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  1. Love Huckleberry Hound! Dc are watching the reruns on boomerang now. I had some card game with HH on it when I was a kid -- he was worth 10 pts.!


    Just dropped by to say hi.

  2. E. Nesbitt and George MacDonald are two great writers that are fairly easy to read...but have rich wording and vocab. in my opinion. I think that reading older writers helps to train a child's ear for unfamiliar, less modern phrasing.
  3. I totally agree with your post about the habit of obedience - and that respect is a 2-way street. Consider this good rep!

  4. Happy Christmas***~

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Natalieclare...he wanted a vacuum birthday, lol...but I didn't pull it off.


    I bought a chocolate cake, and an Ironman mask, made of chocolate, instead. (It was really cool!)


    It occurred to me to get a dollhouse vacuum and stick it on a cake, but...I procrastinated too long.

  7. Ok, Jill, I just read your blog (which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way)...Did you really have a vacuum cleaner themed birthday at your place? If I squint just right, I can picture some people with a fabulous sense of the ridiculous pulling it off, but on the other hand...I'm just really gullible!

  8. Yes, drinking and posting can be dangerous!

  9. Percytruffle rocks!!



  10. I am jealous! Debra! Jill! Flamingoes! Flamingos? That's it. When Galveston rebuilds, I'm hosting a retreat...of sorts. Does it have to be spiritual? Can it just be a wine-treat? Beer-treat? Rum-treat? Let's brainstorm...

  11. Jill, I'm so glad you got good news from the docs today. Rock on!

  12. Hey...were your ears burning this weekend? :-) Mamagistra taunted me with the knowledge that she's met you, in real life! I'm jealous!


    We talked about you over the flamingos at the zoo.

  13. OMGosh, I forgot about the unfrozen caveman lawyer! Phil Hartman was sooo funny. Thanks for the giggle! :)

  14. So am I supposed to add you back to my PR list or not? I hope so. Don't you have nothing else going on? :D

  15. LOL - you got it now. I see the shining wisdom pouring forth from your smile. ;) And you mean your credit card *doesn't* get charged when you print something? LOL :D

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