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  1. Just send them outside and you won't feel as invaded. Playing outside is good for kids. I also do not feed them and if we need to go somewhere we just go.
  2. Oh yea definitely have them play outside. That is much less invading. The kids do not come in my house. They all play outside.
  3. Having neighbor kids is mostly positive but there are definitely times when I feel like I am taking on extra kids and I do not like that at all as someone who is as introverted as you can be and who never gets a break from kids. It is not too bad now because there are a few families I trust my kids to play at their houses that I can see and hear from my house and the neighborhood kids go to more houses now so it balanced out the one extended family in the neighborhood where the parents are not involved and has kids with annoying habits. Can you get know the families to see if you can trust your child to play there so it can balance put a little? If the kids are at your house and they start causing issues or needing discipline send them home. The older neighbor kids in the 10 year old range usually are fine.
  4. A friend of mine had to have supervised visits with her kids for a short time.They questioned her kids without parents present and used leading questions to really young children. The kids claimed things happen that never occurred. I do see your point ibnib. It is hard in these situations because if you ask questions a certain way kids can describe things that did not really happen.
  5. I met some agenda 21 conspiracy people before. A plan for sustainability that is similar in lots of places is this big conspiracy to turn everyone into a bunch of godless, gay, liberal Muslims and tell them how to live. I guess the plan now includes kidnapping children of parents who are not cogs in the machine now. I am sure the book by the Glen Beck follower is totes reasonable and it will happen just like that. It has nothing to do with the fact we live on a planet with limited resources and if we make good use of those resources they are there for people in all countries and future generations. It has nothing at all to do with dwindling resources and real environmental concerns. This plan has nothing to do with coming up with a plan for sustainability for the future. Nope it is just a plot to take over the world and control people.
  6. I dreamed of having an off the grid house with solar panels or wind energy and animals. Once the kids were born I realized how hard it was to make that come into fruition with having to work, needing somewhere to live while it is being built having money saved and figuring out how to build and grow things , plus take care of animals while doing the mothering thing and quickly realized we just were not in a position to do it. There are families that are able to and that is great they can make it work. This is also similar to The Glass Castle. It seems like if what that person said is true the father is dysfunctional and probably has substance abuse problems and more and it causes depression in the mom. To bad that this was not the wake up call for her to get them in a better situation with hopefully supports in place without him. It also sounds like they need to rehome those animals because the just cannot handle the waste and I do not see that changing. It is hard to have a family that size and animas to care for.
  7. I am usually very much for not taking kids away from a family. I also have experienced that kids can be taken from a family where I do not think it is the best move. I think it is better when CPS works to keep families together rather then take them away. There have been other families that have been snarked on online that I do not think those children should be removed. With the living environment of these children they needed to be removed. It is sad how the parents obviously do not get it. This should have been a wake up call but it is not. There are in denial. It is sad that because of media attention most people who really do not know the full story they get all this money from gofundme that they will probably not put to good use. It makes no sense to be against stable government help to get back on your feet but mooching off others is totes cool. I missed the burn incident and the turtle incident but they are living in squalor right now and they are lucky to still have all ten children. You can see how the land deteriorated through the picture of the dirty pond. I have seen better buildings in shanty towns. People who live in shanties do get better supplies like brick when they can and improve their conditions. In Alaska there was this really large fundamental family that lived off the land in primitive conditions. They illegally cut trees down where they were not suppose to and people were not crazy about their presence. It later came out the much older father was abusing his children and raped one of his daughters. The children all fled when he was caught. It reminds me of this family I knew a while back where the dad was this very controlling religious guy who did not think women had any insight. They were basically homeless and had a huge family but the kids were all grown by then.
  8. Kids who are very precocious are usually gifted but there are lots of late bloomers out there. It is actually very common because kids can grow intelectually longer just like kids who hit puberty late grow longer. Intellect is like other areas in development that it looks different for everyone. The really short kid can end up graduating as the tallest and and intellect works the same way. No child's path looks the same. Some kids grow in big spurts and some grow more steadily. Scores can change over time. The IQ test was not originally meant to be this set in stone measurement and it isn't. Learning disabilities are more common in gifted children then in average children. Just because a kid was not a top reader in kindergarten does not mean they are one of the dullards doomed for metrocracy. In places where kids who need help at any period of time get help until they do not need it anymore without a label kids do better overall. We should not be labeling kids into groups by 5 or 6. My ds is a very intelligent child but he will be a late reader. My dd is now a really good reader. She did not learn until 6 and then jumped years in reading level in a less then 3 months. None of my kids were precocious talking toddlers and 2 were late talking but they all developed excellent verbal skills and are advanced in that area.
  9. I actually believe in exposing kids to early literacy and learning and that for sure can including reading and math. The two kids I did really early stuff with did not end up reading early. One just got diagnosed with mild dyslexia. The other is young but my guess is also dealing with that based on signs. I know that lots of people are successful with it because I saw lots of people who talk about being successful but the people who aren't are probably less likely to talk about it. I have no idea how many preschoolers or younger are capable of learning to read if given gentle exposure in short bursts but many kids will not be ready yet. If it is done the right way it certainly is not harmful though. I know I worry when it seems like everyone out there is successful who does it but I suspect that there are kids who just are not ready to read but with more time will be. All kids have different strengths and weaknesses and have their own timetable. There are late bloomers and precocious children. Nurture does play a part and being in a good environment which will look different for different families does help kids grow and develop.
