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  1. I take bioidentical progesterone and have for awhile. I am currently taking it in trochee form which dissolves under my tongue. I also take estradiol via a patch. I am menopausal (and young). I had a lot of symptoms with the cream. They were physical not mood/hormone related. I also had a lot of symptoms with micronized progesterone pills. So far, the troche is the only thing I can handle. Please feel free to PM me!
  2. It is the mental visualizing she struggles with- and the mental flexibility- not literal visualizing.
  3. Does anyone have experience with NILD or know anything about it? Thank you!
  4. So, I bought this and gave my daughter the assessments. According to their procedure, she placed out of this. However, per their guidelines, she did not have to take assessment 2 which is the one she would have failed. I know that there might not be anyone on this board who has used this resource (corrective reading and comprehension) but I am just reaching out in case. -Rebecca
  5. Does anyone have any experience with Visualizing and Verbalizing with an older student? I am interested in implementing this- but I don't think I need the whole classroom set. I am uncertain what components are absolutely essential. Thank you for your help!! -Rebecca
  6. Good thoughts for MUS!!! I do not have to use an outside provider. Yes. I am homeschooling. Yes, I outsourced math. I do not have to use an outside provider. Math is her strongest subject, and I wanted to make sure she was getting the instruction that she should. I began outsourcing math because of my experience homeschooling my older three sons. I wish I would have outsourced their math. I regret that I didn't. I began outsourcing math this past school year- and had one in PreCalc (tutor at co-op), one in Honors Alg 2(live online with a local instructor) and same one in regular Geometry (tutor at co-op)-doubled his math because he is heading into Computer Science) , one in Honors Algebra (my Language Learning Challenged DD) (live online with a local instructor), and one in PreAlgebra (live online The Potters School). Absolutely- it does not have to be honors. I had placed her into a regular Algebra 2- at a co-op we have been a part of for five years- for next year that I felt very, very comfortable with. Unfortunately, the tutor is stepping down, and I am left very unsettled and UNcomfortable. I appreciate your feedback! I also begin outsourcing other high school courses starting in 9th and 10th grade as a general rule. My 9th grade DD took the Algebra online, and she also took Language Arts Intervention online through Wings to Soar Academy. She was in their adaptive apps (Lexia, Reading Plus, Quill (for grammar), and their Intensive Writing Intervention all year. I have to provide intensive instruction to my three younger daughters (age 7, 7, and 6) one of whom has severe dyslexia for 2019/2020. I also have a rising 6th grader who has not been mentioned. He will be taking Saxon 76 next year. I share this to provide some context as to why I begin outsourcing in high school. I feel (in general) it is in the best interest of my students based on our unique family. Also, I am a Reading/Writing Tutor and Math is my weak subject. It is frustrating for me but very true. I hope this makes sense! I was considering Math U See for my younger DD but was strongly encouraged to choose Right Start instead. Good thoughts about easing my older DD's math so she can focus on language. -Rebecca
  7. Ah, PeterPan- yes, you nailed it. She STRUGGLES with the word problems. Struggles. However, she is a very hard worker- so she managed to get a grasp/handle on them by rewatching lectures, correcting homework; test corrections were allowed on the regular tests/exams but not on the mid-term/final. She did test corrections for everything she could. The textbook was Foerster. It was hard. I didn't sign her up for Geometry with the same teacher because it was so hard- and I had a comfortable line-up for Algebra 2 somewhere else. However, that instructor (Alg 2) has now stepped down- and I am left wondering what to do. I am worried about Geometry and the Algebra 2 was VERY difficult with the above teacher. They are listed as honors courses - and they most definitely are. And- the sequence is Alg, Geo, Alg 2 - and I was considering having her take Alg 2 BEFORE Geo. The only bonus with Algebra 2 (at the same place she took this year)- is that her older brother took it this year- so he would be available to tutor her and help her when she got there. The Alg 2 word problems were VERY hard, and I felt very concerned for her- which is why I was switching her. As you can see, I am just really struggling with placing her for next year. Hope you can make sense of that muddle. 😞
  8. She can read well enough for social media communication. She regularly emails/skypes/ hangouts/etc. She is complex in terms of placing her need- she can read- and she can read high level vocabulary- she struggles with meaning/comprehension when it is within the context of a paragraph, etc. The SPL noted that she read the difficult words with ease but missed the small/simple/easy words- and she referred this as a possible attention issue. The psych noted that she could understand high level language in isolation but when placed within a reading sample- she understood very little. She is 15. 🙂 She has many practical real- life skills and excels in details. However, the social pragmatic piece shows up because she misses nuance and shades of meaning. I hope this makes sense.
