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  1. On television it's easy to see yourself in a character without race having to be a part of the story, simply by looking at the characters. In the publishing industry, some people believe that unless the character's race or culture moves the story forward, race or culture should not be mentioned. In our society, not mentioning race or color is not being neutral. It's basically mainstream, meaning white. So while the stories in ya fiction don't always include racial issues, the exclusion of race and culture is noticeable for children that are of color. Add to that the fact that the covers of the books are predominantly white, it solidifies the race in the readers mind without it having to be addressed. Consider the book Liar. Although the main character was a black female, the cover was a white female. I don't believe this was the first time something like this has happened.
  2. I had this happen to my thumb a little bit. A friend suggested gout from too much protein. I drank cherry juice and the swelling and pain went away within 24 hours. Michele's Miracle tart cherry juice concentrate. I don't know if I had the beginnings of gout or if just a lack of potassium. I don't get enough potassium and tend to swell. (Potassium affects metabolism and fluid balance.) The concentrate is filled with potassium. And it's delicious! Anyway the pain is gone, and my thumb is pretty much back to normal. I was trying to eat more protein for me, still not a lot by Atkin or zone standards, but more than I would normally eat. If you've been eating more protein, I'd look into the gout.
  3. I'm Ready!!!!!!! I'm doing some last minute cleaning so I can have a clear conscience when I spend 2 to 3 hours per day writing. I hope 2 hrs will be enough. Kim
  4. I'm doing it as a gift to myself. I have never actually done it during the month of November. Instead, I usually plan and then delay and then start over Christmas. But I did finish my book. My advice is to pick out a couple of hours that will work for you--one or two in the morning, one or two at night, one before the kids get up and one after they go to bed--and write. Another suggestion, if it works for you, is to outline or plot now so you can start in November. That is if you're that kind of writer. Most of my writing friends have an idea and then just write. I outline. I'm so excited. It's sort of my Christmas present to myself. Kim
  5. I'm praying for you and your family. I know this must be very very difficult. May God protect you.
  6. http://www.amazon.com/Mizani-Textures-Moisture-Stretch-Extending/dp/B003BK9OCG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1349381647&sr=8-1&keywords=mizanni+moisture+stretch My biracial daughter has really tight spiral curls down to her lower back. This is one of the products that I found as a leave in conditioner for her. Her hair isn't kinky though. It is more really curly and somewhat frizzy, but no kink. Just to be clear, my dd14's hair, if left natural, would grow wide as it dries, turning frizzy. With this stuff, her curls stay crisp, shiny, and vertical. My daughter's hair is gorgeous. Oh, and she uses this stuff when she swims 2 hours a day during the summer for swim team in a super chlorinated. Her hair does not break or anything. I, however, have kinky, really tight curls. And that product above allows me to wear my hair really short and natural. It dries sort of like a mousse (sp?) with crisp curls. I wash my hair, wet it, and put some of this stuff in it and let it air dry. I love it. I get a natural, soft, curly/frizzy afro. My daughter and I have drastically different hair and it works for both of us. HTH Btw, I buy this stuff at WalMart for about 20.00 a bottle. Imagine my surprise when I found it on Amazon for 11. Obviously I really like it. And for the reviews, this stuff doesn't flake if rubbed in. My hair is black and my daughter has dark hair too. We wouldn't use if it flaked.
  7. Some people, especially the children, have no way out. Single and double income families have to work. Homeschooling isn't an option for everyone.
  8. That was totally AWESOME! That was such a treat. Thanks!
  9. Down Girl and Sit. My 7 year old loved, loved, loved these books. From there, I had to bribe him to read other books because nothing held his interest like these books. Too bad there aren't more. Kim
  10. I understand, and I agree with you. The AP are worthwhile exams that are based on a classical education in the sense of what we try to give our kids. And there is worth even beyond that. If a student passes the AP exam, the parents save money and the child can skip the class. Also, many colleges teach a different worldview than what I do. They're way more liberal than I am. I'd rather my cover some of these issues with my child at home with an AP level class than a dual cred class taught by a professor with values different than mine. Also the colleges, for the most part, do value the results of these exams. I think it gives my child validation for what I do at home with them. Is it as important as the SAT or ACT? I don't think so. But every advantage that I can give my children is worth it. Will it hurt them if they don't do it? I don't think so. But, again, every advantage that I can give my children is worth it. So, again, I agree with you. Plus the information is just golden. I love the study of rhetoric and that is what this Language and Comp test covers. It covers critical thinking and the art of manipulation and all kids should take it, in my opinion, not just the accelerated college prep kids. Kim I have to disconnect. It's thundering and lightening here. :-)
  11. I guess everything one hears isn't true. :-) I can't argue for the common sense of what I relayed. I'm simply repeating the conversation. That was the discussion. As far as which colleges complain about students not being able to pass the class, I really don't know. Makes sense to me too. But some of the AP approved English Lit syllabi only have 4 or 5 complete novels as well.
  12. Yes, sorry I keep doing that. Saying grade instead of score. And yes, it doesn't bode well for the AP process if a student can pass that test but not pass a college level class. I think that's why the movement of (a few? some?) colleges in that direction. Maybe they assume the test by itself isn't enough.
  13. I spoke too general, maybe. However, I read and have in my sweaty little hands a binder filled with samples of AP essays, and I had 8th graders who had taken the LToW and could write an argumentative essay as well as many of the essays. The synthesis essay also, not hard. It's the rhetorical essay that's a little more difficult. That and the MC. I sat in a class with about 20-25 teachers from different schools and what I said was correct, but you're right that the test is rigorous. What I meant, should have been more clear, is that if following TWTM or CW or LToW with a little extra work, our students will be fine. It's definitely doable. Sorry for being dismissive of the rigor. It's just as homeschooling moms, I think we underestimate our own level of rigor. That's the point I was really trying to make. Hope that makes sense, :)
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