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  1. Hello, I'm trying to wrap my head around what we need to get done in the middle school years (6th-8th) to be ready for High School. I feel like I have a good grasp on math, grammar, writing, reading but am struggling with Science and History. Can anyone share with me what they did for Science and History for the older grades? Thanks, Christine
  2. Mama Anna- Thank you for your response! I love hearing how others do things and their thoughts! It helps me clarify my thoughts and figure out what is best for us!
  3. We have been a part of CC's Essential program for the last two years. For a variety of reasons, we are stepping down from CC. There was quite a bit I loved about Essentials- I'm not a grammar minded person and learned a lot! I also feel that it could have done better in some areas. Any recommendations for a grammar program? What are that programs strengths/weaknesses? If you have done Essentials, how does it compare?
  4. As my eldest is getting ready to enter 5th grade and we are leaving CC, I'm needing to solidify some things in my mind! I've got ideas in my mind but was wanting to hear other people's input! What is the purpose of Middle School? What does your "Big Picture" look like for 5th-12th grade? For example, 1 year of US History in Middle School and late High School along with going through 2 3-yr cycles of World History. What are some resources/curriculum that you just loved?
  5. I've been doing some searching and trying to hammer out the big picture of what we are doing with the few years I have left with the kiddos! So the questions I have for you, what makes an education classical? What does this look like in your home? Does what it look like change over the years? I'm hoping this become a good discussion!
  6. There is a lot of excellent discussion in this post- I wish I would have seen it sooner! I want to add in my two cents! We've been a part of CC for 5 years. We started when why was oldest was 5 years old. She is now 9 and is in her 2nd year of Essentials. I'm also tutoring Essentials this year. We've been blessed with an AMAZING director and wonderful tutors. Our community is very close and like an extended family- not all communities are blessed with that. I've loved our last 5 years in CC but feel it is because of our director and other families- a blessing I know not everyone has! I have not always agreed with everything about CC (4 yrs sitting in class!!!!) but felt we got enough benefits out of it to justify the time and expense. The point of CC is Challenge. That is where the real discussions happen. Foundations and Essentials were created as a way to prepare students for Challenge. Another big point is the tutors. CC stresses that the tutors are there to model learning and it is the parents job to teach. How each family does that is up to them. It is also stressed that the tutors do not have all of the answers. We hit that a lot in my Essentials class- I am not a grammar expert! I'm learning alongside the kids. That opens up a lot of discussions in Essentials between the parents, students and myself. I feel we have learned so much more this year because of those discussions and because there is so much I don't know. Again, I can see how one's experience could be changed based on who your tutor was! Having said all of this, we are walking away from CC- a long story with lots of drama. The bullet points are I don't like the direction CC is taking as a company. It is becoming two big for its britches and that is not why I joined. They are forcing our director to step down because she will not be putting one of her children in Challenge. I also feel that they have become to profit oriented. Yes, they are a company and should make money, however that seems to be driving all of their decisions. When we first started, I felt they were more interested in what was best for their families. As time has gone on, I don't feel that way anymore. Maybe we were cushioned to that feeling due to our director and I had blinders on since we had such an amazing campus? Like any program, there is good and there is bad. Each family needs to research it and decide if it is a good for them!
  7. Which would you go with and why? I have All About Spelling that I bought last year. I honeslty didn't get to it much because it took so much of my time and energy. Now, with a new baby, I'm not sure if we should keep plugging away at AAS or try something that is a little less teacher intensive!
  8. I have some small FuzziBunz pockets with inserts and cloth wipes I would be willing to sell for cheap! I think I have a little over a dozen in boy colors- royal blue, orange and light blue! PM for more information!
  9. The homeschool kit comes with the solution manual. There is a teachers manual but that is seperate and is more expensive then the kit! Thanks for the input! I'll pass on the teacher's manual!
  10. Is it necessary? I'm strong in math and have used Horizons all the way through 3rd grade without a teacher's manual without a problem. Is Saxon 5/4 set up so that I can use it without the teacher's manual? I don't want to spend the moeny if I don't have to!
  11. Thanks for all the tips! I woke up this morning and it is still clogged. It is not as painful and feels smaller so that is a move in the right direction! I'll try some of your wonderful suggestions today and see if we can work it the rest of the way out! Thank you!
  12. Thanks for the tips! I was not able to express any milk from that side at all in the shower. I have not tried the comb trick so I will try that in the morning. I'm home all day so I thought I would go without a bra and see if that helps. I'm debating whether or not to sleep without a bra- I leak so much at night that I will wake up drenched. I thought I would use a warm rice bag on it tonight to help! I had not hear of the soy lecthin- I think I'm going to go order some! Thanks for the tips! Keep them coming!
  13. I have a clogged milk duct starting last night. I've been nursing that side first all day and letting little man work on it as much as possible. It's just getting worse. It's about 2 inches by 3 inches large. It's getting harder and more painful. I've just finished a hot shower with massaging and it is still there. What else can I try? Also, this is my third clogged milk duct in about a month- all in the same general area and same side. What could be causing this? THANKS!
  14. Had my little man Friday!!!! Zachary Nathan is 6 lbs 9oz and 19.5 inches long! We got home last night and are enjoying a quiet morning with only 1 kid!
  15. We just got a yogurt maker. The instructions informed us that we are not to operate in bare feet- not sure why bare feet would be so dangerous. We also had instructions on how to plug and unplug the machine.
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