  10. 75% which is slightly higher then the state average. 78% were proficient in math or reading. I think that is pretty bad but I am sure there is much much worse out there. The area I grew up in was much better.
  11. The third way should be targeted help for kids who need it in ways that are effective without permanently placing them on a lower tract. In my area there is help in some schools but it is more of the same sight word heavy method that was not effective. Dyslexia isn't rare and there are other reasons why reading is hard for some kids. Higher standards for getting into teaching programs would probably help too. If we do not stigmatize needing help and tell kids that it is ok when things are sometimes hard and you need to work at it since it helps you grow. We just need to help kids who are struggling at any given time until they get it. Lots of schools do anything to get out of giving extra help to kids and if they do happen to help it is not effective methods.
  12. One of mine had a basic reading level before starting. Things clicked at Christmas break and rapid progress was made with fluent reading in no time and good spelling too. Several kids in class were reading before school started and most were reading well by the time 1st started. Another child of mine struggles more but is technically grade level. I think that child has stealth dyslexia based on other other signs but since the school is using a decent reading method, the teacher is experienced and there is help at home there is progress. It used to be very uncommon to be reading before school started but it seems to be getting more common. My child who is not reading is bored by the content of the class even without reading beforehand since understanding is at a much higher level and it is frustrating having to work at reading and writing. I do not think reading before school is a problem for all kids. For me I rather have my kid reading before kindergarten because I know there are no issues. It varies wildly by school and district.
  13. My friend has a son who is nonverbal but understands everything. He isn't deaf but uses signs to communicate. He goes to school and gets lessons. He can sign to answer questions or type using a talker that predicts what he is typing. I have had him read and I can tell when he is reading by the sounds he is making and I ask him to tell me if he needed help with a word.
  14. How do you find a CTOPP practitioner? I have never heard of one before. Is getting that done more affordable then a neuropsych exam?
  15. The free source I use the most is the library These websites I have used a little Starfall Reading Bear Don Potter ABCYA Youtube I See Sam Ibooks
  16. No they did not live in igloos all year round. That is a fact. People with "boots on the ground" at the time and were living it never claimed that. They have artifacts of what dwellings they lived in. They also do not go by Eskimo each tribe has its own name from the area they come from.
  17. I have never done it but I can see how it happens. I am constantly forgetting things and I often do go in autopilot mode while driving and end up going in the wrong direction because that is part of my normal routine. One time I was ran into someone in a parking lot and started talking and totally forgot I didn't buckle my toddler yet and as I was driving I saw him appear in my mirror standing up. If it isn't your normal routine to take your child to daycare, the grocery store etc I can see it slipping your mind even though it is what means the world to you back there.
  18. It is okay but it does no teaching so I have no idea how they would go up grade levels without teaching the material. It has my ds doing double digit subtraction and he just isn't ready to do that with no instruction yet and no manipulatives. He mostly gets what adding tens means but it isn't something that has been really covered yet so he can't just go on there and do those problems. The math fact practice is cool and I like the vocabulary thing they do. It is a decent way to see what they still need to learn and for getting in extra practice after you go and teach those things.
  19. Thanks for posting this. I looked it up and even the free version actually looks cool. I did the math assessment so far and I am surprised by the results. My 2 older kids did better than I expected. I like how it finds areas they missed targets and targets those.
  20. Many people have an innate sense of right and wrong. My morals come from a lot of places but the most simple is that I don't want my actions to cause other people to hurt. I think everyone deserves the basics in life which is a roof over their head, food, clothes, access to medical care and a good education. I use as little resources as I can because there is only one planet and using to much means others go without. There are things we can do to use resources more efficiently so we use less. I also think all living beings are connected in a way and that other beings are also sentient. I think the intelligence that humans have is a gift and does make us special but it doesn't mean we can obliterate other species. People do bad things but they don't do bad things because of original sin or because of the devil. They do them because their frontal lobes are not as developed or because they are looking out for their own needs or because they are easily led by others who are bad etc. Some people just never develop an innate sense of morality that comes from within. The bible might have some good rules to live by but there is also stuff in there like about not believing in a God or being in a relationship with the same sex that really isn't related to right or wrong.
  21. I am always curious about this too and even religious people who have always been religious. It hard for me to understand total belief without ever having any skepticism or doubts.
  22. I was an agnostic from birth pretty much. I grew up as a Catholic. My parents took me to church every week and I went to preschool programs and then CCD. I always wondered what if God isn't real but I was scared because the biggest sin was not believing. I pretty much always didn't relate to the bible stories as is and would space out completely in CCD. I started noticing hypocrisy and the behavior of some believers pretty early too but it has absolutely no bearing once so ever on me being an atheist. I become one as a teen. It started with a deep conversation with a friends which made me realize that I was scared of what knew was true because of the fear that if you had it wrong you are doomed to hell. I never wavered since. I just know and the facts and logic support it. My non belief has nothing to do with anything that happen in church.
  23. I have been doing books from five in a row and the top 100 picture book list. The five in a row books have been good and the top 100 list has been mixed. I really like Patricia Polacco and Virginia Lee Burton so far. If I find an author I like I get more of their books. I will look at the Babies need books lists now to see what the recommend.

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