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  1. :bigear: I really would love to hear from some of you that have used BJU's Life Science. Did the DVD class end up taking too much time in your school day so that you gave it up and simply taught the material yourself? It's a lot of money to invest for one class, almost as much as I'm spending on all of her other courses combined, so I am really trying to make an informed decision. :001_smile:
  2. We just added a phone onto our existing plan. I think it's an extra $10 a month without all of the bells and whistles, and extra $15 if you add texting. I do have to put a plug in for it though... with texts. I like the comfort of knowing they can get in touch with me, or me with them, if they are away from me for any reason (play date, sports, etc). It paid for itself the first time my older DD texted me to come pick her up because she was uncomfortable hanging out with her friends after cross-country practice let out early. She mentioned that she would have been embarrassed to have had to have called me in front of her team mates. Whether her feelings were justified or not (who can really know what goes through a tweens mind??) I'm glad she could surreptitiously text so that I could come pick her up. Just my 2 cents worth. :tongue_smilie:
  3. I know you must be exhausted, but still, thank you for taking the time to update us. I thought about you the other night when I was tucking my own sweet girl in bed and wondered how you guys were doing. We are praying for your sweet family from our little corner of the world. One more :grouphug: from me. You can never really have too many.:001_smile:
  4. I just placed and order with them and also used a coupon code from Retail Me Not (it was something like GSMN) and the company applied both discounts to my order. It was an extra 10% off!! HTH
  5. After much prayer, deliberation and petitioning (in the strong name of Jesus) I have finally decided to use BJU's Life Science for my 7th grade DD next year. However, I can't decide between the DVD option vs the Investigations only DVD option. My huz will be returning from a one year deployment this summer and I am trying to streamline our school day next year so that we maximize our time together as a family. After perusing the many threads here regarding the Life Science DVD's with Mrs Vick I see that most people love her class, but that the biggest complaint, and the reason most families drop the DVD class, is because of the time commitment involved. So. What do you think? Should I just use the Investigations DVD to help flesh out the experiments and shave the time it would take to watch the lesson each day? Or is the instruction that is found on the DVD with Mrs Vick not to be missed? FWIW, my degree is in bio-chem so I'm not worried about being able to teach the material myself. That doesn't necessarily mean that my DD will understand what I'm teaching... but really how bad could I be? At the very least, as clear as mud.:D
  6. Thank you so much! She is sooo sensitive about the wart.. hopefully this will at least help shrink it a bit. It's definitely worth a try!!
  7. Spryte, Can you tell me how you used (and where you bought) the tea tree oil? My little niece has a plantar wart on her face... my brother has taken her to several different doctors and they all want to cut it out. She's only 6 years old, and would be left with a scar, so he's left it alone for now. This sounds like something they might be able to try...
  8. :iagree: Check out Pioneer Woman's cowboy nachos using leftover brisket. Yum!!!
  9. I'm on the waiting list for Pinterest too.:tongue_smilie: I can PM someone my email address for an invite.:D
  10. :iagree: Bwa ha ha ha. You might want to skip the kilt and TeA threads too... Welcome!!
  11. Thank you for all of the wonderful responses, ladies. Sewpeaceful, I've heard wonderful things about Mrs Vick and my DD is looking forward to having her for class. What I'm hearing you say is that the DVD with her for Life adds so much more to the class and would be beneficial to have. Would you also recommend the DVD's for the 4th grade science as well or would he get what he needs (reading comp, etc) with me teaching the material? ETA: I appreciate the tip on ordering from mardel this weekend... thank you!!
  12. We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, collard greens and rutabegas...
  13. Military wife's motto... anything can be fixed with a paperclip, stick of gum, duct tape and a bottle of wine.:D
  14. Our dogs name is Mr Beasley. But I would name yours "Buttermilk" :D Has a nice ring, no?
  15. :iagree: This combination is exactly what we use here too. We love Visual Link and try to round out our studies with conversational spanish through Pimsleur. Sign up for the free trail through Visual Link... they are constantly putting their program on sale and will send you a discount code through email. We bought the first level for $45... and found Pimsleur (all three levels) at our local library. :001_smile:
  16. I actually like the idea of testing my younger on some of the knowledge. Do you think it would be difficult to generate my own tests on the material?
  17. Poll coming... if I can figure out how to do one.... ETA: Please choose as many options as you'd like on the poll. I went a little crazy with it... After way too much on-line curriculum comparisons I think I've decided to use BJU for our science studies next year. I have a rising 7th grader and am looking at the Life Science class for her as well as BJU4 science for my rising 4th grader. For my 7th grader: Are the DVD's worthwhile enough to purchase for the class? What about the Investigations DVD? Is this something I need or is the material on the Investigations DVD included in the class DVD? If the information on the Investigations DVD is included on the course DVD, which one would you choose? (Is this clear as mud, or what?:D) To shake things up a bit... I've briefly tossed around the idea of combining my 4th grader in with my 7th grader just to simplify our day a bit. Obviously, I realize the material would be way too hard for him but I'm wondering if a few books from the library on his level to help flesh out the material would be do-able, or should I just get the 4th grade science and be done with it? I'm probably making this out to be harder than it actually has to be.:tongue_smilie: It is, however, my spiritual gift.:D
  18. :iagree: I could have written this post. Well said.
  19. I voted to leave it long... of course, my hair is below my waist so I may be a bit biased. I think it's much easier to pull it back and throw a head covering on.
  20. I've looked at Notgrass for 7th grade too... It looks pretty meaty to me. I would probably spread it out over two years and take our time with some of the suggested writing assignments.
  21. Nice to know that I'm not the only one on here under 5'. My huz is 6'3"... we look sort of like Mutt and Jeff walking together.:glare:
  22. I'm looking for a writing curriculum that incorporates all of the different genres of writing that you just listed... I'm not necessarily looking for mastery at this point (DD is 7/8th grade) but definitely some exposure and experience with different writing assignments across the board. Any recommendations you can provide would be helpful... as far as IEW goes, would you recommend starting with one of their SWI courses or would one of their themed based programs be okay too?
  23. It's the name my parents call me... everyone else IRL calls me by a shortened version of my first name.
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