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  1. I think that looks fun. I especially like the fabric.
  2. So nice to hear from you. I'm glad you went on your visit and things are coming together for your relatives. But, oh my, what a terrible toll.
  3. I'm not good at keeping track of where I read things but I have read some universities are offering booster shots. So they all should be eligible.
  4. the Hive has made me think I do. hahaha. Gotta love the hive.
  5. It depends on if you bought your children their first dictionaries while on a day trip to Ottawa. lol
  6. So stressful, yikes, praying it all comes together and can go in your next novel.
  7. I wish we still had this problem. haha. Mostly ours have just batted the lower ornaments a little but I do remember one as a child that climbed the tree!
  8. You should rest. Forget the lazy! Your body needs to heal. In between rest bout feel free to whine.
  9. That sounds so miserable. I hope you feel better soon.
  10. I was the person to give dd, in her 20s, a bite of Susie's yummy cranberry pie. Who knew it had almond something in it until it hit her mouth. Potlucks make me crazy. Even restaurants, the hummus with almond oil... We have friends with many allergies that always bring food their kids can eat. I'm sorry when families make it mpre difficult than it already is.
  11. That same radio kitty also took off with our glasses and then dropped them on the floor. That would wake us every time. To this day we put our glasses in the bedside drawer even though kitty is no longer with us. Such funny memories.
  12. In the fun and not so healthy vein we made Newfoundland poutine for Canadian Thanksgiving in honor of ds who is in NL for grad school. It's fries with turkey dressing and gravy. We put the cheese curd in as well for the whole poutine experience. We didn't need pie. 🙂
  13. Are we sure this virus going around isn't covid?
  14. If you are renting how do you go about getting locks changed? Or can you?
  15. Remember clock radios? Our old kitty learned to step on the button to get our attention lol
  16. See if you have a fever this afternoon after the ibuprofen wears off. There's no way to second guess with ibuprofen in your body. Sometimes you have an ache and no fever, sometimes the ibuprofen brings the temperature down a lot and sometimes only a little. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well.
  17. Looks like your perfect cat.
  18. I was miserable three days after my second shot and then it just went away. My booster I was only half as miserable for a good two days.
  19. I hadn't heard this. Are they afraid of shooters?
  20. Have you looked at coats with drop shoulders? I see many when I google drop shoulder coat. Good luck!
  21. We had an indoor/outdoor cat. By February when I opened the door she would give me the look and walk back into the living room. Apparently it was my fault there was still snow on the ground.
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