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5th grade language arts


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We're a bit all over the place!


grammar: Voyages in English 6 (the 2006 secular edition)

spelling: Sadlier-Oxford's Vocabulary Workshop A

writing: We'll be beta-testing Susan Wise Bauer's new 5th grade writing curriculum. She'll also be doing the Young Writer's Program of NaNoWriMo, with the workbook prep in October and writing in November.

literature: as part of history PLUS MCT's Building Poems (I guess that would also be a part of writing.)

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We are using all of MCT Island right now, and we'll be moving on to Town this winter. However, this is more for his younger sister.


Grammar: Growing with Grammar 5, Great Editing Adventure


Handwriting: Peterson Directed Handwriting Advanced


Writing: Writing with Ease, finishing level 3 and moving on to 4, also a couple of written history narrations and a couple of history outlines a week


Reading/Literature: Alternating books I pick for him with ones he picks,

also use McCall-Crabbs mostly to deal with test anxiety rather than comprehension


Spelling: All About Spelling, finishing Level 4 and moving through level 5 into level 6


Vocabulary: Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Book 4 and first half of Book 5


Typing: Typing Instructory Platinum (typing's part of LA now, right?)


Julie D.

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-All of MCT Town level (Paragraph Town, Building Poems, Caesar's Engish, Practice Town. Already done with Grammar Town)

-R&S 5 (a lot of this is done orally or we skim stuff we already know)

-Aiming for 1-2 lit books per month done well (i.e. I read them too, we discuss the book, maybe use Teaching the Classics Socratic Discussion or do a lit guide or at least a book report).

-Writing in other subject areas, esp. history

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