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  1. I think 7 or 8 is when they really start to get something out of it. They may not understand all of it but my youngest learned a lot this year and I felt that was the case for the students I tutored as well. Our 6/7 year was ok and more about learning to make it through the class period. 😥 he did memorize and has retained much of it.
  2. Our community doesn't have a class for 2 year olds. The K4-5 year old class is mostly for children with older siblings. Personally, I think it's better to let them play and explore the world through playtime than to start memory drills. They have many years of school work ahead of them so there is no need to rush. But, yes, it can be done at home and I have heard about the younger siblings picking up on the memory work while their older ones are learning it.
  3. Mine went away when I started exercising regularly and using a day & night cream that I picked up at Aldi. I also switched to Everyday Minerals foundation around that time.
  4. Get a lipstick with a blue undertone. Your teeth will be shades whiter! I have trays for whitening from the dentist but I can't use it since my teeth are too sensitive. I found that the baking soda cleaning from my dentist worked really well, so I bet brushing with baking soda will be effective.
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