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  1. In the chilly house, the sweet sound of Lena Horne fills the room.

  2. Assuming you save shows to your list, when you look online in your account it shows when they expire under 'my list' - 'notes'.
  3. I would pack up and get out of there. Why stay with the possibility of something happening. Sounds like it was intentional.
  4. No, not interested. Like the Julie Andrews movie though! Seems like it is bunch of teenage pop stars trying to recreate a classic? From the news clips I catch of it.
  5. I'd go with the large. Socks tend to shrink in my dryer.
  6. Never unpack (just use things as needed from bag) Check for bedbugs Never go barefoot Always lock and bolt the door Know where the exit is When I go out I keep my key in my pocket instead of my purse I always request a room with the window front facing of the hotel
  7. My kids love the Mei Tai carrier! http://kozycarrier.homestead.com
  8. That's so sweet! Yes, I agree. There are good people on here as well as great advice!
  9. Yes, I usually plan it all out first, in my head. Then realize its just way too much to type.
  10. I thought this was going to be a poll. Lol
  11. I was so upset as a child when my siblings told me there was no Santa. In a very nasty was. I never got over it. Well, I shouldn't say never. I decided not to do that with my children.
  12. I suggest bringing wine (because it looks fancy... although I'd wish I brought beer) and a box of chocolates. If it was family gathering for holiday or backyard BBQ I would bring food and beer :ohmy:
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