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  1. Yes, multiple times. No regrets. We even moved across country from Seattle to Florida when we were young. We figured we should try something new before having kids. We lived there three years then moved back to Seattle area. Then when we had first child moved again for two reasons, to be closer to grandparents and to get me out of the rain. We moved to Colorado outside Denver area and lived there seven years but wanted to get out of neighborhood onto some property so move further from Denver to acreage where we built our current house. We've lived here fifteen years,{ kids are now 25, 2
  2. This is pretty much what I did with all my kids most years. All ended up going to a public high school where they were at grade level or above, even though three oldest have Learning Disabilities. Child 3's dyslexia tutor loved that I read to kids all the time and was amazed at her vocabulary despite being 8 and still not able to read cat. She had me talk to so many parents about homeschooling their kids and reading to them. Child 3 and 4 entered a high school that allows kids to take college classes and graduate with an AA if they can get the work done and they both have done that. Child
  3. Thank you, I just made your oatmeal suggestion. Delicious. I'm usually a blueberry and half and half person.
  4. One reason I wear a mask is to help out businesses. They are mandated in our area and businesses can be fined or shut down if not in compliance. I don't want to be a person that causes them more harm. Things are hard enough.
  5. I got Well People mascara at Target and really like it. It is $9.99 for small one and $19.99 for larger tube. https://www.target.com/p/w3ll-people-expressionist-mascara-mini-black-0-12oz/-/A-23964918
  6. We did this but it has been 15 yrs. My husband acted as the contractor and we did anything ourselves that was possible to do and hired subcontractors for the rest. We saved a lot of money doing it this way but it was exhausting and stressful. We still haven't finished everything we wanted to do. We actually moved in with no flooring anywhere downstairs except kitchen area and no stone on fireplace. It was quite the adventure. My kids were 3,5,6 and 9 when we started. I recommend you not move in until it is complete. Sometimes I dream of doing it again but I love this house so we will b
  7. Mine are for the most part. Daughter Senior at UNC will go live in her two person suite with friend who is one of only people she's seen since quarantine. Most classes are online and they change daily. She moves in Aug 15. Daughter Freshman at University of Denver single room, single bath engineering student. Lots of online lecture with in person labs. Only freshmen live on campus so they can do singles for most. Both daughers will come home Thanksgiving week and not return to campus but do finals online. My freshman son (9th) his school starts week of August 10. They are doing two da
  8. It is very frustrating. We go through this multiple times a year with my daughter. She has a very expensive chronic illness. Most recent experience was two infusions done in outpatient center that were pre approved. We had approval for medication, multiple nurses, specialty medication company, doctors office called to congratulate us on approval. Had the infusions and two months later denied, and appeal denied, bill for over $450,000 to hospital that they say we now owe. I spent April through July talking and talking and talking to people in insurance, hospital, specialty pharmacy, hr, e
  9. Family of seven Currently have two Costco pack of TP but adding to it. I'm in process of stocking up for kid college dorms and son that is moving out next month. Plan is to send a Costco pack with each of them and still have two at home.
  10. My 14 yr old son loved it. He and his dad watched it every night until they finished.
  11. We all had some crazy illness this winter, but who knows what it was. As for knowing people with covid Our employee had it and was in ICU for three weeks, he's recovered and doing well. Older man with multiple health issues but back to work on limited basis. (70) My sister in law had it and is slowly "recovering". No idea how she got it, brother and nephew tested negative. Has congestive heart failure as a result. (37) Member of my BSF group died of Covid19 complications. (60's) Daughter's nephrologist had a 9 yr old Covid patient in hospital PICU, only know this becau
  12. I love my Bosch with the third rack, I take out silverware basket. It is wonderful. I did buy it from a specialty appliance store and it was $$. Not the German made option expensive but more than the Lowes option. I went through three Kitchen Aid dishwashers top of the line and they constantly needed repairs and only last about 2-5 yrs here.
  13. I'm down to an incoming freshman this fall with two of his older siblings in college (freshman and senior) He actually is my only child to attend middle school at the charter school all the older kids attended for high school. He and I homeschooling alone are not a good fit. It was painful which is why he went to middle school. He is super social and loved school and did very well. We are sad about the possibility of ending up at home again because this has been super hard on him. He maintained his grades but all the joy was gone. Next year for high school he only has four classes Engl
  14. I just read something that says if you've been notified you have been exposed to wait ten to fourteen days before testing.
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