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Ideas needed for a truly "sweet" 16 year old dd's birthday party... PLEASE!!!

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My dd is going to be 16 this month and we are in need of some wonderful ideas to celebrate for her. We have always done creative parties such as:


  • Madeline Party 5 yrs old
  • Party at the Park 6 yrs old
  • No Slumber, Slumber Party 8 yrs old
  • Carnival Party 9 yrs old
  • Hawaiian Luau ? yrs old
  • 1950's Party 13 yrs old
  • 1940's Party 14 yrs old (what can I say, we like history and dressing up:001_smile:)
  • Historical Tea Party 15 yrs old

My daughter is a sweet, Christian girl, and I want to give her a special party. We don't have a lot of money right now.. as in turn-out-your-pockets there's nothing there type of thing, and all the ideas I am finding online are big, elaborate, expensive parties.


She is thinking of inviting her church youth group which could be from 8- 12 people, ages ranging from 12-17. All the kids are nice, conservative people. The guest list may or may not include 4 boys, depending on what type of party I plan. But again, think nice, Christian kids. :)


I know there are smart *budget conscious* creative people on this board, and I need ideas. I would love to see websites, pictures, or just hear your stories or things you have seen done.


Oh, and did I mention her birthday is this Saturday?? Help! :)

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A 50's Sock Hop? Apple Bobbing, Clean?:D Dancing, Pink or Turq. and Black decorations, etc.


A Masquerade Ball? Using what you have to decorate and people could rewear ball gowns from older sibs etc. Make your own masks, etc...:tongue_smilie:


A Hoe-Down? Country Theme?


Sweets 16? All candy and sweets themed?

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Well most of them anyway.


J wanted a big party and invited friends and families. Other than the number of people it was low key - food, cake, talking.


E had a bunch of friends over for the day and sleepover. Really not much different than a regular party.


C took one friend (not dd) to Great Wolf Lodge.


D is inviting friends and families to a games theme party at her church. That one is next week. She is really into sports. We'll probably all play soccer and other stuff.


DD wants to invite lots of (girl) friends and have a movie marathon all night long. We'll pile up the movies (we already have) and let the parents nix any at drop off. The girls can stay up as long as they want or go to bed. (All her friends are sweet, silly and Christian.) I'm just hoping I can sleep through the laughter!!

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I don't know if she would think this is too corny, but what about going with a "SWEET" theme and making it all about sweets? Candy & cupcakes?


One thing that might be fun if they are really want to do something different is have a party making & decorating some sweets (cookies and cupcakes) then offer to spend the afternoon delivering them to the older people or shut-ins from your church?


One year it was my DS's idea to forgo presents and instead asked for guests to support his sponsorship of a child through Franklin Graham's ministry (can't remember the nameof it right now).

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Here are two totally different ideas:


Scavenger hunts are huge with teens in my area.

We do live in a golf cart community, but you could do it in a mall (indoor, but an outdoor mall would be more fun, I think) or neighborhood.

The teams take pictures when they find what they are looking for and first team back wins. My dc have pics of scavenger hunt parties they have

gone to and they are so much fun to look at!


Another idea~when ds turned 16, we invited several families over, had dinner together, and then the father in each family spoke a blessing over ds.


We are planning to modify it somewhat for when dd turns 16.

I'll probably invite several women who have known dd for some time, and their daughters to a local Tea House for a luncheon and ask them to share their wisdom as dd grows into a Godly woman. Dd loves this idea because we will all dress up and she will get to have her friends with her as their moms encourage her in her Christian walk.


Hope your dd had a blessed birthday whatever you decide!

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One year it was my DS's idea to forgo presents and instead asked for guests to support his sponsorship of a child through Franklin Graham's ministry (can't remember the nameof it right now).



ohhh, what a GREAT idea, perhaps a community service project of her choice....with her friends...! That would be memorable and special in a million ways!

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hi michelle -


our oldest had a mystery party for her 16th. (10 years ago! yikes!)


they dressed up in costumes, each was assigned a part, and we planned the menu around the theme. it was Very Fun, and a good time was had by all. she then did them for 2 more years they all had such a good time.


now if only i could remember which ones.....



eta: we didn't do this one, but amazon has a whole list of "teen mystery evening" kits that don't seem to involve murder. http://www.amazon.com/Murder-Mystery-Party-Games-Panic/dp/B000WYKB9O/ref=pd_bxgy_t_text_b


eta: found one of them. its a theft, not a murder. http://www.amazon.com/Star-Trek-Next-Generation-Murder/dp/B000IGCB94/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1281929547&sr=1-1-fkmr0

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My dd16 had a beautiful party for her 16th a couple of months ago. She had 14 friends over, so with her and her brother, it was 16 teens. I made a 3 course feast, and they had a fire in the backyard with music. They also had access to our outdoor spa. It was simple. Everybody reckoned it was the food that made it- I really put on a good spread of food and served them hot chocolate later, and many of the teens came and complemented me and were kind of blown away by it- and dd was also very grateful at the effort I went to to cook and serve. The sit down formal meal (and black and white formal theme) took it from the normal teen party these kids were used to (not many were homeschoolers) to a memorable party.

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Dd15's Girl Scout troop has done two mystery parties in the past two years. The girls really really enjoyed them, loved dressing in character and acting in character. But they had a month's notice to get their costume/accessories together (from closets and Goodwill). If the party is this Saturday, you'd have to choose something not too "period."


I think it's a great idea for a Sweet 16 party!

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When my older daughter turned 16, our only real expense was a limo.


We let her invite like I think 5 girls from her very small special needs class over, and we had pizza and cake with them and our immediate family.


A friend of mine who was good with that sort of thing came over and did the girls' makeup and styled their hair.


We hired a limo to drive us all to the local bowling alley, where the girls bowled and were quite excited to arrive in and depart from a limo. (We were going to do a movie but there ended up not really being an appropriate movie showing when the time came so we bowled instead).


When we got back to my house, the girls slept over. They played Wii games and Rock Band 2 and talked and giggled and did girl things. In the morning, we made them all pancakes, and their parents picked them up.

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