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  1. He's beautiful!! BTW I just tried to PM you Remudamom but it says your box is full :(
  2. I posted on the networking board too, but I know this one is more active. I have been around the WTM forums for years. Some of you will know who I am :) I popped in tonight because I am considering a move to Ohio. One of my considerations would be the ease of finding a community for my children. I was wondering what the home school environment was like in the Coshocton county area, and whether there might be any active groups there. Thanks!
  3. I am considering a move to the Coshocton area on Ohio. Are there any active homeschool communities there?
  4. That was a very thoughtful and articulate post about the problems with self-identification. Well done!

  5. Do you suppose they like coffee? What if it was warmed in the microwave?
  6. Not a trick question, but satire. Last night was very entertaining.
  7. BTW Chucki it is wicked cold where I am also. I think we may be in the same part of the country ;)
  8. That's interesting. I admit I need to do more reading on the subject. TCOYF is on the book list ;)
  9. I am surprised also. I think everything has been said. We're just going in circles now.
  10. I am truly confused about the rules for jokes, innuendo, etc., in this forum. One man quotes an anecdote from Winston Churchill and people are offended. But discussion and references to TeA are okay? I am not saying that it bothers me. I'm a midwife. You would have to work hard to offend me. I am saying that I just don't get it. I am sorry to hyjack what was meant to be a light hearted thread, but can anyone explain?
  11. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/epoch Click the speaker for pronunciation ;) How is he saying it?
  12. We are taught that the time between ovulation and the first day of the next period is always 14 days. If you have a cycle that varies from 28 days the difference is in the beginning, not the end of the cycle. This means that if your LMP was 1/25, and you're having a 28 day cycle, you would have ovulated on 2/8. If you're having a 35 day cycle, you won't ovulate until 2/15.
  13. Chucki, you're still here? Can I get a refill? :D
  14. Oh my goodness, that's FRIGHTENING! If these mutant plants who have been nourished with irradiated water will kill other plants, then what else are they capable of???
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