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  1. I would probably also have to go with carelessly. Which I why I am constantly bruised, and misplace everything.

  2. Hello Lolly Lolly Lolly :)




    (get your adverbs here)

  3. Myrtle, I'm surprised to see you! In a good way! Hope you visit again soon. We've all missed ya.

  4. Hey Sleeps :) Wazzup? Got some adorable for ya. :001_smile:



  5. Thread killer! ;)



  6. I love your avatar! I collect witches. WWoftheW is a must-have. :)

  7. This is an ex-parrot!


    Hi again Audrey, just making the round of my peeps. :)

  8. Hi fellow LOSTie! :seeya:

  9. Namaste RWK. Glad you enjoyed the pics. Thats what they're there for...to help us through the withdrawal. :D

  10. OMGosh, I forgot about the unfrozen caveman lawyer! Phil Hartman was sooo funny. Thanks for the giggle! :)

  11. Kansans gotta stick together! :)

  12. You will know (the good from the bad) when you are calm, at peace. Passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack. sw006.gif

  13. Yes, he has acres and acres of wine vinyards now. I'm so sad. I'm supposed to be his obsession. :crying:

    And yes, Jenny rocks!

  14. Well how exciting was it stalking me...NOT VERY. Its part of the job of a stalker to stalk through good times and bad. Through rain or sleet or snow, and boring stalkees. The Stalker's Oath.

  15. Methinks you doth protest too much. :)


    You WILL be stalked. Its only fair.

  16. Hi dragons. I like the lapdesk your kid is using, that looks so comfortable. I'll have to find some of those. :)

  17. Hi Astrid. Seen any post turtles lately?

  18. Hello Heather. I think you're great! You often surprise me, and I like that. :)

  19. Hi Donna. I mean Deb. I mean Donna. Who are you? :tongue_smilie:

  20. You know who Maynard is! You are my new best friend. :)

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