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Times haven't changed in my house! My kids are expected to pick up their rooms every day after school so nothing is on the floor (we call it the "trash attack"), pick up their own clothes and put them in the hamper, help fold laundry, put laundry away, clear off the table, disinfect the table, and set the table for dinner. They also sweep up their own messes and help vacuum in the living room. They clear away their dinner dishes, feed the dog, help clean the aquarium, and then help in the garden where we water, weed, and harvest. They are 6 & 4, but both are fully capable of all of the above tasks, and are rewarded often by being good citizens of the home. :)

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My 11 yo dd daily chores are


personal morning care

make bed pick up room

take out her dog

all dishes she uses through out day must be rinsed and put in dishwasher

fold clean towels, and there is always a load of clean towel

one day a week she has to help with cooking dinner

after dinner is has to help sister police back yard for dog mines

twice a week she must dust, vaccum and wash the window in her room


I promise chores are not dead in this house.:001_smile:

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Mine have to have their bedrooms, bathroom, upstairs hallway and breakfast done by 9am when school starts.


Then they each have a main chore...dd has the kitchen, ds has bathrooms and general pickup, and other ds has floors (sweeping and vacumeing).


Plus they are expected to help with extra chores when asked.

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We've been re-reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle stories. The first is the little girl who complained about having to do the dishes. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle said she wished she had more dishes to do. Because she envisioned herself as a beautiful princess and has to finish the dishes before the evil witch comes. For boys it was defeat pirates or something like that. Anyway it is a fun idea.


For us, we all contribute to some tasks - like clearing the table. Then we have rotating chores. WE are at the point where they don't rotate until they are done properly (that includes no whining).

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All bedrooms & bathrooms must be tidy &/or wiped down w/bathrooms swept, dishwasher unloaded, catbox cleaned, laundry started and/or put away, animals fed, trash & recycling out, and plants watered.


Weekly we work together vacuuming, dusting, mopping the whole house, cleaning french doors, wiping down cabinets & appliances, clean out car, wash bedding. Dh has them periodically weed, mow, rake, etc.


That is probably an hour in the morning and an hour and a half once a week. Working together has really freed me up and my kids are learning valuable life skills.

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DS 12 (almost 13) is expected to:


pick up his room at least 2x/week (he's pretty clean)

take out kitchen as needed, other trash 2x/week

unload dishwasher

vacuum rugs (we have tile/hardwood mostly) 1x/week

clean mirrors, glass and TV screen 1x/week

help with laundry as asked

dust tables 1x/week

clean bathroom counters 1x/week

care for pets as asked

pick up in living room on daily basis

work in yard as asked about every two weeks, picking up branches, some mowing

help with dinner several times per week (prep, cooking, and clean up)

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My son seems to think "times have changed" and kids no longer have to keep their rooms clean or do chores around the house.


Hahahahahahaha! Heeheeheeheehee! Hoohoohoohoohoo!


Um...my eldest tried that one on me too. Lo and behold, turned out she really was the only one among her close friends who did household chores. "Tough tooties, you're stuck with me," I said.




She is now living with her mother (who also expects her to help around the house), but my almost-10 y.o. is expected to....



Personal care--make bed, pick up room, brush teeth and hair.

Clear and wipe table after meals.

Sweep the kitchen floor.

Help unload and load the dishwasher after dinner.

Help clean the kitchen after dinner.

Empty the recycling.

Get the mail.


Do a different morning chore each weekday:

Wipe kitchen cupboards.

Sweep and mop the kitchen.

Sweep the outside steps-garage, back porch, front porch.

Clean dining chairs.

Clean the boys' room.


And Saturday is Family Cleaning Day, so each family member gets a list of 3-4 chores to do to get the house sparkling.


His brothers' lists are similar.



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I don't bug mine too much about their bedroom. I just remind them to clean it up before it gets out of control. They aren't allowed to have food/drinks in their BR, though, and I do not tolerate clothes on the floor (or anywhere else other than where they should be).


My DS is responsible for mowing the lawn and taking out the trash. The girls sweep up the grass clippings and empty the wastepaper baskets around the house. They all help with the laundry and the dishes. They take turns vaccuuming and sweeping. The girls, for some odd reason, like to wash the kitchen cabinets and floor, so they get to do that. We all go to the grocery store together and everyone helps with the shopping, loading, unloading, and putting away of the groceries. One of my girls in in charge of making the grocery list every week (she isn't a very good speller, so this helps her with that). They all also help with the cooking whenever they are able.


I'm hoping to have them cleaning the bathrooms soon, too. :D

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Older kids have mowing, their laundry, car care, kid care, driving, meal prep, grocery shopping and anything else I need. 9, 6 and 3 (she gets some help) keep room clean

deliver laundry from room and return it to drawers

fix and clean up lunch and their own breakfast


vacuum LR and DR


sweep kitchen

do dishes

cat and dog care and clean up

pick up lawn of toys, trash, sticks, etc

anything else I happen to need

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my kids (ds6 ds8 and dd10) have these chores to do: clean room, fold and put away clean clothes, set table and clean off table before and after meals, keep livingroom tidy from toys. They each have 2 paying jobs (one can be done daily and one can be done weekly)...for .25 each...and then they are also expected to help with misc. jobs as they pop up from time to time. The paying jobs vary from time to time...but the possiblities are taking trash out, wiping down the bathroom sink and counter top, sorting laundry, wiping down mirrors, wiping door knobs and light switches, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting funiture and baseboards.

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Guest janainaz

Times haven't changed in my house either. Mine have to pick up after themselves and both of my boys fold their laundry, older ds unloads the dishwasher and does pretty much anything I ask for help with. I give them each an allowance, but they understand that they would have to help even if they weren't paid. We give them money just to be nice. My boys will be husbands someday and I don't want them thinking its ok to be lazy and that someone else will do all the work. That is not ok with me.

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