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  1. I'm not sure why you couldn't. We often use this stuff called "chik'n" in dishes I would normally put chicken in (like a taco soup) when I don't want to make double dishes b/c one of my daughters is a vegetarian (she does eat eggs, milk, fish). There are a lot of substitutes on the market besides just tofu - tonight I'm actually cooking a tofu pasta dish. It does need to be seasoned (marinated really) well. But it's good!!
  2. My kids did not feel like there was enough explanation with math mammoth. Sometimes they would get hung up on a problem and there just wasn't enough explanation in their book to explain how to get the answer. We are not very mathy people and I we found we needed more information than MM provided. We switched mid year to MUS and the kids were all very happy with the pace at which it moved and the level of explanation.
  3. I think I would be game :) I am in Houma and am willing to go to BR or the Tanger.
  4. 1. everyday many, many times a day 2. regular tap 3. i've had it about 5 months 4. Emeril's big easy bold amazon.com shipped monthly :)
  5. you could bake two whole chickens serve with sides and then use leftovers for a variety of things such as chicken quesidillas, chicken(fill in salad type mix) wrap; chicken enchiladas, chicken with garlic olive oil pasta; etc etc I do the same with a huge pack of chicken thighs - the chicken fits in anywhere this is a standard in my house :) smoked chicken or turkey sausage, 2 cans of fire roasted tomatoes (with pasta water added to complete the sauce), served over egg noodles or any kind of pasta really cook ground turkey, add salsa, refried beans - layer tortilla chips on cookie sheet cover with meat mixture, cover with cheese bake at 350 til cheese melts - add taco toppings
  6. I don't speak hebrew and cannot read it - although I know a few things :) but I'm thinking of purchasing this http://www.alephchamp.com/ we also use this - the little midrash says http://www.judaism.com/seriesdisplay.asp?USN=115 and supplement with crafts and lapbooks for holidays and seasons/special lessons we also are part of the pjlibrary - my children LOVE the story books. http://www.pjlibrary.org/ we live in a very NON Jewish area but i'm really lucky to have an abba who is willing to learn with us :)
  7. We also use OPGTTR for our "curriculum". My ds also uses Reading Eggs on a regular basis and I keep tons of rookie readers, hello readers, bob books etc on hand for him to read anytime, all the time. I read to him every night and he reads to me every night. In the beginning he just read the words he knew (a, the, him, we, etc) and it helped build his confidence. We used this for a long time. http://www.progressivephonics.com/ He really loved it but once he started to do "real" school at home, we switched to OPGTTR and Reading Eggs. It gave him a really good foundation. We could have stuck with it, but for some reason, I didn't. I don't know why.
  8. I just saw on their facebook page that Homeschool share will be removing their FIAR resources. So I just wanted to share that with y'all. Per their Facebook page: Homeschool Share The FIAR publishers have expressed their disapproval of the FIAR related resources at Homeschool Share: http://www.facebook.com/groups/22676170858/doc/10150402505830859/ The FIAR resources will be removed on Saturday, November 19th. I am asking that YOU remain silent on this issue, please. I do not want this to be ugly. It is what it is, and I need to remove the resources in order to protect myself from possible (not probable, but possible) legal ramifications in the future. Five In A Row Families Following the FIAR Homeschool Curriculum
  9. I've been recently trying to break my daughter of writing "this paper will", "I'm writing about" etc. in her papers. I keep telling her these are empty statements that state the obvious. Obviously you are writing a paper, obvously this paper has a point. Why are you putting that in your sentence? It just seems to have no place.
  10. I appreciate your comments and your value of the opinions of the wonderful homeschoolers of the Hive :) But if I had to walk away from the episode and say do I think the people involved in the interview supported homeschooling (besides the family who homeschools), I would have said no.
  11. The kids and I looked at this slide show yesterday and we agreed that their wedding was much more beautiful, meaningful, exceptionally wonderful than the British royal wedding. Everything was soooo GRAND!! It made us want to go and be there just to see it all!! She is so stunning!
  12. I thought they interviewed a great unschooling family BUT I don't understand why both "experts" they interviewed were obviously both not pro-homeschoolers. Voicing their concern over and over and over that homeschoolers were not regulated enough, tested enough and not socialized enough. It would lead any non-homeschooler who knows nothing about homeschooling to believe that we at the end of the day every child who comes out of the homeschooling way of life will have gaps in their education (as if public school children don't?) and will need remedial testing etc. You can say what you want with a smile on your face, but you could clearly see she (the main expert) was clearly against homeschooling.
  13. my youngest daughter is a junior girl scout this year and I'm so disappointed with the whole organization. She has a new leader this year who must also believe she is a drill sargeant :( I wish there was another girl empowering organization that my daughter could be involved in. All of her friends quit this year because they just didn't like being involved in it.
