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  1. I like neutral walls with stronger colored furniture. Currently my house inside is a color called Kwal Mushroom Basket but I'm slowly painting over that with SW Agreeable gray. Cabinets and floors are midtone wood but thinking about refinishing them. I've been accenting it with blues, greens, teals but also have a bit of wine color accents. Office and bathroom are a deep blue not quite navy which I love.
  2. I'm sorry, so hard. My father in law had dementia with lewy body disease that caused hallucinations, it was so hard for everyone.
  3. We put dressers in the closets and shelves along with a small hanging area for clothes storage. Even our bedroom we don't have a dresser outside the closet. Two youngest have IKea four drawer dressers they really like. They hold a lot. Out of season clothes are stored in bins at top of closet. Works for us. Freed up a lot of space in their rooms.
  4. I have horrible reactions to the over the counter stuff. Worst than the initial problem. I call doctor for prescription every time.
  5. The articles I've read clearly say Toby and Kate get divorced and she marries her boss. Beth S thanks for linking the article, the other I read was an interview that Krissy Metz gave on maybe entertainment mag. I like that the show creator is trying to show life that has ups and downs, hard things but still joy. A family that despite everything loves each other. Tess is so difficult to like right now. It's all about her and her feelings. Guess they captured how difficult growing up can be. I love this show.
  6. We are in process of repainting our house. All the kids bedrooms are various shades of gray, the guest room we did SW Interesting Aqua, laundry room is SW Topsail, Office and powder room are a medium/dark type blue similar to SW poolside or BM van deusen blue but can't remember the name. Living room that is off main area but contained we used SW Delft which is another blue/green/aqua type color. We tried Sea Salt but in my house it just wasn't quite right. I've tried so many colors in my house, but with the back of my house facing west with large windows and my kitchen with light
  7. It says you can use isopropyl alcohol mist to clean them as well if you prefer.
  8. I am often in the position of hearing comments like that. People often assume things about us. It is frustrating. I use $100 bills all the time. It is what I have, what is the difference between having a bunch of $20s and a $100 bill? Sometimes it is exhausting to worry about other people's feelings all the time or having the feeling I need to explain, when really I would never ask someone about their money or how they afford something, or comment that it must be nice. I am somewhat private though and was taught to never discuss money with people outside spouse.' edited to add that
  9. My medically complex dd(19) with two ultra rare diseases that affect immune system has had first dose. Her specialists highly encouraged her to have it as soon as it was available. (she has had anaphylactic reactions to plasma and hives with other things along with food allergies so I called day before vaccination just to confirm we were making right decision). No reaction for her other than tired. Rest of us are working on getting it. Husband is going today, dd with asthma first week of April, I'm still looking for one for me. I kind of prioritized those with underlying conditions firs
  10. No, it was filmed at a friend of Oprah's home that Oprah said had a beautiful setting.
  11. https://www.chewy.com/petstages-dogwood-mesquite-tough-dog/dp/186163 https://www.chewy.com/benebone-bacon-flavor-tough-dog-chew/dp/233549 I don't have a small dog (I have PWDs ) but they are very mouthy and need to chew. They love the two listed above items. Bully stick upset their stomach if I give too often plus they stink. She is adorable
  12. in summer haflinger sandles or supportive flip flop and in winter haflinger grizzly clogs. All hard floors here so barefoot isn't a good option for me. Dh is the same. Kids mostly socks or barefoot
  13. I have some Corelle, my husband loves it, me not as much, so it is in the drawer that when kids were little they could reach and use for lunch and snacks. I used to have Mikasa French Countryside. I really liked them and they went with everything but through the years some broke and we didn't have enough for large family get togethers so I gave them to older sons as they moved out and bought Villeroy Boch that is white from Marshalls, HomeGoods and TJ Maxx. I was able to get what I needed. I love them. Last year I saw some Denby in a blue gray color at Marshalls, etc that I really like
  14. Usually it would go into the family budget. This past time though we just gave the money to adult son who didn't get payment and needed the money. We have been fortunate that our income has not changed. Dh works for UPS.
  15. We live on ten acres, we started looking at 2-5 acres but found ten acre plots that were similar price or cheaper. We are not rural really though it used to be at one point. We literally built our house in the middle of a cow pasture. Our kids were 3, 5, 6, and 9 when we started building. My husband worked as the general contractor and he and my dad did a lot of the finish work in the house. Oh and we added an infant and a puppy while still finishing the house just because we could. On about two of the ten acres we built our home, garage, animal pens etc and the rest is pasture for hay.
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