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  1. Travelling is not my favorite thing, but we have some air travel credits from a cancelled trip that must be used before April 1. 15yo dd wants to go to Hawaii and I am finding it so hard to take the steps to make it happen. Can you help me with some positive and/or low-cost lodging ideas for Oahu in March? Help this non-traveller plan something for the sake of the rest of the family!
  2. I am being silly, but here you are. Now nobody will see your face in the photo! https://www.amazon.com/Womens-Fleece-Balaclava-Snowboard-Protector/dp/B01NBA4GQZ/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1547529143&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=balaclava+women&psc=1 Or you could get one that makes you look like a snarling predator? Sorry. I hate pictures too! My dh has to go to Wisconsin next week -- we live in CA. I just got him snap-on ice cleats for his shoes. For his birthday he got a long Squall coat from Land's End and some lined waterproof gloves. Oh, and wool so
  3. I've had 3 homeschooled all the way and on to college -- every one a slightly different path and outcome. So, plan for them to be individuals! LOL My 4th kiddo is 15 and just took her first class dual enrollment, with a homeschooled buddy. Her big victory (besides the A) was that nobody (even the prof) figured out she was homeschooled or just 15 until the end of the semester. Now, on to driver's ed.
  4. I am at the what-did-i-forget stage just now, which I think is pretty good considering we didn't know dh would have a job until November 30th and so I held off christmas shopping until then. Sorted stocking stuffers, wrapped major gifts, got about 1/2 of groceries for Christmas dinner, yard decorations just went up and tree done. I have one kiddo who won't be here until February because she works retail and vacations were blacked out from mid-November to end of January. Hopefully she'll have a *better* job next year, both paywise and vacationwise. As far as I know it will just be the 5 o
  5. Our house has fluxuated over $30K in the past 3 months; values are just all over the place. But, we live in a pretty high priced area. One sale at the upper/lower end of the bracket could make quite a difference and values are distorted by post-fire housing shortages. My bil, who's a realtor north of Seattle, says zillow is almost always over priced and out of date so not to rely on it for serious shopping.
  6. Hard to believe that article is from 2001...reminds me how long I've been homeschooling. Definitely a settler -- '96 -- and thankful for those who pioneered. Encouraging the newbies, who are not all refugees; some are even second-gen homeschoolers. My son swears he will be that someday (or his wife will), but none of my girls want that job. LOL
  7. Happy birthday to the baby of the family! My "baby" is turning 16 soon...
  8. We took ours @ the county dept. of education. For us it was right down the street, but for others it might've been quite a drive.
  9. Have her pay careful attention to her time allocation. My son had to take it twice due to having spent too much time on the English portion. I made him pay for the 2nd time.
  10. Our AHG troop had family camp last weekend. One of our Explorers M/C'd campfire....I think she learned from her brother who's a long-time Boy Scout, but she did a great job! I have such sympathy for the mom whose husband is deployed w/NOAA and who was camping with a toddler, preschooler, and 2nd grader, but she made it through. Sure took home a dirty little boy, though! Hiked to a historic grist mill and got a tour, which was lots of fun. I am explorer leader this year and have the biggest unit, but sadly my youngest has decided to drop AHG. Well, she's taking 8 credits this year in high
  11. And 4 volumes of Our Latin Heritage (old public school textbook; if only I could find teacher keys for vol. II-IV!).
  12. Do you have dual enrollment options available nearby or online? This was huge for my 16yo....accountable to somebody besides mom. Other ideas: consistent community service with an adult mentor/aimed at his interests -- my dd got credit for hours spent in 4H leadership and community service. Again, this can mean answering to somebody other than mom and can be in an area of passion if you both get creative. Or Venture Crew (scouts, co-ed) as PE? Another suggestion: We're using Essentials in Literature and Writing for our credit in English this year. Level 10 focuses on essay writing (d
  13. It's something our kids need to learn to manage -- difficult/scary input that may/may not be true and needs to be investigated. It's hard to see them go through it. Just FYI, I have a friend whose daughter, in her late 20s, was diagnosed this year with MS (and it's been very hard to manage) because of severe pain and tingling in her legs. No, it wasn't preceded by a car accident even several months prior, but she was *lucky* that her ER doc demanded followup for the initial symptoms.
