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  1. As a foster parent, I certainly don't want to be 'in charge' of getting these kids' weight under control! Imagine the microscope that would put foster families under (more than we already are)! If they go to school during the day, they can get their hands on food. No foster family can control that. In fact, they'd probably be depressed from being removed from their families and eat MORE when out of the foster home. JMO.
  2. If I had the space and proper venting, I would in a heartbeat!
  3. My oldest son, when he was 8, said-as he was looking at a box of tampons "I know what you use these for" I said "Really? What are they?" He replies "You stick them up your butt so you don't get poop stains on your underwear" :001_huh: I was driving and almost wrecked the car..... :lol:
  4. My son also has a severe growth hormone defect. He's on daily shots, only his defect caused severe blood sugar drops and grand mal seizures. But they did say the defect causes weak muscles, and therefore, causing milestones to pass on by. (He didn't walk until he was 3.5, but we kind of thought it was a DS thing.) His defect was hard to ignore because of the symptoms...however, it did take them 8 months to find out the cause of the blood sugar issues and seizures.
  5. I'm not saying it doesn't happen. I'm also not saying that I would find it horrible in every situation. However, in *this* situation, based on what this mom said, or at least the part that was aired, it's horrible. JMO, I know all won't and don't agree.
  6. In my opinion, having 'bad Mommy moments' is totally different than what is happening in this story. Yes, I am horrified at the way she has treated her daughter, for the REASONS she treated her daughter this way. Hey, I'll be the first to admit that seeing my son's (who has Down syndrome) peers pass him up hurt. It still hurts to see him try to hard and not be able to do something. I'm sure it will hurt forever, to a degree. Does that mean I chose not to like him-- Because he didn't reach his milestones? He can't speak to me and tell me who he played with on the playground. But for pete
  7. You know, sometimes is IS too much to expect your child to reach the developmental milestones....Not everyone is 'just like the books'. You don't think her 7 year old noticed that her mom loved her sister more than her? As a mother of a child with special needs, this story maddened me AND broke my heart all at the same time. This mom is selfish. Plain and simple....SELFISH! Sometimes having a child, especially one who is 'different' means you lay down yourself, your dreams, your expectations for your CHILD. Anyway, the more I type, the madder I am getting...so I'll shut up.:glare:
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