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  1. For both my older kids we are using MFW Rome to the Reformations In addition, I'm adding for my 6th grader- LLATL Tan Analytical Grammar Beyond the Book Report Wordbuild Elements 1 Teaching Textbooks 5/6 (she's a little behind) Piano Co op (history, art, science, drama. but not enough to count....this is just for fun) 4th grader is adding Teaching Textbooks 4 LLATL orange AAS Writing Strands Jr. Analytical grammar Karate co op First grader- Veritas Press Phonics Museum 1st grade Horizon Math 1 OPGTR copywork that I create daily lots of reading related to our MFW studies ice hockey Co op K (adopted from China last year and still more like a preschooler even though she's almost 6) OPGTR Horizon Math K Lots of books co op HWOT
  2. Thank you. I think I settled on MFW, but this was all very helpful!
  3. The title says it all. My children are k, 1, 4, 6 and I am tired and needing something easy to implement that will still be complete. I need daily lesson plans, classical cycle, open and go, with daily reading assignments for the kids. I want lots of literature but I want someone else to pick the books and assign daily reading assignments, especially for my two older kids. If it makes any difference, we're doing middle ages this year. So far the only thing I can find that fits the bill would be MFW. I am very close to buying it or possibly even TOG (realizing there is planning involved with TOG).
  4. Just another vote for always checking behind the vehicle. It's been almost three years since my friend lost her little one in a backover accident. We try very hard to make sure that will not happen to anyone else we know.
  5. Is there a writing and grammar program that my 2nd and 4th graders can do independently? Combined would be best, but if not I'm open to suggestions for separate programs.
  6. It's time for us to do Physics but most of the options I find are geared toward grades 4 and up. I need pre planned lessons, easy experiments and fun for K-4th grade Physics. Any suggestions?
  7. Has anyone found a good Chinese curriculum that can be used with prek-4th grade?
  8. Yep. And I'd rather pay a small fee (either as buyer or seller) to ensure that there is protection for both parties.
  9. I don't think you can get around it without linking it to another bank, but honestly Paypal is nothing to be afraid of. I love it. It is a real bank, just like the one you use locally. I just dump my paypal money into my checking account once a week or so, but I also have a paypal debit card so I can spend the money immediately if needed.
  10. My standard response to something like this is to assume that the person making the request is being honest. If it is a cause I support, and I have the money, I donate. If these people are being dishonest, God will deal with them. With that said, if the people making the request are known for being dishonest, or if it is a cause that I don't feel is worthwhile, then I will decline. If a large amount of money is involved I may look into it further before donating.
  11. I can't think of any other way to describe my son. He is in constant motion. Always wiggling, moving his body in some way. He has a very hard time focusing. I am looking for some practical ideas to keep him focused on books and other things that require him to be still for a few minutes. I know his learning style and I know I can't expect him to sit all day, but I do believe he has to learn to sit still long enough to be able to read through a grade level book.
  12. Jen, thank you for replying. I hate that we have to explain ourselves to people who don't understand. I hate that unless we clearly spell out how we are preparing and how much we are learning, it is assumed that we are just ignorant fools jumping into something we can't handle. It would be nice if people would assume that because you are doing this, you must be preparing yourself.
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