juice for them.

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