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  1. I would say the school communication was 4 but communication from teacher was 0. I hate it when the teacher does not reply to your emails and blames it on the school email system not working..uuuhhhgg....but she has not problem receiving/replying emails if I let her know that dd would be absent from school because she is sick...To that I get a quick reply of "Thank you for letting me know, I hope she feels better soon." Ask her anything else and you would not get any reply back. She also has a way of getting paper mails/notes disappear. I learnt a big lesson this year...if you don't get a reply to the first email, send it again with a cc to the principal.
  2. Thanks. I did check out the state standards along with DD. The thing is that she knows mostly everything mentioned in there, but we have never after schooled or home schooled. Whatever she has learnt is from here and there. I am sure she will pick up want ever is missing, it is mostly for my peace of mind. Thanks, I'll post it in the curriculum board.
  3. DD is being accelerated in Math, she will be skipping 4th grade Math and doing 5th grade Math in 4th grade. I don't know if she will have any gaps. I just went through the MUS curriculum(Table of Contents) and she knows everything in Delta and most of the Epsilon. What grade does Epsilon correspond to? I'm planning on getting the Epsilon student pack and have her do it in the summer. Will that be too much? How many pages does the Epsilon workbook have? Thanks
  4. You are doing all the right stuff and all the previous comments are very right, but I would really really ask you to put her in a self defense karate, tae Kwon do or some other martial arts class. This will give not only give her a very valuable and important life skill- God forbid the need never arise, but these activities are very physical, they tire you out and help in good sleep. Participating in rigorous sports- training for running, boxing, swimming on a team etc. will give her a new direction. Rather than saying no to all the wrong stuff, fill her day with right stuff that she does not have time to think about anything else. The more you say NO the more they want to do it- that's the age of rebellion. Give her things to look forward to. Plan a family outing to beach, museum, hiking. Get something done from these trips- a project, reports...etc. if she likes drawing, let her paint murals on her room or even the garage. Plan for a garage exhibition of her works, let her do the planning and work required. call family and friends, let her feel appreciated for her work. BUT - monitor her always, no online for as much as possible. You can overcome it. Be strong!
  5. "Don't judge the boob by its cover" Sorry...just couldn't help ;)
  6. Thanks everyone!! I showed him pics from various story books and asked him to say if the person I was pointing to was a HE or SHE....and was relieved when he came up with everything right. Me (pointing to a princess) : Is this a HE or SHE? DS: Cinderella is a she because he is a girl. So he still uses only the HE for everyone in regular usage and I have been correction him for a while now. I'm know for sure he does not have any difficulty in articulation. He is very clear with his sounds. DD had a problem with the "fff..', and 'rrr" sounds, especially if it was at the beginning of a word and it took a long while to get resolved(almost a year.) I know the verbs will take while to sink in...like he says " I am 4 now. I GROWED up." and "She pushed me and I FALLED down." I was just worried about the pronouns because I never heard anyone using HE for everything past the age of 3. I'll get an appointment with a speech therapist just to be sure.
  7. I did ask the ped for his well check but according to him it is normal. I know it is normal for many kids, and I have been correcting hm for a long time now. He has never used the correct form himself, only repeated me when I correct him. I am concerned esp because he keeps on using "he" instead of the "she" at every instance. I think its high time he use the correct pronoun.
  8. DS (just turned 4) speaks a lot, but still has a lot of grammatically incorrect sentence structure. He never uses "she" for anyone. He will always refer to me(mom) or dd as "he". or skips many words like am, are. He not share with me. I happy. We going. Where we going? and lots more. Its like every sentence he says is still the 2 yr old language. DD(8) had lot more perfect sentence structure at that age. Also wanted to add - dh still has troubles in grammar. He still messes up the simple stuff like verb tenses and remembers having major trouble with grammar during elementary years. What is the normal language structure of a 4 yr old? How much should I be concerned?
  9. Why don't you set up a home treat system for your dd. Every good day at school earns a treat after school...these can be as silly as silly bands, erasers, pencils, notepads or can be a token system like if she earns 5 tokens at the end of the week ( a token for a good day) she can pick a dollar stuff from Michaels or something. It gives her something to look forward to when she is being good at school- especially when the teacher does not notice any of her good deeds and only finds errors.
  10. IMHO vitamins are not a good treat....what if your dd gets hold of them and decides to eat a lot of it....overdose of certain vitamins can be fatal....and you will be blamed for the idea itself... I thing the teacher is just waiting for your dd to get out of her class- any way possible..
  11. Thanks for the replies....My dd is in 3rd...good to know that STOW does not clash with anything at school.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Till what age do you usually do dictation?
  13. Thanks for the reply. Till what age do you usually do dictation?
  14. What do you all use as a supplement for LA and Reading? Those of you who do SOTW, does it go smoothly with the history / social studies in school? Thanks again.
  15. I keep on reading everyone doing dictation with their kids in HS and after schooling. What is the importance of dictation, why do you all do it?
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