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  1. I have 3 20-somethings and a high school senior. My oldest moved back in with us due to covid unemployment, after living in our old home town, now 9 hours away, for 10 years....since she was a freshman in college. That's been a bit of an adjustment (especially the boyfriend being long distance), but generally good and she found a job up here that she loves and they value her (masks required! 1 covid scare). Child #2 is in an apartment locally and comes over for dinner once/week. He's been building yurts in trees (really) and revising zipline courses and has had minimal work stoppage for covid,
  2. It is! Firefighters are our heroes! It's helped so much that (at least so far) this year we haven't had the very strong off-shore winds that pushed the fires so hard in 2017 and 2019, and we've had cooler weather too. But there are still a couple of monster fires in the state...containment is rising on those too.
  3. DH is still looking....anything local with benefits, anything in his field / skill set / market experience anywhere in the US. I have a contract for 80 hours of writing...starting some market research for a competitive report and red team editing on a proposal, hoping for a LOT more from this company once that is done. Sending out some p/t remote writing job applications. Unemployed dd had a tooth/root canal abcess and is going to need a new crown, but the antibiotic worked so we can put it off for awhile. Little things keep us going, but I have a real estate agent coming Friday
  4. Last of the Glass Fire evacuation orders cancelled, full containment achieved today, as predicted. Hurrah. Please send rain!!
  5. We were pretty on-edge up until today, friends had to evacuate and one's mother-in-law who lived up the hill lost her home. We had some pretty smoky days! But containment is up to 30% and most of the evacuation orders in Sonoma County are lifted. Napa County is still fighting hard but Calistoga got to go back home today. Praying for Thurs/Fri forecast of rain to come true!!
  6. I certainly hope it was a pilot! Now that I know there are several books already, the development of a series sounds quite possible. I think Sherlock was quiet because he didn't want to give Enola away to Mycroft. I rather liked his quiet, knowing smiles and I am glad to know that Mycroft will not be in charge of that young lady in future.
  7. I have been having a lot of fun with Donna Andrews' fluffy mystery series, which was recommended here. It makes a good distraction from fire news, bad air, and keeping the windows shut in triple degree heat with no a/c....oh, and the seemingly eternal job search. I don't know how dh keeps going! Hopeful news, we are over 25% containment now and the sky is blue....only a little smoky and the weather is cooling nicely. My technical writing web site went live last night, thanks to ds's help and dd's logo design skills. If you know anyone who might be in need of business, proposals, or biomet
  8. @Negin - I am a bit late getting back on the topic of Iran, but that information about # of expats certainly rings true. My dad was there for a year on his own, more or less, and then my mom and younger sister joined him for about 6 months before their sudden return. Most of their friends there were expats, and my dad especially liked the Brits they met. They left the 20-something "kid" crew in charge of their house (brave!) and then when they returned w/24 hours notice AND my mom was ill, well, it was a bit of a fire drill! I harvested basil today, so much to cut that I had to wrap it in
  9. @Negin -- my dad was a contractor in Iran when they were building up to revolution. He was helping with analysis and system design for public safety communications and recordkeeping. They left in June after the government tried to get the contractor to fire him so they could rehire him, but he said no. Had expat friends who were there up until armed revolution began. Such a sad, difficult time.
  10. I read one book by Rebecca Rupp on how she did unschooling and decided it would be too much for me! She did huge amounts of research and worksheets designed to help her kids collate information on the topics they had chosen. But reading her at least helped me give my kids some grace for Friday parkdays and reading-only weeks or stretching math out so we finished it in July. And yes, there were days when we counted cyberchase and a history documentary as "school" -- but not too many! -- and Saturday field trips also counted as school days. As someone else said above, there was always a yea
  11. DH has an interview today and another next week, both with companies in the same industry he's worked in for the past 10 years. Praying he is impressive and presents himself as THE GUY to hire! The company I freelance for has put in a quote that may lead to a *lot* of work....once we get vetted and approved, which is another month down the road (sigh). When it comes through I may well be quite busy, but it's still "wait" for now. DD whose company went bankrupt has registered for her CNA course, which starts the end of the month and which is through the community college, so she shoul
  12. I've been having a blast this week with three fantasy books by Rachel Hartman: Seraphina, Shadow Scale, and Tess of the Road. Vaguely late medieval with dragons who can look like humans if they wish, saints with special powers (who turn out to be half dragon), and multiple cultures and creatures. Well written, much about the difference between cold logic (the dragons) and feeling (humans and....other critters) and lots about social expectations and what happens when you outgrow them or never fit them to begin with. I watched the new Netflix short series "Unorthodox" and was fascinate
  13. I can empathize with the migraines issue. My dd who finds school the most difficult also has multiple migraines a week. She took a Parks & Rec lifeguard certification class at age 16 and went to work at the local senior center (NOT the big city pool, too overwhelming) and really fell in love with working with seniors. She continued to lifeguard and began looking for other work with seniors/disabled. Through a friend's referral she got started working with in-home health care, both individual clients and group homes. It doesn't pay terribly well either, but she can up her earning potential
  14. Refer them to the state organization's web pages on How to Homeschool and Working with X-age/stage child. Well, unless they are a personal friend and then I ask more questions and refer them to Rainbow Resource for brain overload and Timberdoodle for fun stuff.
