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  1. I had a hysterectomy about a year after our last baby was born (similar symptoms). I would be more than happy to share my experience with you if you would like to PM me . . . I'm also a Registered Nurse. :D .... and can at least point you in the right direction for case studies and such, if you'd like to do some more independent research. Blessings!
  2. We are currently using R & S 3 (God's Protected World). I have found the topics to be very engaging and my DD seems to enjoy it. Each lesson has several new vocabulary words with their definitions. There is a section in each chapter called, "reading together," (just like it sounds) and then a section designed for the student to read on their own. The lesson concludes with questions to test their reading comprehension. In addition, the TM includes a short quiz at the end of each chapter usually consisting of 5-8 questions. Sometimes we work through everything orally and sometimes I have her write the answers out just to mix it up a bit. Either way I've found the textbook to be very thorough (I was a science major in college) and enjoyable. Hope this helps!
  3. Glad I could help . . . and you are welcome to stop by my blog anytime. :001_smile: Homemade soup is always better when Momma (or Daddy) makes it, isn't it?
  4. We're using Horizon's 3 this year. I'm guessing you have the Teacher's Guide Part 1 as that has the objectives, materials and suggested activities for each lesson. The answers to the lesson are at the beginning of the Teacher's Guide Part 2. The extra worksheet pages are in the back of the #2 Guide. We bought flash cards for $1 at Wal-Mart. :D Hope this helps!
  5. Wow, I am overwhelmed at all of the responses. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the encouragement. I think it is just what my heart needed. I hadn't really considered lightening up on her school work. It would be so nice to relax on the couch together with a good book . . . and she loves to cook. It may be just what the doctor ordered for both of us. :001_smile: We're actually planning a trip to China in three weeks so it might be fun to study up on their culture for a bit. Her heart definitely needs some healing. She was teased and ridiculed in class. It's amazing how much damage was done to her spirit in such a short period of time. I feel guilty because my husband and I actually allowed her to go back into that environment. I'm just praying that God will cover over all of our mistakes and simply remove the hurt from her heart. Thank you all (again) for the time you took to answer my post. I appreciate you!
  6. I think she has mixed feelings about homeschooling. She is concerned about not having any friends homeschooling but likes the idea of being able to "do school" in her pajamas all day if she feels like it. In some ways it does make it difficult that our son is still attending school. I think she feels like she is missing out on something. However, my husband would like for our son to stay in school this year so I can provide the extra attention DD seems to need. Our DS loves school and I tend to think of it more as play time for him than anything else. We do have a small homeschooling group here but they are not very active. We live off base and consequently are a little isolated from other the other Americans that live in country. Having said all of that we have only lived here 3 months, so moving overseas has been a huge culture shock for her. I think homeschooling will provide some much needed stability as well as ground her in the Word and give her a firm foundation . . . something terribly lacking in the school on base, and our responsibility has parents anyway. We actually pulled her out of her current school, homeschooled a week, let her go back for three days (terrible mistake . . . too much negative socialization, and that is putting it mildly) and then finally decided to start parenting again (LOL) and have now brought her home again. Lots of changes in a short amount of time and she won't really have time to get settled here because we are scheduled to move again this summer. Thanks for the advice on the R & S spelling. I appreciate it!
  7. This is my first year homeschooling. Actually it's my second week, so I am really out of my element here. To condense a really long and drawn out story and give you a little bit of background . . . We are a military family living overseas and thus, have limited access to purchase homeschool curriculum. My DD attended a DoDD's school on base (ie: public school) for the first seven weeks of school. We have pulled her out (I won't bore you with details, but it wasn't a good fit) but for now have left my son in kindergarten there. I'm hoping to homeschool both of them next year. I am using Rod and Staff for English, Science, Reading and Spelling. Horizon's for math and SOTW for History. I've found the English to be very labor intensive and am trying to figure out a way to soften it up a bit. We've tried doing some of the lessons orally but then have a problem with retention when I review the next day. Also the R&S spelling seems to be too easy for her so I'm looking for an alternative there. The reading is good but I feel like the workbook that goes with it asks for obscure little facts to be remembered. I do like some of the grammar that has been included in the reading workbooks. I feel like we are starting the year behind as we are only on lesson 11 and it's the end of October. My DD has always loved school and been a straight A student . . . she's had quite a remarkable personality change this school year. Lots of tears, negative attitude, etc. I don't want to push her too hard and want her to rediscover the joy of learning again. I'm just not sure where to start. Any advice, thoughts and or on-line therapy would be welcomed.
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