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  1. I bought a large set of Pottery Barn dishes and worst mistake we ever made. They are destroyed! Like every rim has a chip. They started chipping immediately too. Opposed to our crate and barrel dishes that lasted forever and no chips.
  2. We got our first ever dog less than a year ago and now we have two and have become die-hard dog people! i knew I had very particular desires and I listed those out for myself first: - doesn’t shed, not smelly or overly drooly, fairly easy to housetrain, small (we have a 7 pound Cornish Rex cat and didn’t want a dog that would hurt or scare her), doesn’t require so much exercise or is overly crazy. Then I started searching based on those criteria. This web site is pretty good: https://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com/reviews/toypoodles.html spoiler alert - we ended up with toy
  3. My are light but can get long. I use the “trimmer” on my husband’s electric razor. That makes the hair super short and I only have to do it once a month or less. Much less annoying than shaving regularly, for me.
  4. I’m glad you trusted your instincts but sorry you have to keep looking! We had to walk away from a backyard breeder before we got our babies, when I was in the learning stage. What are you looking for in a dog? Maybe we can all help identify some breeds that you could look at? I love this stuff now that I’m a dog person, haha!!
  5. AnHonestly a three hour drive is nothing for the 15-20 years a dog can live. An ethical breeder will ask you a lot of questions. They will make sure you are a good fit for their dog and that it will be in good, safe hands, that you know about the breed thoroughly, etc. I’ve not known of a good breeder to advertise through the newspaper. I would go to the breed club’s site to find a good breeder. It’s not something you mess around with or you could be dealing with lifelong health and/or discipline issues. Another thing to consider - you want to have a good relationship with the b
  6. Definitely go to the breeder or have a friend who lives close do it. what breed of dog? We got toy poodles from two different reputable breeders. Both breeders are highly regarded and does full testing. I found a message board that is targeted at poodles and asked a lot of questions (including about specific breeders). That helped me so much and made sure I made a good choice. It’s very easy to end up with a bad breeder or even worse a puppy mill dog. We ended up getting our dogs from out of state both times (once used a puppy nanny and once used points to pick up). i couldn’t resist
  7. He will be six months old when we get him and I’d love for him to start getting used to his name before we get him. i think we are also supposed to put our scent on a toy and blanket and send it for him so he will get to know us before hand, which I think is a great idea!
  8. We are getting a platinum silver toy boy poodle! This is a huge deal because none of us has ever had a dog before and my kids have wanted one forever. He will be probably 7 pounds full grown. Weve so far narrowed the name search to one - Oliver (Ollie). But I want to make sure it’s the best name. So I’d love suggestions. I really prefer names with two syllables (or three would be okay too). I don’t have good pictures yet and we won’t get him for another month, but we want to settle on a name so the breeder can start calling him by it. Any great ideas?
  9. We shower every night before bed (always have) and yes sometimes we come home late but still do quick showers. in your case, I would be washing all the bedding as soon as they got up.
  10. They really are! They are cute enough that they look good dressed up, but they are also really comfortable (and I have finicky feet!)
  11. My very favorite flip flops are by Olukai in the color Bubbly. In fact, I just ordered my second pair (my other pair a couple years old had a strap coming undone -- I wear them daily for six months minimum). Otherwise, I'm thinking about buying a pair of slip-on Birkenstocks. But I really don't like doing straps up on shoes - I like slip on and go! https://www.zappos.com/p/olukai-ui-bubbly-sahara/product/8452450/color/530227
  12. I would be very wary of selling. Do you get a mortgage interest benefit on your taxes? If that goes away your tax benefit will go away. if the housing market is good, won’t the prices keep going up, making it really hard to eventually buy in again? I would just find another way. Side jobs? What about stuff you could do close to home. Might sound silly but even something like dog walking / pet or house sitting.
  13. I got broken capillaries too. I had the softest most gentle brush. No go for me.
  14. Depends what’s wrong. I had this happen last year - after an MRI, we discovered I had a torn disc and needed physical therapy where I worked on core strength.
  15. We are in S. California and got them 1.5 years ago. It was very worth it for us. We did shop around, and were able to negotiate prices based on what other (very reputable only) companies were able to offer. That got the price down a little. We ended up going with the company that actually did our roof -- that's super important. You want a company that knows roofs because you do NOT want to deal with leaks. On our taxes, I think we got back 30% of what we paid for them, so that reduced the cost of the panels a great deal. Our electric bills here are high though (and going up on a regular ba
  16. This sounds fabulous! I would love to read it when it comes out. Do you have an approximate date? Also, I’m not a kindle user - will it be easy to read even without one? Congratulations!
  17. What age are Great Courses appropriate for?
  18. Last year I bought the Amope kit from Costco (you can get it anywhere but it was the best deal there) and it has changed my life! My feet are healthier than they’ve ever been. Once they are in good shape, I just use it occasionally but I try to put cream on my feet before bed with socks over top. It’s been an adjustment sleeping with socks but has helped so much.
  19. My body can no longer tolerate alcohol but especially wine. The last couple times I had a small glass of wine (years ago), I couldn’t sleep, woke up burning up, headache, stomach issues, etc. so same type of thing. I just don’t drink alcohol anymore because I become way too miserable!
  20. I had a lot of favorites this year, but my most recent favorites were The Child Finder and Little Fires everywhere.
  21. This happened to me in the library parking lot a couple years ago. I was backed out but this woman backed out into me. She immediately apologized, said she was late for a meeting, etc. then she kept changing her story, said rental car insurance would pay but didn’t actually add the insurance until after she hit me so they said sorry, no. Her insurance company tried to scam us also and said in a parking lot, no one is to blame. We had our friend, a lawyer, get involved, and they agreed to pay half the damages. Honestly I really hate parking lots for this reason now. I am always on such high a
  22. I’m from Calgary and lived there until I was 27. I’ve been living in the US for 18 years now (North Carolina, Hawaii, and now San Diego my favorite)). I’m a dual citizen but I really wouldn’t want to move back to the cold climate even though there are some great things. But we are lucky because we have military veteran health benefits. Higher education is typically a lot cheaper in Canada also. I was just talking to my friend who still lives there and has a management consulting business. The employment has still not recovered in Calgary - it’s getting better but there are peopl
  23. Not required for Aduino, just like the idea of some cool electronics engineering for him. I'll look into that site - thank you! He was doing those snap circuits kits when he was 8 and loved them! He really enjoyed that process. He's also done some programming classes - Scratch was one. There was another I can't recall now. He did do a Lego technic kit (one of those big robot ones) a couple years ago. Right now he is ALL into taking apart Nerf blasters (that he buys at the thrift store) and modding them to make them better. We JUST got him a soldering kit (he's been begging for a while
  24. That’s the kit I was looking at. His dad would help him just doesn’t have particular experience in this area.
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