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  1. Negin -- I'm loving your pictures of Sevilla. My brother has lived in a small village near Malaga (also Andalucia) for some years and your pictures take me right back to our 25th anniversary visit to Spain!
  2. I enjoyed the whole series of books that follow Quarter Share and take the hero through captaincy of a trading empire. Good stuff. I read Polaris Rising this week....I'd read a sequel...I guess. But not sure this feisty heroine is that unique. Love SciFi recommendations!!
  3. Another mom and I from our co-op started a teen game night to help our girls feel more comfortable with the new group. It's been pretty effective.
  4. Y'all need a park day. If you can't find one, make one by showing up at a centrally located park with clean bathrooms and good visibility every week or every other week at the same time. Bring snacks, drinks and camping chairs and a game or two to keep in the car. Also a basic medical kit for scrapes. Stay at least 2 hours, maybe more. Moms can talk or crochet or whatever, kids can play very open-endedly. We always had a group building forts, some moms walking circuits, some moms breastfeeding, and everything in between. Even if other homeschoolers don't come, by hanging out regularly in the same time frame you may find them or find other friends. I hope you can find that. My family has also done 4-H. It led to adult mentors for a couple of my kids, but not too many same-age friends. And it was GREAT preparation for public speaking (we went to statewide competitions several years) and learning the rules of order for conducting a meeting.
  5. Arcadia -- We are all so happy to see the last of those evacuation orders lifted!! Now I am waiting for PG&E to turn my gas on so I can have heat and cook and shower. Minor concerns compared to last week's this time, when I was packing to leave. Thinking of those still facing raging fires in SoCal.
  6. Anything is better than another firestorm and the 4500-plus homes that burned in 2017 in Santa Rosa CA. Both southern and northern CA can get very high winds. In SoCal they're called Santa Anas, usually hot, blowing off the Mojave desert to the sea. In NorCal they're not always hot, but just as dry. This year they clocked wind gusts of 90-100 mph in the foothills/higher elevations, 50-60 mph sustained. Once a fire starts, the winds drive its expansion pretty quickly. They also create a lot of debris, downed branches, etc., which can impact power lines, hence the pre-emptive shutoffs. About 2/3 of my county (Sonoma) was shut off and about 1/2 evacuated for several days. But this time no loss of life from fire (one person killed by traffic accident), only one major injury. Once we're back home we STILL have to wait to have power and gas turned back home. Our house has power but no heating and nights are cold! But anything is better than another firestorm, right? Cooking in my crockpot and microwave and thankful for it. Adding: They probably were overly cautious and evacuated many more people than needed, but a lot of areas don't have many ways out and traffic can be crazy. This year instead of being surprised by fire (2017) we had time to pack and evacuate in day time. That was huge! I still needed to get some winter clothes, but at least I had socks and underwear and our wedding album and passports....all of which I forgot in 2017.
  7. Spend the day in 3 layers of clothes waiting for my gas to be turned back on. Thankful that we didn't lose electricity during the fire and evacuation, so I don't have a nasty refrigerator to clean out. Thankful for returning to my own bed instead of an air mattress on friends' floor. Goodbye, Kincaid fire, please no more fires this year!!
  8. I got little water guns and some water balloons and buckets. Unfortunately, we have retaining wall all around our back yard and sliding would not be safe. Good ideas, though!
  9. We think the leak is in the tub itself...saw bubbles coming up. Tub has had water in it all winter, so not dried out. It was a slug habitat, though. Eeew.
  10. We're having what was supposed to be a teen hot tub party for our homeschool group this Saturday, so dh was cleaning the hot tub out for summer. Unfortunately, we seem to have sprung a leak in the tub. Does anyone know if it's possible to patch this somehow and what the process would be? Thanks....we hardly use the hot tub, but with the leak I'm nervous about even turning it on. I think we are switching to squirt guns (it's been <100 degF this week) but would still like the hot tub to be functional. Help!
  11. Here's what we've got for an artsy dd: Math -- Financial Principles (Dave Ramsey workbook & DVDs, co-op class, outside reading) -- she's finishing MUS Alg. 2 this year Science -- Health (Abeka + co-op class, outside reading) - already done with Bio & Chem will last into this summer. History -- US history @ home, probably using K12's American Odyssey English -- HSLDA online English class Foreign Language -- Spanish 1 & 2 @ CC; taking Spanish 1 in the fall with a friend so they can study together. Hoping the background in latin will help with grammar and vocab. PE -- Still need to do 1 semester, may take it @ CC in the winter semester Bible -- Still need to do 1 semester, will probably work through a catechism of some kind. Other -- Get her license!!! We're expecting that most of her senior year will be at community college.
  12. Long time ago and a different house. LOL A reminder that even the frustrating seasons will change and the challenging stages will pass. She's a pretty cool kid now!
