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  1. I will also admit to wanting to come in and support her, but then was afraid that people would pile on me. So I didn't. Now I feel sorry that I didn't find the emotional energy to do what I knew I should have done.
  2. I agree. But I can see why she left. Her words were being picked apart. I think often when we write something out, we don't have the time to make the full nuanced points that we could make if we were talking face to face. This means that we understand our own writing as nuanced because we live in our head, and then only later realize that we have written it in a way that came across poorly. If you can get in fast and clarify, you have a chance to turn it around. But sometimes, if you walk away for 20 minutes and there is a gang up, you have lost your chance. I just think it is the nature o
  3. Cool! I feel a bit, Deb, that you are cross with me (I think it was the 'gasp' word). Feels a bit funny to defend my honor, but I think you could ask anyone on this board, and they would tell you that for the 12 years I have been here, I have never been a pot-stirring type of person. I consider myself quite open to new ideas but I am also willing to discuss things that maybe are not PC. This goes back to Not-a-Number's point that not all of our opinions align with typical divides. I have lived in a different culture for 25 years, so often see things differently than Americans do. But civi
  4. Thanks for that. We also don't seem to train enough doctors, but most of our expert doctors are either from India or from Germany it seems in my experience. Right now our medical schools have special programs to get a larger intake of Maori and Pacifica so that the doctor pool is reflective of the population, which currently it isn't. Interesting point about it being a military hospital, I had not considered that. We don't have those here.
  5. No, I even put in that I prefer female doctors, so I understand why he may prefer male doctors. But to expand my comment, I actually found the photo jarring because they were all wearing white lab coats, all had their hands crossed in front of them, and all were white in a country that is only about 50% white, right? (I'm in NZ). Here most of our most advanced doctors are Indian. Almost every specialist I have ever had was Indian. So, from my point of view, the photo felt odd, staged. My takeaway was that whoever is in charge of WH media, was not creating a photo that made me feel better.
  6. Did anyone else notice that the photo of all of Trump's doctors was a photo of about 20 white males. I can't see how that hospital only hires white males. I found it really jarring. I know that I prefer to see a female doctor, so I can understand if Trump only wanted male doctors, but there were just a LOT of them.
  7. They are saying surface transmission. Because the rooms are not being serviced, each person is required to remove their own rubbish. There is a shared bin with a lid. There was a sign asking people to hand sanitize before and after using the shared rubbish bin with the hand sanitizer that was right there. But it looks like that didn't happen. They are not saying aerosol, so I am assuming that it was quite some time between each using the rubbish bin, but no one in between because how often do you remove your rubbish? These people were in the lighter quarantine. In the strict quarantine faci
  8. NZ just identified a trash can as the vector. 2 cases completely linked genomically, both staying in the lighter version of quarantine because the positive case had a false negative. CCTV shows the only interaction was the trash can. sigh.
  9. Continuing with the conservative ideal post, my family shows a lot of personal responsibility: My parents (80 years old) - have not seen or interacted with anyone in person since March. My sister (the teacher) - has a compromised immune system but is a teacher who is required to teach in person or lose her job. So she wears a mask, goggle, a face shield, a microphone, a headset, a lab coat, and drinks her lunch through a straw so she doesn't remove her PPE. When she comes home, she strips at the door, puts her clothes in the washing machine, and takes a shower before seeing her husba
  10. I am very liberal, but because I have conservative family members (not Trumpian republicans), I have worked very hard through deep reading to understand the core foundations of that worldview. My father is one of the widest read individuals I know, and he is conservative. He worldview is based in logic. If I can deeply understand why someone thinks a certain way, I can better explain my own viewpoints and also come to compromise.
  11. Kind of off topic, but I would have to disagree. When we went into lockdown (generally considered the strictest in the world outside of China), we were hardly testing at all. We have no idea how many people were positive. And now we are finding 'historical' cases 5 months later that are still testing positive that had not been recorded, so we know there were a lot. Princeton did a review of NZ's approach just recently, and named 3 things that gave us the edge: 1) a strong social contract, 2) Our Chief Doctor was an excellent communicator, and 3) Jacinda Ardern was an excellent commun
  12. I'm definitely NOT trying to suggest that non-island nations could have done an elimination strategy. I was trying to say that there is a team approach and an individual approach. Some countries like Vietnam, Mongolia, South Korea, Germany, NZ, and Sweden basically took one approach and ran with it. Other countries didn't for many different reasons. From the outside, it looked like America was divided about these two worldviews, and then each went to an extreme side of their beliefs as the debate got more heated. However as I see it, individual responsibility is a conservative ideal but it
  13. I get a different viewpoint from Al Jazeera.
  14. Well, emotive words are never helpful. But they flow out of these two different worldviews where each side refuses to see the other's arguments. I might also mention, that Bagels may feel meh, because she has had some serious tragedy in her life, so may have worked hard to reduce her emotional load.
  15. I think it is liberal/conservative because it is about whether we act together as a nation and a team or whether the individual is empowered to make decisions appropriate to them. This is kind of the heart of 2 different worldviews mostly identified with the 2 different political parties in the US. I'm in NZ and definitely like the team approach, but there is an intellectual argument to empower the individual like Sweden has. Without getting political and acting as an outside observer (I immigrated to NZ 25 years ago), it seems that the USA has struggled with covid because they did not e
  16. haha. Sure! Been a while! My son was such a perfectionist that he just wanted to find *the* answer for an essay, rather than just pick a side and defend it. So I created this game that we played every day before we sat down to write. The goal was speed and laughter. Step 1: I would pick anything, and ask "why is your dresser the best dresser?" In the beginning I picked things he might have an opinion on, but then I moved to funnier more obscure things "why is the wall paint colour the best colour?" More advanced might be something aesthetic, "why is that piece of art the best
  17. Ok, looks like this is only true if the electoral college has voted. If they have not, then the Party chooses the presidential candidate that the the electors will vote for. Could be Pence, but doesn't have to be. Electoral College votes December 14, so quite a few weeks after the election. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/10/02/what-happens-election-if-trump-cant-perform-his-duties/
  18. found it https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/10/02/were-final-stages-presidential-election-what-happens-if-candidate-withdraws-or-dies/ what the procedures would be were the president to become incapacitated in two situations: before the election or if he wins and becomes incapacitated before Inauguration Day. The national organization for the Republican Party is known as the Republican National Committee (RNC). In the first scenario, the RNC would have the power to replace the party’s nominee for president. The RNC has 168 members — three fr
  19. It was in the Washington Post this morning, but I can't seem to find the article now. Maybe someone else can weigh in.
  20. No, I'm talking about something else. If the president dies before the election and it is too late to change the ballot, then the party chooses the candidate, and we vote for Trump, but know that we are actually voting for someone else. But if he dies after the election but before inauguration in January, apparently the party chooses the president. I had assumed that Pence would be automatically promoted to President, and he would choose the VP, but that is not what I am reading. Does anyone have clarity on this?
  21. I don't have a problem with the party choosing the presidential *candidate* that will go on the ballot for us to consider. I do have a problem with them choosing the *president* after we have voted for someone else who died.
  22. I'm particularly bothered by the idea that I am voting for a party, and if their candidate dies but still wins, the PARTY chooses the president. That is nuts.
  23. Secretary of State ETA: ha, got it wrong. So much for my 30 year old knowledge from high school government class!
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