  9. I understand your concern, Storygirl! My idea of dual enrollment for her was just starting very very small with one math course, etc. I certainly hold any plans loosely! Our CC has remedial courses that she can start with also. And certainly, she would have to place into them too. I do think the CC is the next step for her after high school. And, I also think she might take a slow course to get to her destination- whatever that will be. She is on or above grade level in math. She took an online honors Algebra 1 class this year for ninth and ended the year with an A. But you are right, her language disability is at the forefront now. i hope this makes sense, and I deeply appreciate your feedback! -Rebecca
  10. I looked into the DSM criteria for autism (on several different sites including CDC, etc) , and I don't really suspect ASD for her. She really has two main pieces- and that is the social pragmatic language and then the additional language disorder that psychologist diagnosed: mixed expressive/receptive - which manifests in very, very low comprehension of both written texts and then- not as low- but still low- what she hears. She struggles with reading, writing, and the mechanics of language- on the complex level. Complex sentence structures, etc. She struggles with inference and nuance The SPL noted weakness in the area of mental flexibility. She is a concrete thinker. She is a strong, narrative creative writer. However, she does not write fantasy fiction. She writes fiction in real life settings. She struggles with academic writing. I was given advice (elsewhere) to have her start working with a SPL and then, after awhile, see if the therapist felt that an additional autism evaluation was necessary. The assessment I recently received seems like a lot of big words with little meaning and application. Vague, obscure, and -- very unhelpful. The psych assessed (prior to the referred to assessment) her and determined she lacked the rigidity characteristic of autism. Like I wrote, I am pretty sure I am going to call another place and make an appointment for language therapy- and go from there. I am thinking that what I wrote above starts ringing ASD bells for all of you who are experienced with this- so much more than me. So, just keeping on with this journey for her...
  11. Mindwings looks amazing! PeterPan, I wrote this before I saw you post above- so I am going to go through what you wrote more carefully. I am trying to figure out how to know what to choose for her. For high school, they have the thememaker kit/set. The Making Connections book doesn't seem to be in that kit? Can you share how you use these resources? I appreciate your help so much. On hand, I have IEW for high school- and she did have success with that at a younger level. I also have Barton, and she has agreed to go through it with me. Barton stated that they begin writing instruction at Level 4- so these are my thoughts for explicit writing/reading instruction. Does anyone have experience with the writing instruction recommended by Barton at the mid to upper levels? I also have used Wings to Soar (online) for her last year and am pondering next year. Just a note that at this time two separate professionals have stated that they do not think she has autism/she doesn't meet the autism criteria; however they both have diagnosed social pragmatic language disorder. She was also referred for evaluation for attention and memory with educational psychology (on the waiting list). I am considering a third opinion for overall assessment- and not providing any prior reports if possible because of my experience with the most recent specialist. Mainly because of my deep concern over literacy and language! Thank you-
  12. PeterPan, thank you. I have Barton- ( you have replied to my posts about my younger 7 year old daughter)- If I google Story Grammar Marker- will I find what you are talking about? I feel like I have to remediate/intervene myself. She was recommended for an hour of SPL therapy a week- but the clinic is mainly looking at working with her function in life- i.e. social language- and not helping with the academic side at all (frustrating to me). Even though the report stated explicit instruction in reading and writing is needed, they did not recommend therapy for literacy and said it is difficult to find at her age. Thank you for the response and resources. -Rebecca
