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  1. Hope everything goes okay with the doctor! My youngest had a month a couple of years ago where he had episodes of vomiting at least 4 times in a month. First time was in conjunction with a stomach virus that his brothers gave him. The next few times where out of the blue and only one or two times. The doctor blamed in on multiple viruses which I thought was odd, but it cleared up after that month. Hopefully it's something innocent for you as well. :001_smile:
  2. My olders sons have some acne, but it doesn't seem to bother them so we stick with OTC. I had horrible acne and was miserable. I ended up doing Accutane and it was a miracle for me, but I had to do blood test and take birth control pills even though I was 14. It can be a wonderful option, but it CAN cause major issues in some people. Luckily, I only had dry skin.
  3. Yep....my husband is as conservative as they come and just said the same thing with more colorful language. :tongue_smilie:
  4. This is something we may look into. He is mostly independant at this point and I can certainly work on other areas during the afternoon.
  5. My husband had major TMJ issues that got so advanced he actually had bone loss. He couldn't eat for weeks at the worst. He started therapy with a splint and now has been in orthodonics for two years. (It's funny kissing a 39 yo in braces..lol) He'll graduate to another splint in a few months and have to wear it nightly from now on to make sure everything stays put. It's been very expensive but his case was so bad, and the pain so severe that there weren't any other options. BTW, his was caused by orthodonics that were misplaced as a teenager. It makes me nervous now that my oldest son is in them to correct his bite.:001_huh:
  6. Not at all...just a joke. :001_smile: This is why I don't post often...it always comes out wrong when I'm not in person.
  7. This is generally my attitude. DH butts heads with him all day long regarding respect, but that's another issue. Gotta love the teenage years.
  8. I'm mean to some posters and too soft for others...I guess that means I'm at a happy medium.:001_smile:
  9. This is pretty much how we deal with it day in and day out. It seems like there are repercussions for him everday based on his attitude. It's such a daily issue with this child who we rarely have problems with that I'm wondering if this is really a larger issue than we have made of it. :confused:
  10. Not so off base. Yesterday he told me that he didn't have to do math since he did it the night before when he should have been in bed. He literally go out of bed at midnight, went to his bin and got his books and completed a Saxon Algebra 2 lesson. :banghead: I made him do another one and thanked him for the extra credit.
  11. This is a daily problem with my oldest son. We've tried everything, and it seems like I spend most of my morning dealing with this. I'm almost to the point that I don't care when his work is done (even if it's at midnight) as long as it's completed. Let's just say my husband doesn't agree. ;) We've tried having him go to bed earlier and he claims he can't sleep. If we drag him out of bed he's such a grump that I don't want to deal with him. In the afternoons and evenings he's such a good kid. What do you do with your teenagers who aren't early birds??
  12. Regarding reversing letters, one of my sons did it quite often until the 3rd grade and is now an excellent reader and writer. It's quite normal at that age :)
  13. I took two courses during my life (one at 14 and one at 23) and haven't had any lasting effects. I only suffered from skin dryness druring treatment.
  14. How terrifying... My younger brother is in the hospital right now with myocarditis. It's an infection in the lining of the heart that was a reaction from a recent virus. His first symptom was stabbing pain in the chest. Just a thought?? BTW, he is doing well now with meds.
  15. We pay $1.09 a half gallon for milk (skim) at Kwik Trip and get 10% off with our card. :)
  16. We've had wonderful luck with VP history this year. My son is doing Ancients, and it's his favorite subject right now. I'm finding that the amount of information he is retaining is amazing.
  17. We're waiting until the new handheld "Wii U" is coming out in Nov. I think it will drop the prices of the 3ds.
  18. Thanks so much for the reassurance. :001_smile: Most of the time he's such a delightful kid, but then sometimes he'll go hours with just grunting at me...so much fun, lol. Oh well, I don't think I was always a pleasure to be around at that age either.
  19. I can relate to the eating and growth. DS is now 6'2" and only weighs 125. He eats like a science experiment. I wish I had that metabolism!!
  20. What's with the mood swings and Jekyl/Hyde routines? I thought I would be saved some of the hormones with boys. :banghead: Please tell me this doesn't last long...he's my first.
  21. We've gone door to door with my youngest who is selling popcorn for Cub Scouts and he's up to almost $700 in sales. It doesn't hurt when they are dressed in their cute little uniforms :) Of course, we go with them.
  22. I use Rod and Staff for my older children, but I didn't care for the elementary levels. I switched my youngest son to BJU English and it seems to be a great fit for all of us....very straight-forward with a colorful presentation and a bit more interest.
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