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  1. Lolly dear, don't deny that you told me rockermom had my undies. It IS rather disturbing that you knew, but I'm not going to ask.

  2. It's my turn to stalk you now, isn't it?

  3. I like the poem in your siggy! Welcome to TEA!

  4. I just saw Richard Dawkins in your siggy! Way cool. :)

  5. Stephanie, the one who started it all, our creator. Our TEA/2000 Vortex goddess. :P

    Glad you made it through Ike Ok.

  6. Your kids are so cute! I love the pigtail picture!

  7. Know what I mean, know what I mean?

    Say no more, say no more.


    (we are doing Monty Python, right? :tongue_smilie:)

  8. Hello. I'm approaching with a bomb hidden behind my back. What are you gonna do, Spy? :P Just being silly. :)

  9. Lolly says you have my undies.

  10. Hi Caroline. :) How's your classes going?

  11. Its not that I'm wise, I hate to disabuse you of that notion, but its just that this is my field of interest. Ask me about microbiology and I'm lost. :) But sure, park your RV in my backyard, I'm all for that!!

  12. Do you still think it's weird? :)

  13. I need to clarify what I said about fermions earlier. I said that all the particles we've come across so far are fermions...well I should have been more clear...all the MATTER particles are fermions. The force particles are not fermions, they are bosons. Ok, I'm sorry, I had to clarify, I'm just like that. I will not speak of fermions again. Maybe. :)

    Love ya!

  14. Jenny! Thanks for the link. Very sweet. :)

  15. Hello friend! Come join the TEA group here too, don't forget.

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