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  1. No headache. I was just overtired. My dd took skating lessons for two years. She knows all her basic skills and a few half-rotation jumps. We loved it, but it was very demanding and expensive.


    But you are just "going skating" in the recreational sense, aren't you? I should take my kids again soon they like it.


    So, today's question...

    If God is not willing that any should perish, and it is by God's sovreignty that we are saved (no free will on our part), then why isn't everybody saved?

  2. Nobody drove me to anything. I am a big girl.

    ITA about no *man*. ;)

  3. Okay...

    You are agreeing with me while I am disagreeing with you...

    I am so confused!!!


  4. So, my Favorite History Buff, do you have any statistics on how many Presidents stumbled over the oath?? :sneaky2::Angel_anim:


    (I know it wouldn't include George Washington 'cause he didn't take one. ;))

  5. That was a very gracious response. :001_smile:


    How have you been?

  6. umm...

    I never drink the stuff :D

  7. Well, I did it. I couldn't resist.

    I posted a silly tag. :tongue_smilie:

    But somehow I think the mods will be understanding...

  8. You can have that thread killer title, I didn't want it anyways. I am going to think about your ideas and go get some sleep.


    BTW I have seen a few little boys in mohawks lately, I think they are cute. If my ds wanted one I would have no problem with it.

  9. :banghead: For your thread. I hope you were able to get some help before everything went down the tubes.

  10. :grouphug: I am sorry about the problems with the neighbors, Amy. I hope next week goes better for you all.

  11. :lol: Thanks for thinking of me :001_smile: Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. "Catch phrases" is a fun thread. What an excellent idea! I wish I could rep you for starting it.

  13. "Cream of Cr*p soup" Too Funny!! My crock pot is favorite kitchen appliance. Thank you for starting the group :001_smile:

  14. "No one can trash me without my approval" Excellent point! And on that note, I think it is about time for me to start that board break... :auto:

  15. AAH!! Don't sneak up on me like that!

  16. Actually I was picturing Audrey Hepburn at the Bistro in Funny Face :lol:

  17. At least it wasn't Pearl!

  18. BTW I just looked at your parenting book suggestions, and you posted some of my favorites :001_smile: Welcome to the board!

  19. Coming any time now: The inevitable "This is a HOMESCHOOLING board???" Newbie post. :lol:

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