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  1. Have you looked at the Veritas Press Self-Paced history courses? We are using that next year with the added literature selections that are suggested, just to help round out our history for next year. They have samples of the courses on line. Another thought, you can search through the old threads about Veritas/TOG/MFW... chances are someone has already asked a similar question and you can go back and peruse all of the answers. I glean a lot of helpful information from old threads all the time.:001_smile: HTH
  2. I finished ordering everything we need for school next year a couple of weeks ago. Everything is starting to arrive this week and I have to say that I am so glad that I ordered early and will have time to pre-read and make lesson plans for the year before summer. FWIW, I ordered the VP self-paced history for my two DC as well. We read a lot for pleasure but I did go ahead an order the literature selections from Veritas just to round out our history lessons a bit. I'm thinking that it will really enrich our studies next year.
  3. Thank you!! If anyone is reading this that has used the preliminary version of algebra 1... what do you think of it??
  4. It's great to go to a curriculum fair and compare the diffferent options, especially if you're on the fence between two different curricula. However, I think that it's also easy to second guess your decisions. The best curriculum is the one you will implement in your own home. The first year we homeschooled I used a math program (Horizons) that my dear friend loved, and had used successfully for several years. I intuitively knew when I bought it that it was too "busy" for my DD. She is a tad ADD and is easily distracted by color and too many problems on one page. After many hours of tears and frustrations the first six months of HSing we set Horizons aside and started with CLE. It was just as rigorous, and had just as many problems, but they were spread out over three pages instead of one. All this to say, that sometimes too many options confuse you rather than help you clarify what you want to use. And since I've totally gone off on my own tangent and not answered your orginal question. :D Yes, I think you should order early. I placed my order(s) for next year a week and a half ago and just received the first (of many) shipments in the mail today. I like to have time to preview the material and complete my lesson plans a year in advance (yes, yes, I'm OCD... no judgement, please) and if I ordered everything in August I wouldn't have the time to do that. HTH... happy planning!!
  5. FWIW, the Clear Blue Easy (tad more expensive than most) are fairly senstive and will pick up a lower level of HCG. They are usually fairly accurate up to 7 days before your cycle is supposed to begin. (I was the clinical director of a pregnancy center for several years...) I agree with the PP that some of the tests the doctor's offices have are less "senstive" than the ones that can be found over the counter. Generally speaking, for pregnancy tests, the higher the price of the test, the more "sensitive" it is. Let us know when you retest!! (Congrats!! It's rare to have a false postive...)
  6. We love chick-fil-a here too. But seriously, if I'm going there to eat I do not want a grilled chicken sandwhich. Doubt my kids would want grilled nuggets either... We will be eating the full fat version, thank you very much. :D
  7. I've got nothin'. :D Just thought I'd stop in and offer another :grouphug:. FWIW, I don't expect my DH to "help" in any way with the day in and day out of homeschooling. He likes to say he's the PE coach... which is cool, really. I despise physical education.
  8. Voted here too!! Thanks for the post... I totally missed the original one, and could use the reminder to help remember to vote again. Yes, yes, I know... my memory isn't what it used to be.
  9. We had a 20+ hour plane ride when we moved to Korea. I went to the dollar store and bought 20 "presents" for both of my DC (seriously, it was $40 WELL spent) and lovingly wrapped each and every one. Every hour, on the hour, they got to open one. A new book to read, coloring book, lip balm, hand sanitizer (handed that one to them to open just before our first meal was served), stickers, piece of candy or different snacks (wrapped, of course), silly putty, canned slime, match box cars... you name it and I probably had it wrapped in my bag. It made the trip soooo much easier. There was something to look forward to, and an incentive to be polite, quiet and still so as not to disturb the other passengers on our flight. Plus, I kind of liked playing with the silly putty after it was opened too. :D
  10. I know a couple of the members here have beta-tested the new CLE sunrise edition of Algebra 1. Does anyone know when it will be released? I can't find anything on their website...
  11. I am using CLE 7 with my DD next year and then plan on moving over to Saxon for Algebra 1 for 8th grade. There are a couple of old threads on the board regarding the scope & sequence of CLE 7 and 8. My understanding is that CLE 7 is equivalent to a pre-algebra program and that CLE 8 is more consumer math. I did buy the CLE 810 light unit because it covers budgeting and how to balance a checkbook, etc and I thought that that would be useful information for my DD.
  12. I've used Scan Digital to convert old film and pictures. In a word, they are awesome. If you look around you can usually find a groupon for a hefty discount several times a year.
  13. I always tip 20% (after tax). As someone who waitressed her way through nursing school I know how back breaking the work can be. Servers earn every penny of our tips...
  14. There are actually several nice percks that most of the privatized housing offers now. Ask if they do the same... Landscaping will be provided in any unfenced areas. You shouldl receive a rebate back on your electricity bill if it falls a certain percentage below average consumption. If you go above "the average" you pay the difference. Most privatized housing increased the number of pets (2-military run housing) to 4- privatized housing. They usually have a unity empty that you can view... ask for the keys to have a look around. We always drive through housing and note the numbers of houses that are empty (no name plates) and ask about them. We scored an awesome house at our last base doing this, and it wasn't even listed as "available" in their system. We like to walk everywhere when possible... so I usually try to find housing that's an easy walk to the commissary, youth center, pool etc... it's not always possible, but it's worth it to ask. Good luck with your move!!
  15. This is a really good question. The research was prompted because of the high failure rate of several vaccines, when in the past the effects (immunity) lasted longer.
