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Lil Bit update

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Update from: http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=231238&highlight=birth+announcement


Lil Bit has been able to nurse a handful of times now since the surgery. It's a long, awkward process, but we're managing.


Gotta brag on my man, he's been so awesome through all this...all of it...but since she's been out of surgery, he's been a notch above I'm tellin' ya.


Lil Bit had been hooked up to monitors, ivs and drainage stuff, she has to be transported on a pillow. We carefully move and prop her on more pillows on my lap in order to nurse. Hubs has been diligently rushing to her side whenever she fusses, whenever the nurses come to do anything, he's there to assist. He maneuvers all the cords and wires and such in order to transport her on pillow to me. He helps arrange and prop and try to calm Lil Bit and get her latched on.


Last night he refused to pull out the trundle bed beneath where I sleep because then he'd have to fight that when it came time to nurse. And didn't want me down there because it wouldn't be as comfortable and still difficult to get Lil Bit down to me for nursing. So he slept part of the night in the rocker w/his feet up on another chair. Then he curled up in the corner of this couch/bed where I sleep.


All the while still getting up to tend to Lil Bit's every need and helping me situate her..all. night. long.




Yeah, he's good.


As for Lil Bit, recovery is going well. No complications that we can identify at this time. As for prognosis, well, we just won't know for a while, only time will tell. This surgery was a 'game' of hope or no hope. So it's still just wait and see.


She will be followed closely by the urologist as that will determine where things stand, that is the first place for problem. She will continue close monitoring there for the next 5 yr. She will also have other specialists who will be watching and working with her, but the urologist is going to be her best friend.


Current prayer requests:

rest for all, of course

that nursing continue to go well/be more managable

that cath results come out clear and can be weaned/stretched out soon

that back drainage tapers off in due time


Surgeon came in a bit ago, asked questions, answered questions, evaluated, etc. Then he asks us "where do you get your strength?" Jesus. He said it was obvious we were at peace here. I'm guessing he doesn't see that everyday in his field. I thought his nurse/assistant was going to lose it, she welled up.


He is good, in all things, He is good.

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Praying for you, your dd, and your family.


I read your earlier posts and you sound good. Our oldest has a severe birth defect, so I've been on a similar path. There are hard days, but so many blessings too. When you are having a down moment or if fear of the future gets to you, I want you to know that life is still good. God is good. You will be happy, your daughter will be happy, your family will be happy, your life and her life will be good.


Anyway, thinking of you.

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