  13. I received my oldest daughter's evaluation from Speech and Language today. This was one of the recommendations: Explicit Instruction in Foundational Reading and Writing Skills I am wondering if anyone has curriculum suggestions? Thank you, Rebecca
  14. Thanks so much. I am homeschooling. It is required in my state for graduation from state approved/accredited programs i.e. private school, public school, diploma programs; my three older sons were/are in a diploma program- so it was definitely required for them. DD is not going to be in that same program. So, I have to fully investigate if it is required. Geometry is also a graduation requirement as is Biology. I thought it was required for college, etc. Like I wrote above, the psychologist immediately offered to write a statement/ letter to exempt her from the requirement. Good points about independent living skills. Such good points. Thank you so much. Rebecca
  15. I am trying to pick courses for my rising sophomore daughter for next year. I am having such difficulty. She has a mixed expressive/receptive language disorder from a private psychologist. Is it true that she should be exempt from the foreign language graduation requirement? The psychologist stated she would write a statement as such. I will receive more feedback from assessments done at Kennedy Krieger in a couple of weeks - although I am a little hesitant and wondering if I will need to get a second opinion based on the initial conversation/appointment. I am deeply interested in if I should pursue exemption from foreign language and what that will mean for her future. She doesn't know her path yet; we are thinking a start at the community college (dual enroll by senior year)- and perhaps becoming a certified bookkeeper. She is an introvert and very good at math. However, she also expressed interest in sports therapy or athletic training/injury prevention. She dances 8 + hours a week and loves to create work out lists for friends and family, etc. She is my fourth high schooler- and I always plan high school with the end in mind. I am struggling! -Rebecca
  16. Do you have suggestions or opinions re: either program? I think I feel more comfortable trying to begin with Foundation in Sounds. Do I need to be trained to implement LIPS? Thank you!!!!
  17. I took the Barton Screening. I am not sure how to qualify how I did on it. I missed a couple sounds on the first part- I think. for example, I wasn't sure if FR was one sound (like SH or CH) but it was two. I also always "hear" a "t" in a word like BATCH.- and I just have to remind myself to ignore the spelling rule, etc- but it is automatic because I am a visual person not auditory. The second part- I got fully correct. However, I was reviewing the screening again and not watching it- while I checked on something else- and during that time I heard "THUMB" incorrectly- when I did hear it right the first time- when I was watching her and focusing. This worried me, too. I do think I can hear the sounds and would be able to help/correct my DD during lessons- but I do not want to mess this up!!!! -Rebecca
  18. For background- I have nine kids. One is in college; one is heading to college. The rest are all at home with me- but outsource different classes depending on their age and level. My oldest daughter is one of the girls heading to therapy soon- she is almost fifteen. She dances many hours a week(ballet, modern, acro, and weekly rehearsals), and I have actually realized in some ways- it is therapy for her- and helping develop her expressive/receptive language skills. I pay a lot for her to dance but have realized how essential it is for her on so many levels. My dyslexic daughter is seven and a half and has a fraternal twin sister. I also have a six year old (Kindergartener). This all alarms me because it is a huge factor in how I will be able to make this journey work for all of us. Thank you for your candid insights and advice!