  16. My son, on occasion, likes to paint his toes... mostly I think it's because he sees his sister and I painting ours. I just go with the flow as long as he chooses a "manly" color. They were forrest green all summer. We live in Vegas too.:D
  17. I respectfully disagree with this. The latest thinking is not to medicate with tylenol or motrin until after, or if, they start to run a fever post injection. The purpose of the vaccination is to kick-start their immune system into producing antibodies to whatever illness you're trying to prevent. There is research that suggests that if you prevent a fever from ever happening it decreases the efficacy of the vaccine. It is, however, fine to medicate if your childs temp goes over 101. Anything less, you should just ride out with plenty of fluids. FWIW, I'm a registered nurse.
  18. *snicker* I was engaged in a hospital parking lot. Please.... Don't ask. :D
  19. I've been to her house for a party... don't suppose you were there for her Halloween bash?
  20. :iagree: That awkward moment when the waitress hands me a mixed girlie drink and my husband a beer.:D
  21. Forgot to add... the Gospel Brunch at The House of Blues (somewhere in the 200 block of Decatur) on Sunday mornings is also awesome. Make reservations for this. Tipitina's ("Tips") 500 block of Naploeon Ave has wonderful live music, but it's not a quiet place to sit and listen. Bayon's (on Dauphine) has nice outdoor seating if you're looking for something quiet. Le Foret (on Camp St) you have to cross St Charles to get there, but it's only a block up... easy to find, very quiet and romantic. If you're looking for jazz I would take a short cab ride to Sweet Lorraine's in the Marigny (pronounced Mare-i-ney) district. I think it's on St Claude's,
  22. I grew up near NOLA (my DH and I were married in the Garden District) and I would love to share a couple of our favorite places to visit there. I second the recommendation for beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde. It's fantastic and a must have for breakfast (or any other time of the day.) They are open 24 hours. The line can be long in the mornings but don't let that discourage you, it usually moves pretty fast. If you walk across the street from Cafe Du Monde and turn right you'll see a sandwich/small grocery shop called Central Grocery (923 Decatur). That is the only place in town that I will order a muffaletta. They're the best and go down really nice with an ice cold beer, if you're so inclined. Keep trucking past Central Grocery and you'll walk smack into the French Market. It's fun to meander around and look at all of the trinkets that are being sold. The counter service there for drinks and food are all wonderful if you need a snack. To the left of the French Market is the most amazing mexican restaurant called El Gato Negro (81 French Market Place). Royal Street has tons of fun antique shops to poke around in. Brennans (417 Royal) is a must for breakfast.... ask to sit in the "wine" room. It's a little more quiet and secluded (and where DH and I had our rehearsal dinner). I like being away from the noise so the huz and I can make goo goo eyes at each other. :D Anyway, I digress. I always order a hodge podge of stuff there. The turtle soup is famous and delicious. Their bloody marys are awesome for breakfast. My daughter LOVES the crepes fitzgerald (they make it at your table, along with bananas foster...) Really, you can't go wrong with anything there. It's a bit on the expensive side so we usually just order soup and dessert there. If you like oysters (I love 'em) then you must eat at Acme Oyster House (724 Iberville). Heck, even if you don't like oysters you need to go and try the Chargrilled Oysters... they are to die for. You'll be a convert, I promise. You can ride the trolley to the Garden District and grab lunch at Martin Wine Cellars (3500 Magazine St... on the corner of Magazine and Aline). They have a lovely breakfast and lunch there... we sometimes grab a picnic there and then lunch on the lawn of the Opera Guild Home (2504 Prytania... one block off St Charles... it's where the huz and I were married 15 years ago. ;) ) Audubon Park is gorgeous... NOLA's restaurant (534 St Louis).. is owned by Emeril Lagasse... and is actually quite good. Antoines (also on St Louis) is the oldest restaurant in the Quarter and is excellent, as is Tujagues (pronounced "Too-Jacks"... 823 Decatur, across from Cafe Du Monde). I encourage you to just get out and walk the Quarter. Enjoy the architecture and the feel of the city. Walk the banks of the Mississippi (you can't miss it, it's right past Cafe Du Monde), take the free ferry over to Algiers Point and eat at Vine and Dine (they have awesome take out sandwiches) or Aunt Linnie's... The horse drawn carriages through the Quarter are a tad expensive but totally worth it, IMHO, as the carriage driver will stop and talk to you about the historical houses, etc on the drive. The WWII Museum is a hidden gem. St Louis Cathedral (in the Quarter, Jackson Square) is the oldest active Catholic cathedral in the US and is absolutely gorgeous on the inside. It is a must see... You can also ride the Trolley to City Park (end of the line) and visit the art museum. Great place to let the kids run off some steam, ride scooters, or skate. My two midget types love it... Lafayette Cemetery is wonderful to visit too... you can also take a tour there as a PP mentioned. Not sure if you indulge in, ahem, adult beverages but Lafitte's Blacksmith bar is at the more quieter end of Bourbon (941 Bourbon). It's reputed to be the oldest bar in America and is really neat to at least walk through if you choose not to imbibe. Those are a few of our favorite places to visit... you really can't go wrong. I've been visiting NOLA's since I was a child and I've never had a bad meal, or bad experience. HTH a bit... enjoy your "honeymoon"!!
  23. Thanks, Amy! This sort of information is exactly what I'm looking for. I appreciate you taking the time to give me your thoughts.
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