  15. This is sort of my weekly relief, too -- from unemployment, fires and smoky skies, covid and bickering young adults. We're thankful to be down in the low 80s now rather than the triple digits we got for labor day!
  16. Two business meetings, two sets of notes, one revised quotation and a page and a half of things we need to know before we can provide more detailed quotes. Hopefully this effort will lead to MORE WORK for ME. DH sent out 2 more resumes and tells me he has an interview on Friday. Thanking the Lord for every little step forward, even if it means relocation to another dang fire zone. All of CA is a fire zone these days. And a threatening power outage. We've been lucky enough not to have to buy a generator; we're adjacent to main transportation and county airport, so minimal power outages eve
  17. Thanks for the recommendations; dh is looking into them. Cedar Rapids....was home to my dad's family until they migrated to CA back when he was 15. Odd coincidence.
  18. I've had such conflicting advice! The guy I'm working with recommends LLC, which amounts to about $800/year, my CPA-from-home friend says don't bother, my friend who trains accounting professionals in seminars & such says just a sole proprietorship. AB5 has a 3-point test....and I can't see how I would get around that, and if that doesn't hit you then there's a 12-point test to consider. Ack!! I already started filing for the LLC, so I think I am going to go with that for this tax year. I set up the bank account this week so I can send in my first estimated tax payment. But, ca
  19. When I was in high school I read Harold Lamb's biographies of Genghis and Babur the Tiger through several times. I was fascinated with them, and talk about escapism as I sat up in our mulberry tree dreaming of other worlds! Now that I look that author up I see that he wrote quite a number of books about asia/central asia, including cossacks and tamerlane. If you ever feel like an old book hunt, I'd love to hear what you think of him as a historian and writer. Most of his work now is OOP.
  20. Thanks for the suggestions. He has a BSEE from the -80s and has done hardware-oriented applications engineering for various products, most lately custom connectors and cables. I don't think he's looked into contracting in that area. Connectors & cables are a bit of a niche. Applications skills can transfer to other industries but more of a learning curve and the interviews he's had haven't gone very far. Door dash and instacart are possibilities. I tried applying for online teaching and....well, I appear not to be fun enough or young enough or just don't come across on video. Tha
  21. So absolutely true! I am currently HATING AB5 in all its many labyrinthine confusions!!
  22. I certainly get the feeling disconnected. I haven't been to a church service since the end of February, altho' some churches in our area are meeting outside, when heat and smoke allow it. Haven't had communion since then either, and I do miss it. When I try to do it as part of a family meal, the 20-somethings either ignore or distract...they're in the why bother phase right now. We had to leave our homeschool group due to $$, plus my being high risk, so feeling pretty cut off there too. God is not limited by these things, but I do miss fellowship and, yes, serving with others of like faith. Go
  23. If you'd like to similarly explore western mythology and epics with your daughter, we've really enjoyed retellings by Geraldine McCaughrean, a British author who does meaty retellings of things from Gilgamesh to Arthur, Canterbury Tales, El Cid, and more. There are some pictures but more text so for us they were definitely a read-aloud but one we really enjoyed.
  24. This is only a 1-month training program for the CNA, but full time. She's got some options, and she could apply for p/t or weekend shifts. Hmmmm, I will have to discuss with her. Thanks!
  25. We definitely are, just north of SF. I love working from home and really enjoy the "BK" work colleagues I have reconnected with! I can work from anywhere, so we are willing to move (if a bit overwhelmed at the thought) but all our family is CA or pacific northwest. But, wherever God leads, really.
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