  19. I live in Maryland (i.e. Kennedy Krieger as an option for us)- and apparently there is a bill/legislation going into motion for early intervention for learning disabilities including dyslexia in public schools. However, our public schools (in my county) will absolutely not help a family at all if they are not enrolled. Legally, they are supposed to provide screening. They do not provide services. However, I did not get screening through them. They made it very difficult, did not return my phone calls, etc, etc. How do I find out about disability grants/funding/scholarships? I did a quick google search- but didn't get very far at all. There is an advocacy group called Decoding Dyslexia- but I haven't found any funding for private school. Everything is geared to the public school. Public school is not an option for us at this time. I see StoryGirl recommended the state department of education website- so I will check that out. Does anyone have any other advice as to how to find a good tutor? I also see that StoryGirl recommended the dyslexia school to find resources such as tutors. There are several schools in relatively close distance to me. How do I know which to choose? I don't really have anyone irl to recommend anything to me- Thank you for all the fantastic insight and advice. I vacillate between feeling like I will be able to do this - to feeling like I need professional help that I don't even understand yet- and how will I ever make it work financially. -Rebecca
  20. So, my older daughter is the one who has the language disability on the level of comprehension and also expression. She struggles with (understanding/processing/connecting the ideas in) what she hears/reads and also written and verbal communication. My seven year old does not have any trouble with comprehension and story sequencing. She has a long attention span for novels such as the Narnia books and can follow the story- but she might get the character names confused or not remember the name but know who the character is. For this I am grateful because I am a literature person. I can really relate to a lot of what was written (regarding Sonlight,etc ) in the posts above- because that has been my experience with my older daughter. My seven year old loves to be read to- but she has a fully self awareness that she herself cannot read/is struggling to learn to read/wonders if she will ever read. In the realm of the different tests they she was given, her strength lies in story sequencing and memory- as well as comprehension. I am not sure of the depth of the language disability beyond the phonological with sound and vision (visual) for her.-- Things I need to find out! For my older daughter, the psych basically stated she needed a more fine-grained- specialized assessment than the Dr (she) could provide. I do not know the actual financial aid picture- to be honest for the special schools- and I also do not know what my state offers for disability grants/etc. The schools I looked at briefly had need-based financial aid programs So- I might have mis-represented that in my post above.
  21. I just want to say that these books were REALLY instrumental for my older daughter with the language disorder/disability. The Warrior series helped her SO much- gain fluency and also even REMOTELY enjoy any kind of reading.
  22. Thank you so much to everyone. I have been overwhelmed a lot in this past year processing and realizing so many different things. First of all, I am definitely interested in Earobics. I am curious about what this is, and I am going to research this after I am done posting this. I am not too keen on the realization that the Foundation in Sounds people are not revealing their credentials. 😞 Even though it is a lot less than private tutoring or these other options, it is still an expensive purchase- so I have to also investigate this fully to make sure it is the right next step. I thought I would go to All About Reading- but I think her need is too deep for that program. I am not familiar at all with some of the acronyms used like LIPs? I want to answer the questions asked... my daughter does significantly struggle in math as well. She cannot recognize some of the numbers 1-10 visually- but she can count 1-10 and beyond. She can add/subtract with manipulatives and a number line but not abstractly. The psych stated that one of her issues is "labels"-- she doesn't have the working memory to pull the "label" out of her brain for the thing that she might fully know and/or recognize. She was evaluated by a licensed psychologist. The next step is Speech and Language at Kennedy Krieger (and me continuing to work with her at home). I am pretty certain they do hearing in their initial screening. I think our commute will be about 45 minutes or so. Longer with traffic/depending on the time of day. Just as a point of reference- my older daughter (14) was given a mixed expressive/receptive language disorder and pragmatic communication disorder. The advice was to begin with Speech and Language therapy (somewhere)- I had trouble knowing where to go- and chose Kennedy Krieger - and then go from there. She is not dyslexic per the psych. My seven year old (dyslexic diag) has articulation issues- so that is the first step for her- and hopefully, they will be able to fully evaluate/address dyslexia. At this time, I think insurance will cover therapy at KK. We would qualify for significant financial aid at a dyslexia school- but I think that would be a last resort for us- because we are a fully vested homeschooling family- and we are currently launching children into college- and will be for years to come- which takes so many resources. The psychologist