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my sister needs positive thoughts

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Hi guys. My sister is 19 weeks pregnant, she has had bleeding on and off since 14 weeks. She is now having lots of clots, she had an ultrasound today, and the baby is very healthy, but she has a few large clots in utero. the specialist was very grave and basically told her that there is not much to be done except wait and see. What upset her the most is the specialist only charged her half the fee. She felt this shows he doesn't hold much hope.

She has been on total bed rest since 14 weeks.

What she would love is positive stories.


She is not in a relationship, and doesn't think it likely she will have another chance of having a baby.

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Maybe he gave her a break because she's a single Mom going through a difficult time? I would call him back and ask him what he thinks the chances are or call the doctor. She's on bedrest, so she's probably just lying there thinking she's losing the baby 24/7, when it might not be the case at all.


Anyway, I will be thinking of your sister.



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I'll tell you my story - or rather, my mum's story, when she was pregnant with me.


My mum and her older sister agreed to play piano duets in local concert one summer. They played their piece in the first half of the concert, and were sitting listening to the second half when my mum realised she was bleeding down below. Her p. was apt to be sudden and heavy, and she'd forgotten to take anything with her, so she got up and left, and began to run home. She began to get a bad, unusual stomach ache and realised that it was a bit more than just a p. She was alone, and starting to get scared. Fortunately home wasn't far, and she made it just in time before what seemed like an enormous blot clot came out. Being already very frightened and in a lot of pain, she cleaned up the mess as quickly as possible; she took a shower and went to bed. By the time my dad came home with my two older sisters, my mum was in more pain than ever and my dad made the decision to take her to hospital.


When they arrived at ER, my mum was immediately taken and assessed. She was told that she had been pg but had lost the baby, and the Dr.s said she needed to have a D and C as soon as possible. They scanned her then, expecting to simply establish the problem and give them a better idea of exactly what had happened inside, and realised that there was still a baby there - me. They checked my heartbeat, which was fine. So my mum had been from "I had a baby but lost it" to "I still have a baby despite all the pain and blood loss" in a matter of hours - it had been pretty traumatic.


For the rest of the pgy, she bled little and often with occasional cramps. She was terrified that I was going to disabled, or stillborn. They induced her at 38weeks and I was just fine - but she said that for weeks she couldn't believe it.


Several years later, she talked to an eminent obstetrician about her experiences and he told her that the most likely explanation was that she had indeed lost a baby - my twin. He believed that this was far more common than people realised as in many cases the twin is lost too early to identify it as a foetus. She's since spoken to a number of other Dr.s about it and they've supported this theory.


It's always been a rather funny thought, that I could have had a twin.

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:grouphug: I had pretty much the same thing: bleeding from 12-18 weeks and a large clot showed on the US. The perinatologist said that as long as the clot was not behind the placenta, it didn't really matter. Just the bleeding gave me a 50% chance of loosing the baby even though the baby looked great. I am 31 weeks now. :001_smile: The only thing she could do is rest and drink lots of water. My peri had me drinking 1 gallon a day!

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When I was pregnant with my first I had bleeding start at 14 weeks with several clots. I did have 1 behind the placenta and was put on modified bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. THe OB thought I was going to miscarry. I had ds early at 35.5 weeks. Since then that part of my pregnancy was labelled as a threatened miscarriage (on the records for my subsequent pregnancies). I also had bleeding with my last one. With her however it started at 9 weeks and went on pretty much non-stop for the whole pregnancy. There was no reason found, and no clots, just a stead light flow. She was also born early but perfectly healthy in everyway.


I am hoping your sister finds the same sort of situation. That despite the bleeding and worry that her baby continues to develop and grow and is born very healthy.

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Thank You very much everyone for your positive thoughts and experiences.


the clots are apparently coming from the placenta, but it is still firmly attached. she was told that as long as the clots are still in utero they are a risk to the baby. the clots are quite big, 5cm by 5cm.

the specialist has given her a 50% chance.

the baby is very active which is a comfort. as long as she keeps feeling it moving, she knows it is still alive.

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