  13. 3 graduates and 1 still working on it! 26yo -- BFA, working at Goodwill while taking graphic design classes, will be job hunting in May. Has medical issues that make it very hard to freelance (she needs insurance) and that have limited her stamina for side jobs, plus she is still a 4H horse project leader and that takes up most of her free time. We joke that she must love the horses more than the rest of the family, since they're keeping her from moving closer to us. Really, she loves her independence but we miss each other. She would LOVE to get a job that involves both travel AND art. 24yo -- BA Communications, AA Speech, Cert. Marketing -- summer job thru college was at a local zipline tour, where he still works p/t. After college a prof recommendation got him a f/t media/marketing job with a local company but he and they were both frustrated with his learning curve. He has cut back to working p/t (3 days/week) on video and social media projects while also working 3 days @ zipline company. 22yo -- AA in Humanities -- summer job as lifeguard at senior center led to doing in-home health care for disabled adults, including seniors, while at community college. Quitting both her jobs in May to backpack in Europe for the summer with a friend. Not sure what next. almost 16yo -- took her first class at community college this year, planning to get an AA and take at least one gap year. We shall see.
  14. I'd love some recruiting ideas. Our AHG/TL group is at a large church but people there sort of expect church activities to be free and are a bit put off when they find out we charge dues and they pay for uniforms. We used to have a local homeschool convention and advertised there, but that has dwindled and died and we are at a loss as to where else to publicize because public schools won't advertise for religious org. and private schools are unwilling to advertise for us as they see it as competition for tuition $$ or else have a GSA troop that they funnel kids to. Any suggestions?
  15. Just wanted to say that I'm not organized enough to post a list, but I am really enjoying reading the reviews and checking out the titles listed. Thanks!!
  16. Dropbox account belongs to the troop. We have some general folders (Level Awards, Ceremonies) and then yearly folders with special events, badge stuff that we do, schedules, etc. And some photos, altho' most of those are now on the troop's private FB page.
  17. We keep lists of prospects and former members to invite to big events in gmail, and that's also where we handle inquiries about the troop. It seems so much simpler than TT, which we keep just for the scouting stuff.
  18. We have 7 or 8 years worth of records in dropbox: forms, board meeting minutes, flyers, etc. And keep our yearly budget there too on a specially designed spreadsheet. We use a separate program for tracking badges/service hours and gmail for troop communications. Dropbox has been GREAT! It was especially helpful during the 2017 fires in our area when board members were evacuated all over the place....our treasurer records burned up in somebody's house, but we were able to recover most of it from online stuff.
  19. This is so true! Just this week we were reviewing our figures for selling soda floats at our charter's Easter event -- 2 years of records with 2 different types of weather and we have a good roadmap for what we need to buy this year. We keep a special events folder in our dropbox for each troop year and put all the planning and schedule and gear list, etc. documents in there for future reference.
  20. Still all over the place for dd next year. Spanish 1 & 2 -- dual enrollment @ local CC -- We may even have a bunch of homeschool buddies taking this together (I hope). MUS pre-calculus at home -- she could take math @ CC but I don't want to combine that with Spanish, which will be weighty. US History -- I have American Odyssey for this and may add in some SL reading American Lit -- looking @ Lightning Lit for this, 2 semesters Health -- we must tick the box.... PE -- maybe something @ CC Art -- entering contests for fun -- we already have too much of this on the transcript, LOL. Bible -- we need another semester's worth to meet our PSP's requirement for graduation. Any ideas for something enjoyable?
  21. Wordly Wise will extend vocab but it's not a spelling program. Of course, so will any number of other vocab-focused programs. And then there's remembering the spelling *while* you're writing. One year my son tested out of Spelling power -- words like rheumatism and chronology -- but misspelled bunny in his writing (buny) because he could spell in isolation but couldn't keep it in his head while writing. That's mostly practice to develop fluency.
  22. Travelling is not my favorite thing, but we have some air travel credits from a cancelled trip that must be used before April 1. 15yo dd wants to go to Hawaii and I am finding it so hard to take the steps to make it happen. Can you help me with some positive and/or low-cost lodging ideas for Oahu in March? Help this non-traveller plan something for the sake of the rest of the family!
  23. I am being silly, but here you are. Now nobody will see your face in the photo!;qid=1547529143&amp;sr=8-1-spons&amp;keywords=balaclava+women&amp;psc=1 Or you could get one that makes you look like a snarling predator? Sorry. I hate pictures too! My dh has to go to Wisconsin next week -- we live in CA. I just got him snap-on ice cleats for his shoes. For his birthday he got a long Squall coat from Land's End and some lined waterproof gloves. Oh, and wool socks. I love the hand/foot warmer suggestions.
  24. I've had 3 homeschooled all the way and on to college -- every one a slightly different path and outcome. So, plan for them to be individuals! LOL My 4th kiddo is 15 and just took her first class dual enrollment, with a homeschooled buddy. Her big victory (besides the A) was that nobody (even the prof) figured out she was homeschooled or just 15 until the end of the semester. Now, on to driver's ed.
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