did think that the speech therapy for her current needs would also be the same thing she needs for her dyslexia at this point- similar to what Lecka wrote- that is pretty much what I am expecting for her- but I also thought I should get FIS or something like that to support her learning with me at home. I thought (and continue to think seriously) about getting trained as Lindamood Bell tutor or any other kind of tutor for that matter- to help her. IF anyone has insight or links to that kind of training, I would thank you deeply. I have to take the Barton tutor screening- which I plan to do in the next day or so. My daughter took a very long time to learn to write her name and even now will sometimes just "forget" to write the last letter. She is very creative and artistic. To be completely honest, at this time, I do not have a full understanding of the scope of her struggle/deficit. Some days are harder than others for her. She has all the "classic" signs of dyslexia. Peter Pan, you gave such good, real advice. Thank you. I need to reread your words. My husband and I just started to try to walk in the early mornings most week-days- and it is so needed. I really- deeply- appreciate the encouragement that I will be able to tutor her and work with her at home. - that is really where my heart is- but I am also realizing that this is going to deeply shape my path for the next season of schooling- in ways I haven't walked before- and I need to get my bearings. Also, what happens if I don't pass the Barton tutor screening? Any help for that? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU -Rebecca
  23. Well, Hive- My seven year old daughter was diagnosed with developmental dyslexia that is severe. We have an appointment coming up at a reputable place called Kennedy Krieger which will do a full assessment/evaluation and speech therapy (to start). She was evaluated and diagnosed by a licensed psychologist. One thing on my brain is purchasing the pre-Barton- Foundation in Sounds for her. I felt completely way-laid- as in almost hit by a truck- when I investigated the cost of Lindamood- Bell- which was potentially recommended for her if we cannot get sufficient therapy through another avenue. In addition, I felt the same when I studied dyslexic schools in my state. Thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. I am a long time homeschooler. Can I do this? How can I do this? I posted on this board a couple months ago- because I also have a daughter with a language learning disability/disorder who is also heading to Kennedy Krieger (next week, actually) but her learning issues are completely different. Entering a whole new world here in my fourteenth/fifteenth year of homeschooling. How do I know if she needs a dyslexic school?
  24. I did go through the QuestBridge process with my oldest son, and he was named a finalist. He did not match, and he was not chosen through regular decision. In retrospect, I wish I would not have done it- and just gone through regular decision at 100% need school(s) of his choice/interest- (or knowing what I know now, even Early Decision) The college match scholarship is amazing, and it would have been such an incredible opportunity- so that is why we did it. In the end, he ended up in a Honors Program with Scholarship that we felt was the best fit for his future and aspirations (current freshman). I did not go through QuestBridge with my current senior son (even though we qualify)- and he did get an amazing package at a 100% need school. Amazing.. As in, I literally fell over (on the bed) and cried. I did go through Jack Kent Cooke with this son, and he did not make the semi finalist stage. QuestBridge was an incredible amount of work- and we do not meet the demographic- i.e. my sons are white males who are not first generation college students. We have income above the "number" threshold but qualify (well-qualify) based on federal guidelines. Also, although everything for QuestBridge is done by October, if the student does not match and then goes through Regular Decision at these schools- then there is additional writing- much more additional writing for every school. One additional item of note - we experienced some very difficult circumstances during my oldest son's high school years that I thought might make us be considered. Finally, I do not think I provided enough records for homeschooling. The QuestBridge application was SO thorough. Some of the schools also required the CommonApp on top of the QB app for the match(not just regular decision.) -- that I just didn't realize all else I needed to do. I did provide course descriptions for some courses, etc. However, I did not provide a comprehensive record. My son was also in a state credited academic diploma program, and I foolishly thought that would hold some weight. I did create the comprehensive record for my current senior after learning from the whole process with my oldest. My QB finalist had an ACT of 31 with 34 and 35 in the English and Reading Sections- and he is a humanities major (history). If you meet the income guidelines for QuestBridge, be assured you will AUTOMATICALLY qualify for the CSS Profile fee waiver- and it will be automatically applied during checkout. Also, you will qualify for application fee waivers via the CommonApp.- in other words, there are ways to be able to apply to colleges with fee waiver without QuestBridge. This is important for families to know in my demographic/income bracket- because all the fees- SAT, ACT, CommonAPP, Profile, AP exams, AP score sending, are so horribly prohibitive and cause so much anxiety. I hope this helps.
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