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  1. I'm teaching a World History class in a co-op next year and I'm not sure what to use. We meet once per week and I give the reading assignments, they answer discussion questions for class the next week and we discuss. I assign a paper or project once per quarter. At least that's the format for the US History class this year and parent feedback indicates it is working well for them. The kids are actually completing their work too! The problem is that I'm writing the curriculum (we have a text but I've added to it) and the questions and I'm worn out! Plus I'm not as educated in World History so I'm not going to be able to write it all myself. We probably need something lighter than SWB's books as we have a range of abilities and we would like to cover a larger time period but not as extensively. Any ideas? Toss it out there. Help me research with what you used and enjoyed.
  2. I don't think our members would pay with paypal. Checks are preferred over cash.
  3. Give http://www.trimhealthymama.com a try. The best eating plan my DH and I have ever been on! It's not entirely low carb with the main premise being don't ever mix fat and carbs together. And sugar elimination but with ideas as to what you can substitute instead.
  4. I used invisalign and I'm happy with the results. The new trays made my mouth hurt for the first couple days and were sometimes felt impossible to remove from being so tight, but I figured out where to grab them to unhook from those dots. The dots will only bother you when you take them out to eat and even then I got used to them. They are on the front of the teeth. You won't feel them with the trays in because the trays are very smooth. I only had one tray that needed filing. I don't remember a lot of irritation but at first the trays were just annoying. And then at some point, I felt weird without them and had to get used to being without them when I was finished. They say not to drink with them. I did especially if I was at a party and was just sipping on a glass of white wine. That's probably the time it felt the most awkward and I hated to have to remove them and then head back to the bathroom to put them back in. I also soaked them in the morning during my shower in denture cleaner and then brushed them with my toothbrush. That seems to take off the coloring from my tea drinking.
  5. I think you can return them to a Sears store if they don't work. So the risk is low. I found a curvy fit at Talbots on the clearance rack yesterday that fit perfectly with a slight boot cut. My daughter was in the dressing room with me and commented that they didn't look like Mom jeans. :p If you're by a Talbots, you might give them a go too. But you'll really only want to shop clearance if you're a penny pincher like I am. Loft and Gap were a big NO for me. Too slim in the thighs. Gaping at the waist in the back. Just awkward. :001_unsure: I'm shopping for jeans because I dropped down two sizes in the past year. I'm amazed that styles that fit me back then don't fit at all now. But I do have a lot less around my waist line. My go-to jeans used to be from Maurices. And now they just don't fit.
  6. they had a fairly extensive petite section which I never knew they had! They said that the rise is what makes the difference. A petite rise will be shorter. I really only have short legs so I'm not really petite since my waist is a bit longer, so petite pants don't always fit me correctly through the hips. I'm an hour glass figure and often times have a problem with jeans gaping the back. These didn't. Oh, and they make you feel good too because you'll have to buy a smaller size than at most stores. I think that's because they cut them a bit loser and not for a junior body. I normally buy a 12 but went down to an 8! I found some cute tops on the clearance rack and a lovely red cardigan for this fall.
  7. If you have a CJ banks, check them out. The have both petite and short sizes so you can get a great fit. I was surprised because I considered them to be more for older women. Only last night, I realize that I'm now that older woman. :D
  8. select print and choose the page or page range that you would like to insert into your onenote section. (You will need to have it open to the section and page). Then select onenote as your printer and click print. I love onenote! I use it for my co-op class' lesson plans. I can give the students links to videos and article that I want them to read. And the high school students and parents always say I'm so organized. (HA! if only they knew the truth...) I would love a group for onenote!
  9. CVS Minute Clinic or some other local walk in clinic? I haven't found them to be much more than what my Dr. office bills my insurance for an office visit. You could try calling her pediatrician. Although, I doubt that they will offer a script without a culture or a look at the throat.
  10. No public pools or recalled PB. :( He's back to normal today. If it comes back in 10-14 days, I'm taking him to the Dr. for tests. I wrote down all the dates that my children have been sick this summer with these symptoms. We have a great ped. so I think she'll take it seriously. I don't really believe it is parasites because my DD hasn't been sick for well over 1 month. My middle child is fast approaching that time frame. I'm sanitizing all sheets and blankets and buying new pillows today. Hopefully it's over. I'm discouraged though....
  11. Yes. I believe so. I clean it about every other month with Affresh tabs. Maybe I need to bleach it?
  12. I was on BP meds for a couple years but I lost 30 pounds and haven't needed them since! So, if you have it to lose, then give that a try. Also, take your bp at home. The doctor's office can make it go up.
  13. Yes. And I'm running them through the dishwasher every Monday. They have their own drawer to store tooth brushes so I don't think it's a cross-contamination. I've been very diligent about cleaning their bathroom and they never reuse towels since this started. I guess I need to take them to the doctor. Ugh.