  14. AND, being able to spend the best part of our day with each other, not the tired-worn-from-the-day-still-have-homework part. All our work was homework and once it was done we were able to do other things.
  15. I was 46 when our bonus package arrived....that pregnancy was stressful because of a whole host of factors that had nothing to do with the pregnancy itself -- layoff, underpaid two-job dh, family illness, etc. We survived, altho' I went on mediCal because dh was w/o medical insurance. Our bonus package is now 15yo and yes, she DOES keep me young! She has been a huge blessing. Do not fear, just keep moving forward.
  16. Starting 21years homeschooling, 2 college grads, one in college, and a 15yo @ home. We've used independent homeschooling charters, co-ops, and just at-home learning with some dual enrollment in high school. Pros -- Freedom (to choose materials, to choose schedule, to choose activities, to choose projects, to choose service opportunities, to choose to start our day with Bible) Academics -- At the time we started the kids would have gone to a 70% ESL school and my concern was that they would be either bored or ignored, or both. Even the child who struggled with academics has had success,
  17. Is this an online program? Community college? I'm interested in something like this.
  18. We charge ds $600/mo. plus he pays us for his car insurance. You might think that high but he has been looking and NOT finding a place with a budget of $800/month. He says if he had $1K/mo. he might be able to find an apt. to share. Meanwhile he uses our utilities and we feed him and he does minimal if any chores, so I think we're being fair. It's a high COLA area. And the $$ are going toward home repairs and upkeep we couldn't otherwise afford without my going back to work. He has the biggest bedroom too.
  19. We're in an AHG troop and we've talked about the volunteer points thing....but then we'd need somebody ELSE to manage the points. No way. We expect new parents to be present in their daughter's unit or in the nursery with younger siblings if applicable. We ask those who aren't unit leaders to plan or help plan a special event or service activity...but this depends on the family's circumstances as we get to know them better. We have a single-dad family (we see him once/year at our father-daughter event; the neighbor brings his daughter). We have families where dad is on a ship (NOAAH) or w
  20. How very hard. May you know God's presence and comfort as you work through this.
  21. Davis is sort of *the* college for vet science & etc. and they also sponsor a lot of 4H-related events (including horse project stuff). Used to live near Cal Poly Pomona, where they have the Arabian center (but also do research w/other breeds) and the area arabian club works with Cal Poly on horse stuff and will work w/students and 4Hers. In fact my dd got a scholarship from the arabian breed association because of her work w/4H. And one of her fellow 4Hers graduated from thei CP-P equestrian degree program and is now a trainer. That said, both Cal Poly schools have the luxury of bein
  22. The easiest (but least scholarship) route to a UC is to do an AA/complete general ed at a community college and transfer. Little scholarship money, but big potential savings on tuition. And private schools in CA do not require A-G. You probably already knew that. Often community colleges have online classes; you might look into dual enrolling that way and get both A-G credit and meeting general ed requirements.
  23. Sometimes it's just the age group. I never want to teach middle school kids...I just don't get them and they don't get me. But I've led AHG groups of 4th-6th graders and taught that age as well as a mixed high school group in our co-op and had a great time. And sometimes it's the size of the group. I have NO idea what I'd do with a classroom of 30 (my sis teaches 3rd grade public school and I think I would not be able to get anything done...she thrives). But groups of 8-12 are my sweet spot. Or maybe there's another way to use that skill.....like teaching people about a product? Trai
  24. I'm sort of glad Villaraigosa didn't make it onto the general election ballot. Here's a story about how well he respected water rationing back in 2009. I've lived in CA all my life and have been thru several rounds of drought. Our city offered a lovely incentive a few years ago -- replaced all our regular flush toilettes with low-water suction-driven flushers. That was nice! They also offer a (not as enticing) program for replacing lawns with drought-sensitive xeriscape or other minimal water solutions. Incentives rather than punishments are a LOT more effective! http://laist.com/2009/08/
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