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  1. Anyone use these? What do you think? Can they be used alone as a review?
  2. I think I will try Hake and the SAT/Act one. I do think it somewhat just natural ability. We have done lots of editing, classics, reading and a few programs. My oldest is almost fluent in Greek. Our base is Rod and Staff. I can't say anyone enjoys it. Not sure if it is even possible to enjoy grammar!!!
  3. Believe it or not, Math U See is all we have ever used and they score in the 99%. Go figure! I will check Hake out, never heard of it!
  4. I agree that it is much more complicated than that! My kids consistently get their lowest scores in grammar. We are trying a new spelling program with the two oldest this year and I am considering trying or adding in a new grammar program. Truthfully the problem is probably that we skip it when we get busy. I am going to make it more of a priority this year, even before math, since they score so high in math.
  5. If your child scores above the 95% in grammar, what program do you use?
  6. I love MUS, but I don't think it will fill your needs. You would need to buy the teacher's pack with the DVD or there would be no reason to use it. I would get a workbook from a bookstore to fill in any gaps she might have by skipping a grade.
  7. My daughter made good progress the first three months, but then she hit a part that she could not move past. I waited a few months and tried again. She did well for a few weeks and then hit a wall again. I gave up after that. I would not buy it again, but you might do better with it. I thought the price was good for what you got. We pay $70 a week for a tutor now.
  8. trying to PM you, please clear your in-box! LOL

  9. I had one with frequent hiccups in utero that continued after birth. A few months later when I was at the chiropractor I commented on it. He said it was something about the diaphragm, adjusted her and she quit getting them after that!
  10. If I take all the kids out, I don't think I make it more than 10 minutes without a comment of some sort! About half are encouraging or supportive. About 40% are what I think are meant to be funny or just general chat, but come across as kind of rude, like "Are you done?" The last 10% are terrible. I have gotten over it and really don't care anymore. If it is family, I will say things like: Which one would you give back? Would you really be that surprised to find out we are having another one? Are you saying we are doing a bad job raising them? Would you really not love another one? Is it going to effect your life that much? I usually ignore rude strangers but sometimes I say: You should be happy since they will be paying for your social security; Children are a huge blessing and I love every second of being with them. One lady was repeatedly so obnoxious to me and my kids that I told the manager of her store. He spoke with witnesses that confirmed what she said and she no longer works with customers. Usually I find that the obnoxious ones have some point they want to make, so I ask them questions. Usually they had a bad homeschool or large family experience. I emphasize with them and explain that we do things differently. Sometimes I thank them for their life experience and say that it is something to watch out for. Sometimes I laugh and say that can be a danger of a large family, but I had the exact opposite problem of being in a small family and didn't like it for x, y, z reason. It usually ends on a cheery note that hopefully gets them thinking about how negative they feel about their children or that every family dynamic will have its plusses and minuses. It truly saddens me how many people tell me how much they dislike their own children and do anything to get away from them so they can't imagine having more. If they have young children I encourage them to get the situation turned around. They way I write that, I probably end up being more annoying and offensive than them and they are probably on some message board writing about me butting into their parenting skills! :laugh:
  11. Yep, they are saying that the mom did not work at the school and that the brother (that was first reported to be arrested int he woods, outside the school, in camo) had not talked to the shooter for years and was at home. Why he targeted this school is still unknown or unreleased.
  12. Thanks everyone for the Pantene recommendation. It looks like they give away all the wigs for free and don't sell any hair. I need to look into it more closely after school is over, but it looks like a good choice.
  13. When we got married my husband had hair longer than mine. ;) When he was ready to go short, he donated 12 inches of the most beautiful ringlets. Why haven't any of my girls gotten his ringlets?? They are all stick straight!
  14. And that is what I am trying to find out: what the other options are! We have always given to LOL (my husband and I) but I just found out that the hair is not being used the way I thought it was or for what I thought it was (alopecia vs cancer). It seems LOL is getting way more donations than they can use, so giving the hair somewhere that it is desperately needed would be better. To answer your question, the difference is that everywhere my daughter goes people tell her that she should donate her hair to LOL. She does not want it cut short, I do not want it cut short, but she is doing it so that a child with cancer can get a wig. To each their own!!!
  15. Could be, but I would rather give cash than my daughter's hair!!
  16. According to the articles that I read, they are selling the wigs to kids for a profit of about $5,000 each! And they sell most of the hair that is donated to them to commercial wig makers.
  17. My daughter wants to donate her hair. I was poking around and found out that Locks of Love throws out or sells most of the hair it gets! They have gotten enough hair to make 10,000 wigs, but have only made 2,000. They also charge the kids for their wigs!!! According to the article they make millions in profit each year. Has anyone looked into where the best place to donate is?
  18. We got a cheapie cell phone added to our plan for an extra $10 a month so that a phone will always be plugged in on the kitchen counter. The only real drawback, so far, is that I went to fax someone and realized that I couldn't!
  19. My daughter had one. The doc sent her in for an x-ray to make sure it was not a tumor causing it. She was not told to do anything special like rest or ice. It went away after about 6 months. The only warning we were given was that if it did burst, that pain would be so bad, that she would think she was dying. Thankfully that never happened!
  20. This might be a silly question, but is there a way to plug your keyboard into a wii or xbox and learn to play? The only program I can find is RockBand 3, but I am not looking for rock and I am not sure if you have to use the little xbox wireless keyboard or if you can use a real one. Thanks!
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