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  1. Focusing on American history, but don't mind some world history if it this in.
  2. I keep looking at.... Beautiful Feet Early American & World History Biblioplan year 3-would use companion, family guide , and cool history America the Beautiful vol 1 ( would use vol 2 for 8th) Any opinions would be welcome. Thanks!
  3. Did anyone from this thread end up trying BP? Likes or dislikes? Thinking of it for logic stage. Thanks
  4. Anyone trying it in the fall? The companion looks neat, as do some of the other supplements. Can't decide between that and Notgrass.
  5. Old post, but wondering if anyone has mixed Notgrass America the Beautiful with Biblioplan yr 3.
  6. in particular their American history looks really good. Any thoughts?
  7. Ditto to the above. We've been doing our own thing, but I was strongly leaning toward HOD for middle school and up. The specific guide Facebook pages lead me to believe there is lots of rigor and depth to the upper guides. The users seem very pleased. I love the idea of a plan set in place for the year (for our guide- the inventor study, etc). Is MFW more rigorous?
  8. Or, at least wait until high school to start? I remember reading an article about why study guides can sometimes stifle the student, but also wonder if they are required for high school? If you do use them, what age do you start and which vendor ( progeny, etc) is your favorite? Thank you!
  9. Well, I am in a similar quandary so I wanted to give input. I have a love/ hate with HOD. I hated The guides( and did my own thing) until we came to Preparing. It is still one of my boys' fav years. We have been doing our own thing again, but I am drawn to Rev to Rev for next year. as I write, I realize I am not much help. Will write more later....
  10. We love it! I printed out the experiment sheets and put together a binder with blank pages for notes ( that I write on a white board as I read). We pick and choose which experiments to do. I find that it's just enough, but we also have room for other science interests ( if we find some). We've used apologia and God's Design in the past. CKES is my favorite.
  11. Thanks all! Yeah, I am not sure how she meant it specifically, though she did imply that homeschoolers would not be receiving that "socialization". I chose not to engage in further conversation with her about it ( wasn't in the mood) but it did strike a sore spot with me. My dc are on the timid side so even though we participate in a lot of activities they seem to always stay on the outside. They seem very happy and content. I'm the one that worries a bit.
  12. I know the socialization subject has been talked through, but a comment from a friend prompted me to second think things. She asked if I was planning on homeschooling through high school. I replied that I didn't know, but sometimes worry that I'm not " up for it" ( probably whole other topic there). Anyway, she said " yeah, and what about socialization?" To which I replied they get ample social time. She said " but high schoolers need different socialization". Any thoughts?
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