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  1. Academy of Jedi Arts stole 112 cookies!


    Rules of the game: if you find this (anyone except the cookie thief themselves) then post here to say "I caught the cookie thief! BUT... someone else took 113 cookies from the cookie jar!" That way we know this player has been caught and we'll look on another profile. Next, copy this entire post and paste it onto someone else's profile (player must have more than 100 posts and must have been active in the last month.) Lastly, change the type in red so that the numbers each increase by one. It will be easier to track that way. Please post your findings in the thread entitled SOMEONE STOLE A COOKIE! Forum Game. Have Fun!

  2. Ha! I just have good taste is all. :tongue_smilie:

  3. I just wanted to say hi! Thinking of you!

  4. The boards really are much nicer with a certain person on ignore, especially around Halloween. :)

  5. Hello, I see that thread this morning has just poofed & disappeared but I did see your posts in it while it was still there & was nodding my head. Ayup. Some people should not be homeschooling. Poisonous, villainous & so deeply disturbed - now THAT is scary.

    Take care.

  6. Thanks. I just don't get why some folks feel it gives them inalienable right to parse the recipient's spending decisions. If they find aid requirements too generous, fight it at the gov level, not by directing anger toward individuals.

  7. I loved what you wrote on the food stamps/Disneyland thread. Your posts are always compassionate and intelligent.

  8. I am now picturing someone in a little house dress with a green mohawk. Thanks for the visual. ;)

  9. You will know (the good from the bad) when you are calm, at peace. Passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack. sw006.gif

  10. Dude, this is just like Facebk or Myspace (which I like

  11. Weird!!! So far I think it's weird....but then again some new things just are. :001_smile:

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