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  1. We finished the older, combined FLL 1/2, and are thinking of moving to Easy Grammar. Should we move to EG: Daily Guided Teaching and Review for Grade 2 or EG 3? Thanks!
  2. We have really enjoyed and have learned quite a bit from many of the Ken Burns' documentaries out there. You might be especially interested in The Civil War, Thomas Jefferson, and Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery.
  3. Does anyone have a guess as to how long this program takes to complete? I see that it is for 6th to 8th grades, so will it take all three years? ETA: I just read some more and found the following, "Students create the content for their own magazine in one school year." So, I guess that it will take one year.
  4. I am thinking of using this next year with my dc ages 11, 9, and 7. I have a question about the student book. I have read that I can make copies from this book for my own children, or print from a downloadable pdf. The student book is almost 270 pages. Are all of the pages consummable? I'm trying to figure out how much each option would cost, but I need to know if I have to print or copy more than 800 pages. Thank you.
  5. How and when do you tell your extended family and friends that you are expecting another child? We are seen as "crazy" by most people around us because we have a larger family. Soon we'll need to tell them that our family is getting larger. I don't think that I can handle any more criticism, looks of pity, and shocked expressions. :eek:
  6. tammieb: thanks for your very helpful reply.
  7. I'm using this for the first time this year. Can I give it to dd to use independently? Also, I'm using it with WWS, so I'm plan on skipping the writing, outlining, and paragraph-related lessons. Will this work? Finally, what are your thoughts on using the worksheets and assigning tests? ETA: Dd has gone through FLL 4, so it looks like R&S 5 is mostly review.
  8. I'm looking for something to bind my 3-hole punched WW1 instructor pages. They have been in a 3-ring binder, but the binder is too bulky. I like the idea of a pronged folder, but they aren't wide enough to hold all the pages. I don't think that I can have it spiral bound because of the hole punches. If I'm remembering correctly, there used to be clear binder-ish folder things that we used to use for projects and presentations 15 or 20 years ago. They were made of flexible, clear plastic kind of like sheet protectors but thicker. I can't remember exactly how they bound, but they didn't have rings. I don't think that they had prongs either. I can't find them in local stores and don't know how to search for them online. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  9. My daughter took a Spanish class from a woman who lived in Panama and Mexico. She chose to use La Clase Divertida over Rosetta. She didn't like Rosetta for younger children. I can't remember any specific reasons, though.
  10. I'm hoping to find some good novels that follow the lives of our beloved P&P characters or at least their story lines (think Bridgette Jones). I don't want anything that would be X rated, BJ was almost across the line. Any suggestions?
  11. I've been wrong each and every time! My joke is that if I want to guess correctly then I have to go against my instinct.
  12. I've been reading lots of reviews for screen protectors and can't decide if I want clear or anti-glare. Has anyone tried both? My main objective is to protect my screen. However, last night I was watching a movie and I could see my reflection, which did get a bit annoying. I plan on using the Fire for quick internet access, reading, playing games, and watching movies - in that order. Opinions? Any links to specific ones that you have used and liked? Thanks.
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