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  1. Love it here as well. Tiny houses are awesome!!
  2. Sound like you were just being concerned parent. Which is all good in my book. I was a climber. I don't know about this parents situation. Possibly she does tell them not to, so they do it when she isn't home.
  3. I probably would. That I know of, bedbugs don't tend to hang on to people because of the warmth, tho they do in bags, etc. Maybe you can chat with them on the porch or in lawn chairs? Will they take advice from you on how to get rid of them?
  4. I haven't been able to get eggplant to turn out well. I've never eaten it anywhere else, so maybe this is just how it tastes. I never thought about grilling it.
  5. We tried the bathroom thing with our dog only once. The next day we were fixing the wood on the door. Lesson learned.
  6. We took the placement test and placed one on level and one ahead. It's a pretty good indicator of which program to to with.
  7. suh-mores (2 syllable) & smores (1 syllable acting like no appostrophe) -both of these here
  8. I don't think it would be awful to put hardwood floors upstairs. It's a great idea and easy to clean! You can always put down a few throw rugs where you think it would be loud. I prefer hardwood over the other options. Good luck!
  9. If your implying that I meant these things, then you completely misread my statement.
  10. Blossom'sGirl -Thank you for your review! We most definitely need the audio. I'll make sure to ask about the corrected version. mom31257 -Thanks for the info on the second printing. Hopefully all the kinks were worked out. :)
  11. No, I've never met any, but I'd love to! I also wish I could communicate with them, as I'd have a few words with whomever is eating my garden.
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