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  1. The quilt is lovely, but I think it would look better without the shams, just some solid throw pilows
  2. Sounds like you've had a terrible time with this! It sure would have saved a lot of time and trouble if Guy 1 wasn't such a doorknob and could do his job. Do just get your husband to pick them up and just deal with it at the other store. They sound nicer, and more importantly, more capable! But (coming from someone who has an anxiety disorder and knows how can make things like this so hard) you may want to look into ways to build up your ability to deal with these situations.
  3. I'd be fine with that. I let my 9 and 6 year old go to the park on their own though, with a cell phone. We live in a pretty safe neighbourhood. But when I was 12, I'd take the kids I babysat (ages 6,3 and 1) to the park all the time. There always have been perverts around. It's publicized a lot more now, and people end up too freaked out. It really depends on the kids though. You know the responsibility level your kids have, so trust your gut there. Just don't let yourself be ruled by those irrational fears. That'll rub off on your kids and they'll be needlessly anxious. That's no way to live.
  4. The most unusual animals in my yard... my children. Yes, it's been one of those days!!!
  5. I got a Samsung French door bottom freezer one about a couple months ago. I love in most ways, except for that it's kind of loud at times. I'm not bothered by that very much though. I got the model that's last years on clearance. The salesman told me that their newest model is exactly the same, but without the ice bucket tray, and it's several hundred dollars more, so that might be something to look for.
  6. He's also done a great documentary: A History of Christianity. It's a 6 DVD series. I actually have it rented from the library at the moment. :)
  7. It's gone different ways for me at times. My beliefs aren't mainstream, as far as Christianity goes. For example, I don't believe in the trinity, and believe that Jesus will personally return to the earth and set up his millennial Kingdom. When I first started coming to these conclusions via Bible study, history did cause me to questions my conclusions. I felt like how could I believe something people so much smarter than I disagreed with? But as I studied more deeply, I found that actually there were several who came to the same conclusions along the way. And that my belief in the millennial reign of Christ was actually widely held for quite some time. Likewise with learning about Bible prophesy. I would find quotes of people predicting events to do with the nations that were based on Bible prophesy that would have been considered completely absurd at the time. So as I've come along these quotes I write them down, and it actually has become very strengthening to my faith.
  8. That's nice that it's fixed for so long! The longest I think I've seen here is 10 years fixed, so a person has to make sure they keep in mind that the rates will increase. Ours is variable for about 2.6%, but it would be nice to have that kind of stability to know it's not going to change!
  9. That may be a good rate, but if it stretches your budget so much for the interest rate to rise a little, you may be getting yourselves in too much debt. I wonder if it works different in the US than Canada? How long are you ensured that the rate stays the same?
  10. When my ds had it on his arm, he only got a few of them, and they went away on their own in a few months.
  11. I'm glad to read you're taking her in, especially as it's on her face. It might not be a wart, but molluscum contagiosum from what you've described.
  12. Okay, no offense taken. As a non-trinitarian, I'm sort of used to being treated rudely by some Christians and I guess I've become a little hyper-sensitive. I often feel between two worlds in the homeschooling community and it gets tiresome, especially as I love discussing Scripture.
  13. Yes, that's right, thanks for posting a link. To sum it up, I believe there's one God, the Father. And that Jesus Christ is God's son.
  14. How is this a "very trinitarian thread"? I was commenting on the Bible - specifically the phrase 'the word' in Jn. 1, as it related to the topic at hand. I didn't see a 'trinitarians only' sign. All translations have a bias, so I provided several to show that the personal pronoun in John 1 was indeed a biased translation and could be understood in another manner, as was relevant to the topic at hand.
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