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    My family shares 15 acres of farm & forest land w/ my parents & have a self sufficiant farm.
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    I am a part time WAHM as a postpartum doula and breastfeeding counselor for the USDA's WIC program.
  1. Are you still homeschooling? I checked out your blog hoping to get ideas for SOTW 3 and it looks like you haven't blogged history this year.

  2. It's an incomplete statement :) It's the title of a book, working on a project for a friend. The girl would be the subject... I think ;)
  3. The phrase "brave girl eating" I think it would be either: fortis puellae manducare OR fortis puella essum OR something else? Any help would be great, thank you :)
  4. Didn't know I was so loved :) Thanks ladies!! I am alive and OK, though thanks for your concern. My blog has been quiet- our class disbanded due to lack of interest this year and I am still working on starting history back up with my own kiddos. Once I do I hope to pick the blog back up. But I have two part time jobs on top of homeschooling, I have had a few health concerns myself and my middle child was diagnosed with autism this summer, so it had been a little crazy. Ah, so life goes. Thanks again for thinking of me!! xxoo
  5. Just checking in on you as I have not seen you around for a while. :) Praying for you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing so many resources with all of us!


    God bless!


  6. My 9yo and I are going to have three days in April in DC. Suggestions from those who have been there as to what our top priorities should be?
  7. As someone who is a conservative Orthodox Christian from a Protestant background and who has also READ the book I completely conquer with Justin's comments. It is a very simple (no deep theological edge) and it is actually rather NON conversational which is frustratingly ironic given it's controversy. It's too bad people are being deterred from it via online rumors. You really need to see the books for yourselves to see how well the curriculum is designed. I think PHP has hit one out of the park with TGS and I hope people will give it a chance. Well written post, Justin, I am glad you spoke up
  8. Today! Sorry for the confusion! I was "advertising" last week. Today is the giveaway!
  9. Check it out over at Chronicle of the Earth/Run of the Mill. Many thanks to PHP for their support! Good luck everyone!
  10. Brought to you in part by Peace Hill Press, you gotta' love those guys! Here is a link to the post at the Run of the Mill Family/Chronicle of the Earth blog. Give away post was posted TODAY!
  11. I had similar issues. Turns out mine was from constant mold exposure and low B-12 levels. Also I read that there is an over abundances of anxiety problems due to caffeine use. I'd say cut out caffeine and take some B-12 and make sure you don't have mold problems :) I am still reconditioning myself to the fact that I am no longer abnormally anxious. I got so used to it that I started getting anxious about being anxious. Hang in there. Hugs!
  12. grades 1-3, addition. Though I think I found them all and now I am onto subtracting (I have to make new fact cards and I don't have the old ones to refer to and I don't have my books!) for subtraction I have the subtracting zero, subtracting ones, subtracting twos, subtracting the doubles, subtracting using the doubles plus ones and subtracting using sums to ten. I think I am missing something there too though...
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