  14. I love team illuminate. I do not love all those creepy dance numbers and I really love large dance groups. The creepiness not so much. I like the trick bikers too :)
  15. UGH - I wish I could find your joy - sometimes our days are so wonderful but I find with five kids - I don't know what my school day is supposed to look like. Some days I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of cluelessness... :grouphug: I'm so happy for you!!!
  16. We are using Horizons K and my 5 yo is just loving it!! It's the first thing he grabs out of his box every morning!! If only all my children felt that way about math!! may the love affair last......:D
  17. you must have been overhearing the conversations (whining) i've been having with my husband!! i'm going to find this book NOW!!!
  18. my husband and my 14 yo dd use it and i def find it works better than any over the counter we've used for them. I'm not really sure why. I will say that they do follow the steps - the bottles are numbered. My husband loves it so much he's willing to pay for it - and that's saying a lot!!
  19. Disclosure as well: I'm a realtor (well I didn't renew my license this year but was a realtor for a few years). If you want realtors to show your house, you may want to consider paying the buyer's agent fee. In some areas (like mine) a realtor won't even consider showing a fsbo without knowing first that the owner will negotiate a commission (1 or 2%). I'm getting ready to list mine fsbo (for the same reasons you are) - and I will def. put a rider on my sign noting that I will work with buyer's agents (something like agents welcome) You could consider using fsbo.com, forsalebyowner.com or buyowner.com. These sites provide you with the guidance you may need in selling on your own. I found the house I live in right now on buyowner.com. Also keep in mind it's a good idea to fill out a property disclosure form. I'm sure you could find a good one online. I googled and found this one - http://red.state.nv.us/forms/547.pdf your state may have one you could google and find. I believe every state requires one. I'm pretty sure you could google for real estate documents and find them online as well. As far as pricing - check local transfers to see what houses in your area have been selling for to be sure that you list your house in a comparable price range or look at your real estate listings to see what they are listing for per square foot. for sale by owner. com has a free ebook. http://www.forsalebyowner.com/free-ebook.html Good luck!!
  20. they have a riverboat excursion that takes you from the riverwalk (aquarium area) to the zoo :) that would be a GREAT trip!! fun fun!! it's awesome to sail on the river like that!! your older kids will get a kick out of n.o. and the street performers!! you never know what you'll find int he square! sometimes dancers, jugglers, balloon artists - those ppl who paint themselves and stand there! haha sometimes there's a jazz band playing outside of cafe du monde and be prepared for a line outside of cafe du monde blahh but on a weekday maybe not. try to catch it on a week day. A saturday or sunday morning or afternoon the place could have a 2 hr wait!! The D-day museum should be a must for sure!! http://www.ddaymuseum.org/ Also - we LOVE to tour plantations - http://plantationadventure.com/ we have been to every plantation on this !! Oak Alley is amazingly beautiful!! We also really loved Laura! Plus the drive out to these places is really quite interesting if you're not from these parts :tongue_smilie: if i come up with anything else - i'll let you know!
  21. i'm not uber-religious BUT my dad is and we learn together occasionally and we have spoken about this story... and yes it is taught that way - acting out = consequences but I'd rather not speak further on it as I'm not as educated in Torah commentary as someone like Esther Marie might be....
  22. i live in houma, which is outside of n.o. but i have also lived in kenner and metarie so in the metro area :) let's see what i can come up with - if i were taking a day in the city with my kiddos - we would walk around jackson square, eat at cafe du monde for beignets and milk, coffee, listen to some street music and hopefully catch some street performers in the square, on st. anns in the square there's a placed called stanley's that has awesome, amazing food and soda fountain type ice cream soda's and shakes and stuff (i'm drooling thinking ab it!) the food there is really great. it's a lil pricey just as a side note. There's a lot of great art and stuff in the square to see as well The aquarium and the insectarium are right there as well There are also many museums and such while downtown there - This might help you - http://frenchquarter.com/maps/history.pdf be sure to catch a street car ride :) lots of fun! You could also spend a day at NOMA (new orleans museum of art) and then visit the adjoining sculpture garden and City Park. There's storyland there and like an amusement park. We don't do that (the amusement park thingy but we sometimes go to storyland. http://neworleanscitypark.com/carousel_gardens.html If you want to venture outside of N.O. you could do a swamp tour depending on your kids ages - or if you have a rental car or are driving you could take a few hours drive out to Avery Island - http://www.tabasco.com/tabasco_history/avery_island.cfm This is a lot of fun and my kids LOVE this :) There are tons of GREAT places to eat. It depends on where you are and what you like to eat - If you are out and about walking around - you could stop just ab anywhere and get really great food. PPL can recommend a lot of places but once you are here - there's great food just ab everywhere!! If I can be of ANY help feel free to pm me :)
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