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  1. I find that the more children that are along the less they focus on wherever they are.
  2. I've heard that only a portion of the hair is given away.
  3. Congratulations! (Just be sure and hide the info about doctoral programs!!) :)
  4. We loved the book. It was great to listen to while we were driving. I find that gives us lot's of opportunity to talk about books together.
  5. Hats, sunscreen, dive under the waves or jump up, don't go out a long way trying to get into deeper water until you figure out how to swim in the waves, buckets and shovels, a couple of good ones if you want to build a great sculpture, baby powder helps get the sand off of your feet, reapply sunscreen often, everything said in previous posts,...Have a great time!
  6. Health issues are so difficult. Whatever health problems can get worked out while she is home is easier than trying to convince a young adult to get help, make doctors appts, follow through etc. Someone else may have some good advice about schooling. It sounds like you have to go with what you think is best. If she is abusive at home she might have to go back to school and repeat things. I do know something about travel. I think you are going to be mighty jet lagged when you get back from Africa!:001_smile: Any chance on moving that week of school around? You're in my prayers.
  7. I would start with an area you like! I also found that it was important to start with small projects or they weren't completed.
  8. I found the encouragement of others the most beneficial. Then I was off to the WTM.
  9. Yes, I'm with the caution part. We're having a Beatles revival at our house. So far, so good.
  10. Math, spelling (MCP has a little writing), and assigned but interesting reading.
  11. The dollar sounds like a kid thing but we never let our children accept money from friends. That solved the parents not knowing if their kids were giving money away. The girl problem can be serious for self esteem. While "everyone goes through it" may be true it breaks my heart to see it at church. My daughter was caught up in one of these in highschool and it was awful. No one wants to believe how nasty it can get or how subtle it is acted out. We spent months in tears, prayer, and some counseling. In the end they do have to work it out themselves but boy do they need support!
  12. We used The Story of the World and the activity book. We loved it. We also read other reference books, library books and books from whatever sale we came across. I think with a timeline and Bible teaching you can begin to put all of history together. She doesn't neglect biblical history but one has to get the dates from another resource. (We use first editions of SOTW.) Modern Curriculum Press spelling works well for us. I like the grammar book by Wise here at Peace Hill Press. Have fun teaching and learning with your little one!
  13. I wish we had been more serious about a foreign language sooner. I think I would start them on Spanish since they are having fun with it.
  14. Long before I had children good friends of mine said they didn't ground their children because it grounded everyone in the family. This stuck with me. We take away computer time or a particular something that doesn't effect the whole family. It seems that mostly a good threat will do. :)
  15. I don't know how filtered you want your computer. We have Hedgebuilders on ours. It filters everything. No u tube, no facebook no nada . We also have alot of ads blocked. Sometimes it makes me crazy but it works. Any other suggestions?
  16. Having a baby at 40 isn't so bad but nobody told me I would have a 10 year old at 50! LOL The good news is that having children (12 and 14) running around makes people think we are younger than we are. :)
  17. Try the yellow dress. If you like it and your family thinks you're fabulous you are good to go. My friends and I dressed as "dissertation widows" for my husbands party and we all had a great laugh!
  18. What happened to the little "I agree guy" ?
  19. http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/images/smilies/iagree.gif
  20. I placed an order for the Christmas DVD at the National Gallery to arrive next Advent. I'm excited!
  21. We watched the original Star Wars Triology first. I would really preview Indiana Jones. My brother even told me to wait on those! LOL
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