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  1. I agree! My ds loves the website instructables for this. He claims he can learn to do anything on the internet! Watch out though, because some of the projects really require adult supervision (like welding).
  2. My 10 year old solicits broken XBox360s from his friends and all of our acquaintances (our 20 year old babysitter brings him some from her friends). He fixes them. He has yet to find one he cannot fix, but even if he can't fix it, well, it was broken when he got it so no big deal. These come from people who would throw the XBoxes away, so instead they give them to ds. One of his aunts is going to give him an old computer. Ds plans to replace the motherboard and see if he can get the old computer upgraded. As you can tell, he is very tech-oriented. If a kid is very interested in computer games, learning about how the computer works could be interesting and (trust me) it takes a lot of time. Ds uses the internet to find fixes and I take him in to talk to the very nice guys at our locally-owned, independent computer shop.
  3. thanks for your encouraging post. fan club of one, no doubt!

  4. I am in awe of your absolute awesomeness. Truly . I am going to start a fan club . Fans of Meanie.

  5. You have done an amazing service to the uninformed or willfully blind regarding the duties of professionals to investigate/report on suspected abuse. Thank you for your eloquence , decency and resolve. You will save lives . elizabeth.

  6. Hey, you rock! Glad you don't let turkeys get you down.

  7. NEVERMORE!!!!!


  8. Hey, you Big Meanie :D

    I just wanted to say I have enjoyed chatting you these past two days.

  9. Congratulations on getting through nursing school! You ROCK!:party:

  10. Its about time you posted another poll! :)

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