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  1. Hey Gretchen! There is quite a bit up at the moment! Things are going well here and I hope things are well with you. Miss hanging out together!:)

  2. :lol:I am sorry that everytime you stop by no one is home.:001_huh: It will get better. There are too many of us away on vacation.;)

  3. It is ALWAYS nice to see you! :)

  4. I see you stopped by and no one was home. ;) It was nice to see you.

  5. Hello. I was thinking of you today. How are things?

  6. Great, I need your addie so I know where to send her! LOL! Boy, if you have any creative discipline ideas, I'm all ears. She is giving us a run for our money and I'm not sure how to react, especially when she is being outright disobedient! Help!:)

  7. Doing great! Just busy, but a good kind of busy! DD and I will be finishing up school this week and taking a break for June and then starting a few things up in July before we go full swing in the fall. I need to prepare for my Latin class soon, too. I'm teaching Latin Alive! in our local co-op this year! Hope you are doing well!

  8. Wow! Congratulations! Yes, I can believe it! Hope all is going well with your pregnancy!

  9. Hope you are doing well!

  10. Oh, I'll gladly adopt her, :) I'm always hoping for a new little girl around here. ;) 4 years, that's right; I forgot she was the older woman :D I'm sure she'll keep ds on his toes. That's good, it'll be my payback.

  11. Hey Angie! Yes, a baby, can you believe it? Hope you guys are doing well!

  12. Hey GS! So! What's your big news? Does it involve a baby??!! I'm dying to know!:)

  13. Hey there PJ! Nope, I'm not around here that much. I'm having too much fun learning to needle felt and knit. Combine that with gardening and all the exercise I do, my computer time is next to nothing. Life is good, though, and I'm not complaining! I DO miss you all and wish I didn't need sleep! I won't forget about our arrangement! If you want, you can have her now. I'm about ready to put her up for adoption. She has really been a handful these past couple of weeks! AH! 4 yo's!:)

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