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  1. Yes, even my dog knows the sound of the truck. Our UPS driver talks baby talk to my dog, and gives her treats.
  2. Just to be fair all the GS troops I know about that are led by more conservative Christian people don't focus on Jesus. They are too busy having fun and earning badges, etc. :001_smile:
  3. I looked it up and you are right, Karen. I know though that we have troops that don't share funds and the council knows about it (I don't really care, myself).
  4. I know several GS troops that keep money raised with the girl.
  5. I was reminded of this thread this morning when my ds complained that his little sister was sitting in the car instead of doing her chores or schoolwork. I told him that she was cleaning out the car, and that he had enough on his plate just worrying about himself. LOL
  6. I really don't have time to worry about anyone else's homeschooling but my own. Most all my hs friends are doing a great job from what I see, and I don't question it. I do know one family has older kids doing lower work than mine, but that is only because my kids talked about a certain curriculum we all use and told me. These kids are fabulous and smart. I'd adopt them. Why worry about other people?
  7. Boy Scouts is much more intensive with a lot of areas covered in depth through merit badges. I was a Girl Scout leader and I still think it pales by comparison to BSA. The leadership and public speaking my boys have experienced is amazing.
  8. Muslims believe in a god named Allah. BSA isn't necessarily a Christian organization. We have friends that have a new age religion based on dreams, but they believe in a creator. They were in scouts.
  9. My view is that God wants me to care for my children as best I can. I've had the desire to have more, but 4 is really the most I can care for and give my best to. Trying to interact one-on-one is challenging and meeting needs and really listening to them when they need it. I do think I'm able to meet these 4 kids' needs. I have a friend with 8 kids that has happy, thriving children and is awesome. I couldn't do that with 8. Are you able to care for another child in the way you think God wants you to?
  10. Thank you all. I did some reading that it is more common for siblings to have it. I scheduled an appt. with our pediatrician. She's been great handling ds's adhd. So time for an evaluation.
  11. My 11 yos has ADHD. He has done wonderfully since medication and holding him back a grade. It's like night and day. Now my youngest, a girl, in 4th grade is struggling. She is forgetful, has problems processing things, and thinking. Some of this is normal for her age, but there are other things that are not. I think she may also have ADHD, but can't believe it. I never even believed in ADHD until it was pointed out to me by a psychologist about my son. My dh has adhd, too, and I suspect my dad and sister had it. Anyone here have more than 1 child with adhd?
  12. Washington state is in the process of fighting it as well. I think there are 11 states now.
  13. If you think lowering the price will help then do it. I went round and round with a realtor about price. He insisted I pick a higher price. I followed his advice and we didn't sell that spring. Next spring I had to lower it 20 thousand below my original low price to sell it. Price matters. People want a deal in this economy. Just so you know my old house lost $30,000 in value since we sold it. Sometimes the longer one waits the more depreciation is going to happen in this economy.
  14. Don't volunteer more than you need to. Most people have no real clue about homeschooling. They only know what they see on tv and through the media. The worst experiences I've had were hair dressers and cashiers. I don't know why. Don't let it bother you. You know what you're doing.
  15. I used to fantasize about putting the kids in school every year. I've been homeschooling now 11 years. See if you can recharge by either taking a break for a week or whatever you do to reenergize and recharge. That usually works for me. You can still have the kids do some independent work during this time if you want. I think homeschool burnout is completely normal for most of us. Take a breather and then see how you feel. :)
  16. Yes, they will replace it for $15 and free shipping.
  17. My almost 16-year old has had his permit since 15 1/2. He's taken driver's ed. He is extremely responsible, caring, and mature. He wants to get his license in April. We'll see. I don't think I'm ready. Maybe in the summer or before school starts in the fall so he can drive himself to school. I wanted to add that I don't expect all of my kids to get their permits this early and I've told them that. Just turning 15.5 doesn't mean you get a permit. Maturity and responsibility are the main factor here.
  18. Yes, that is why I never considered homeschooling until I found myself in a hideous school district. My uncle & aunt were pretty dysfunctional but my cousins are great people. They all are happily married and supporting successful families. None of them homeschool.
  19. I do have weak areas or areas that I didn't get to or was frustrated. I'm not perfect. I outsourced those subjects, art, music, writing. I found that in writing my kids do sometimes need help and I provide it. So outsourcing doesn't necessarily mean I am hands-off. But it does give me the structure and guidance I need to make it happen. I refuse to define myself so harshly by either term. I'm a good mom doing my best to raise and homeschool my kids. That is enough.
  20. I'd say 85-90% of the time we complete my goal. Often it's because I've planned to much work and we have to cut something out. This is our best year yet, even though I wasn't ready to start back after the holidays. The kids have all jumped developmentally and are able to understand the work with a mostly good attitude. My 4th grade dawdler/drama queen is a challenge still. Too bad for her that I've done this 3 times already and am not easily manipulated. :)
  21. I took off 6 weeks, but the last time I had a baby my oldest was in 1st grade. If I had a 7th grader I would make sure they were doing as much independent work as possible for a while.
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