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  1. thanks for your encouraging post. fan club of one, no doubt!

  2. I am in awe of your absolute awesomeness. Truly . I am going to start a fan club . Fans of Meanie.

  3. You have done an amazing service to the uninformed or willfully blind regarding the duties of professionals to investigate/report on suspected abuse. Thank you for your eloquence , decency and resolve. You will save lives . elizabeth.

  4. Hey, you rock! Glad you don't let turkeys get you down.

  5. NEVERMORE!!!!!


  6. Hey, you Big Meanie :D

    I just wanted to say I have enjoyed chatting you these past two days.

  7. Congratulations on getting through nursing school! You ROCK!:party:

  8. Its about time you posted another poll! :)

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