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  1. All the best to you guys. ❤️
  2. I moved the mesh covering to allow room for my lettuce to grow, and dd's chooks got in and ate it all! 😫 But there wasn't room enough for them to scratch it all up, so they should regrow. Luckily they are the loose leaf cos types.
  3. Yes, I got that one. I was also taught not to write as I spoke. To some extent, this was good advice. It was hard to have faith in it, though, when I pointed out published writers who wrote that way and was told that was different because they were published writers. Not much can be learned from people who consider repetitive testing a quality teaching method.
  4. How can you say that?????? !!!!!!!!!! Javert deserves to be sung by Philip Quast!
  5. We weren't allowed to borrow The Hobbit or the Asterix comics because we were girls...
  6. I always wondered about this when our school librarians were reading us award winning books. I *knew* there were better books available and the sight of that gold or silver sticker always made my heart sink. But then, they only read the book. They didn't discuss or provide context or anything, which makes any read aloud less alive than it could have been.
  7. *We* know that. The women I was speaking of don't.
  8. I think the YA genre became necessary because people's tastes in topics mature faster than their reading skills. I listen to a few book groups on Facebook, and there are women in their 20's and 30's, who consider themselves complete bookworms, who can't read Little Women and Heidi because they are too hard. What I find particularly interesting about that demographic is they then seem to fear moving into ordinary fiction, because they are afraid of what they might find there.
  9. I can't speak for everybody's kids, but my dd's love for tragedy in stories is absolutely because it gives words and lends solidarity to her and issues. The modern books with the 'seeing their issues in fiction' themes might depend, well, obviously on the quality of the writing, but also perspective. I imagine a NT person reading autism flavoured books to their NT kids is going to find it all more tragic than an autistic person reading the same books. That's rather more "hahaha, that's so me."
  10. I think the type of tragedy portrayed in books has changed. The orphan stories I read as a child didn't phase me in the least. (Nor did the cannibalism in 'For the Term of His Natural Life,' because I was a kid and didn't have mamma hormones!) Nobody I knew was orphaned or likely to become so. I think the type of tragedy stories that are written now are about topics that *are* happening to you or someone you know. My daughter loves Dickens and other tragic books *because* of the awful stuff.
  11. I've heard some of them myself, and I think they are genuine. They're from the demographic that know their lives are pretty cushy and want to atone for it by being liberal minded.
  12. My brother is running for parliament. He's had a few people tell him they like what he says, but won't vote for him because of his ear plugs. Most people mention them because they are concerned that other people will be prejudiced against him on those grounds, not because they are themselves.
  13. Housing prices are a form of disenfranchisement. Here, anyway.
  14. By the time a trial gets to sentencing, the time for being heard is already over. What do we get out of blaming victims for being traumatised by traumatic experiences?
  15. They're not considered noxious weeds, or I wouldn't plant them. They are often hated because they do spoil a lawn. According to people who feel good about lawns. I mostly don't.
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