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  1. You did say it well. And of course it went unanswered!

  2. Well after I said my oiece on the Ban thread someone de-friended me. :D

  3. I know my sense of self worth has really tanked. :D What's this all about then? I enjoyed your comments on the ban thread, btw. :)

  4. I know my sense of self worth has really tanked. :D

  5. :lol:


    Really?!?! ARE YOU SURE???

    I know how devestated you are...

  6. Thanks Beans! I am pretty sure I will live through this. :tongue_smilie:



  7. Looks like we're friends already. Here's a :grouphug: for you anyways!!

  8. Thanks! I was sooooooo very sad to be de-friended. Sigh. :D

  9. There you go, now you're even! :D

  10. Coming back with a bang, are ya??

  11. Having a good week here. Beautiful weather in the low 80's. We could use some rain though - it's very dry.

  12. So far so good here! How is your week going? We live in norther IN and it has been very hot! Or hot for the season rather.

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