  14. I think it might be a virus but I really don't know for sure? This summer has been terrible! Almost every week someone has been down sick. It started in May with my DD. Every ten days she would have a bad headache, throw-up, have lower intestinal issues and then be better in a couple days. She said she felt very hungry and full at the same time and eating would make things worse. She hasn't had symptoms since the end of July. I was going to take her to the dr. but since the symptoms ended, it wasn't necessary. (and Dr.'s are not help for stomach virus!) Then DS2 got it but his has worn off as well at the end of July. He had similar symptoms but didn't seem as severe. And now my youngest DS has it. Only he's about every 7-14 days and he's had it since JUNE! I'm going crazy because we can't do anything to fix it! And I don't think that going to the dr. will help either. It doesn't seem to be food intolerance although I did cut milk out of my youngest's diet because that might be what is triggering the relapses. And he gets body aches and really tired when this comes on. My kids get dark circles under their eyes when they have a virus too and he has those when experiencing the symptoms. Then he's normal when it retreats. DD has no more symptoms either and never had the dairy issue. And they are rarely sick at the same time, so I don't think it is a food poisoning issue. And my DH and I aren't cycling through this. Any ideas? Anyone else experience these symptoms this year? I can't believe a stomach virus could be so stubborn or that we are just catching everyone that comes along if we leave the house. This is ridiculous!
  15. My DD has an account but isn't really on it much. Honestly, if you have a teen that can follow your rules, a teen should be able to handle it. If not, then you close the account. I haven't found a need to over monitor my DD because it hasn't been a trend for her to get mixed up in drama and she tells me if something weird happens on the internet to one of her accounts. She had to unfriend someone who was posting pictures promoting drug use. But it was just coming in on her feed and my DD didn't have direct involvement in the posts other than having to see them. We are actually more careful about selecting adult "friends" since some may have a tendency to post adult language and humor. So some family members are off the list since they aren't "family friendly."
  16. You can just get a party ticket. I believe they even allow you to go in before 7.
  17. I buy a small box at Walmart or Sam's Club. Low price with no rebate hassle.
  18. Ziplist is very similar and free. Try it first. ;)
  19. Make the rules very clear next time she comes over. Send her home as soon as she breaks one of your rules. She'll straighten up as far as that part goes or get tired of coming over and having to follow the rules, so she won't come over again. The other stuff, your daughter needs to learn to work out on her own. And make sure your daughter gets consequences even for making choices a friend may have encouraged her to make. She still has a choice to do what is right and this can be a good lesson for her if she is easily swayed. Of course, you always can make the choice to just end the relationship.
  20. Yes, it is a note taking tool and could really help keep thoughts & notes organized. Yes, 15 GB is a lot of space for text!!!! Yes, they can print. It's really similar to MS Word. I don't think there is a way to link to Quizlet. You can put a link to quizlet in a notebook but other than Cut 'n paste, you can't really pull the information from a notebook. I find it to be a handy tool and I'm using it more and more to organize information.
  21. My DH is a coach but I don't really know much about the coaching side. FLL offers coach training that is helpful. You'll meet other coaches and can ask a lot of questions. I do know that our group does the work in stations and rotate throughout the meeting. More experienced kids help by mentoring and training at the stations.
  22. The review problems come up if they miss it on an assessment which happens after a certain number of topics learned. So, if it is missed on the assessment, it's thrown back into the pie chart. Or you can also create quizzes for review. Overall, I think it is a great supplement for math concepts that have already been taught and practiced but where more review is needed. Hopefully, there will be a free trial this summer. We did it last summer and I wish I would have just kept going since my DD liked it so much. We returned to it in March. It feels like Algebra will never end. :glare:
  23. I have 3 pairs. They are wonderful!!! And ugly, but my feet hurt, so I'm finished with cute shoes. I got a blue pair that I like to wear with jeans. They blend in. :laugh:
  24. Look into Aleks. It assesses and helps determine what the student needs to practice. It is easy to find the practice problems by topic also. They'll probably be free during the summer.
  25. Did you read the guide? Much of what you mentioned is covered in the EEL guide. It uses the exact same question as you mention FLL uses. It is on page 104 and that is always in the question confirmation every week for every sentence that has a direct object. And the EEL guide addresses how those 7 patterns apply for complex sentences. I do feel this is a HUGE flaw with CC. They try to cram a lot of information into one week and it is so easy for a tutor to skim over something important. And the parents are relying too heavily on that short teaching period which isn't enough for the week. But they do say that the parents need to read the guide and fill in the gaps at home. But my experience was that many of them don't go over it home and then say the curriculum is lacking. Again, it's a flaw with the program itself. We need more class time! But I can also understand your impression coming from that you were only in the class for a short period of time and using a different program.
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