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    My family shares 15 acres of farm & forest land w/ my parents & have a self sufficiant farm.
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    western/central NY
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    I am a part time WAHM as a postpartum doula and breastfeeding counselor for the USDA's WIC program.
  1. Are you still homeschooling? I checked out your blog hoping to get ideas for SOTW 3 and it looks like you haven't blogged history this year.

  2. Just checking in on you as I have not seen you around for a while. :) Praying for you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing so many resources with all of us!


    God bless!


  3. Thank you so much for putting all that work into that master list! You are wonderful!

  4. The one thing I've always joked about is how they should have a manual of "social rules" upon returning stateside. I would love to hear more about what your mama found in her studies. Love your profile pic!

  5. Hey- third culture kid!!! My mom was apart of coining that term in the 80's. She worked in Boulder CO with families being sent overseas as well as families returning to the US and integrating back into the cuture. She made the first "movie" back in 1986 or so that used the term Third Culture Kid and it was geared to college kids coming back the US for college.

  6. Hi Macrina, welcome to the board! :001_smile:

    I am one of those recently banned, and I wanted to offer some reassurance. While there wasn't a warning, I did know the rules, and I knew I was pushing it. You can't accidently get banned, you almost have to want it. HTH :grouphug:

  7. Oh yay! I am glad you found me!!

  8. We are Orthodox too!

  9. Now you just have to start posting with me!

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