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  1. I think I'll borrow Audrey's line: Two crimes don't make a right.
  2. August 6, 1890 was the first execution by electric chair which was a horrible event and took two throws of the switch and eight minutes for william Kemmler, a convicted murderer, to die. Also a significant historical event.
  3. If you just want to be considered well read, then get some of the summaries of the great books. Memorize certain things (the more obscure, the better), throw them into random conversations. Or buy the books and prominently display them in your house, people will see them and think, "gosh, she's well read." :lol: Joking, of course....
  4. Maybe you could have a baby shower with the understanding that all the gifts would be donated to a worthy cause. Surely there is a woman/child organization that could benefit from new baby items? Or even a foster care organization that places infants. That way, the ladies would get the party they desire, you'd get to know everyone, and someone who really needs it will benefit from their (and your) generosity.
  5. well...yes. <take that any way you want:tongue_smilie:
  6. Not getting into the swimming thing, but I must interject to say that beach volleyball is, indeed a sport. How do I know? The litmus test: Can you drink beer while performing this activity and still perform it well? The answer for beach volleyball (esp competitive, pro & Olympic) is no. Therefore, it must be a sport. :D
  7. yeah, but you really don't know me very well either.:tongue_smilie: As I tell my kids, "we're all weird in our own way"
  8. Oh yeah, I didn't think you were implying it is strictly a European thing. I was really just try to reinforce to myself that I'm not a freak for being what many consider to be immodest. There are actually whole groups of people who share my immodesty! I am being assimilated into the culture around me, though. It has been a long time since I shed any clothing in public. Course, it has also been a long time since I've been diving.
  9. It is a cultural thing, I guess. And the culture of not attaching sexuality to bare flesh is not strictly European. Dh and I used to be avid SCUBA divers (pre-kids). We thought nothing of changing out of wetsuits and/or wet swimsuits, down to our alltogether, and into dry shorts & shirt in a parking lot full of other divers and miscellaneous other people. We might throw open the car door and change behind it, but more so we could reach our dry stuff on the seat than for modesty. Everyone did this. Nobody gawked at anybody. I know when dh went diving without me, he didn't change his habits, nor did I when I was with a group of divers w/o dh present. No big deal in that culture. Neither of us is European. And kind of off topic, but this conversation reminds me of that Seinfeld episode when Jerry had the nudist girlfriend. Not all naked is good naked. Not all naked is sexy naked.
  10. I read them too, and don't think I'm scarred. I'd write more, but I have to go put rat poison in the powdered sugar on the donuts I give to the rats that in my attic. If you hear any strange noise from up there, rest assured it is just rats, not children. :D Okay, I remember the books and maybe they warped me if not scarred me (or maybe its a chicken/egg thing with the warping of me and the books)
  11. :iagree: Our microwave has a "potato" setting that makes perfect baked potatoes, no heating up the house or waiting required!
  12. I clean my counters or declutter a chronically cluttered space. After coffee, of course. I'm crabby while decluttering, but as soon as I see the perfect expanse of a clear counter, a nicely arranged bills and letter box, or an alphabetized cabinet of DVDs, my crabbiness evaporates. If I'm not up to decluttering, I stand in front of the refrigerator and stare at the door. I purposely bought a stainless refrigerator that magnets will not stick to so the door is always uncluttered. Psychoanalyze that! :D
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