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  1. This happened to older ds this spring. He got 2 A+s (One the highest score in the class), and 2 As. They will all go down as a Pass. 😞
  2. The wool filters used in the NZ masks use a specially bred sheep that increases the electrostatic aspect. Not just any old wool. They were tested to be similar to an N80. The ones we found have a cotton outer that is washable, and wool filter inserts that you can use for about a week and then dispose of. You buy the outers separate from the wool filter inserts so you can buy a pack of 10 inserts. But there are many different brands that are using the wool filter, so they have different constructions.
  3. They are available online, and NZ post is now working again. You should be able to get them.
  4. Yeah, I've seen you guys talking about them, but haven't really paid attention because we don't need them here. But now, I'm off to go find one. Interestingly the N95 masks here in NZ are not available in their online stores, only in the in person stores. My guess is that they were being sold out from international purchasers, and there are tradies here that need them. Hence, the in store only option. I'm curious if that is true for a pulse oximeter too.
  5. My ds always did way better on the tests he did in a quiet room by himself (my friend is a law librarian who did the proctoring, and gave him a room in his library.) When he would take a test in a room with lots of kids, he would not be able to focus nearly as well, and his scores suffered.
  6. yes, very. We either need to ask if they are allowed in the dorm room, or just not ask and use one. I know that they cannot have tea kettles or microwaves in the dorm room, but perhaps they will make exceptions for mask sterilizations. I'm wondering if I ask. hmmmm
  7. Yes, my sister order some for her, and routed them through us so we could try them. They do feel a bit like a wool scarf over your face. 🙂 I don't think they will work for him.
  8. All good ideas, Pen. In the past, it is the bacteria that is trapped in razors and violin cloths that has caused the acne. He has never worn a mask, as NZ never suggested or required them. My dh is going to go buy some disposables today and have ds try them out. As for travelling, he won't have to wear one on the NZ flight to CA because no one will have it. But he will wear one in the airport in CA, on the direct flight to Boston, in the Boston airport, and in the taxi to his dorm. Then he goes into quarantine for 7 days. So he will need to wear it for 12+ hours on his trip over. As for the dorm, my understanding so far is that ds will be allowed 3 other people in his bubble of no masks. All others at MIT that he interacts with will have to be through a mask. So yes, I'm guessing he will be wearing one a decent amount. However, he does study an awful lot, and that is by himself in his room. He is not the type of student that works in groups. My dad just suggested a thermometer.
  9. We have gotten him a special silver impregnated cloth for his violin hickey which was getting infected and bleeding. So perhaps we could find him cloth masks impregnated with silver.
  10. Does anyone have good information on home sterilization of disposable masks. We have been doing some internet research, but just curious if someone else is studying this. My ds will be leaving NZ for Boston in about 6 weeks. He has struggled with acne for years and has it under control, but I'm thinking disposable masks are the best bet. I can get surgical masks at the grocery store (on sale because no on here wants them), and the P2/N95 masks at the hardware store. He could use the surgical masks everyday, and the P2/N95 masks when on airplanes or in crowded areas he can't avoid. We are thinking he just loads up his suitcase, but it sure would be nice to be able to reuse them. We've looked into H2O2 misters (only commercial), UV light (not finding anything portable and cheap), and heat treatment in an oven (we have heard that all the dorm kitchens will be closed). So I'm open to suggestions.
  11. My nephew's highschool in VA is for half the students Monday and Tuesday, deep clean Wednesday, and half the students Thursday and Friday.
  12. Our director of health has said that NZ is closely watching the Australian situation. I wonder if they have had a firm talking to with the security guards! We now have the military running the facilities because they have way more experience with complex operations than bureaucrats. I'm feeling very lucky that the border bungle for us two weeks ago was only 2 women who were allowed to leave on compassionate grounds without a test and later tested positive -- and they basically interacted with no one. But it created so much angst, that the government is now being way way more careful. Add to this Australia's experience, and we might be able to avoid something bad happening. We currently have 22 known cases in the quarantine facilities.
  13. Thanks for the info in driving, the main problem I have is understanding how the *restricted* NZ licence maps to the US laws. And I'm guessing it would vary by state. So if he were to drive to NZ on a restricted NZ licence, he would pass through many states, all with different laws. I think he needs a US licence. I don't think he can get one very easily especially not while studying during the term (MIT is kind of hard academically). As for the waiver, I'm referring to a waiver to stay in the dorms when they send the other kids home. MIT was pretty strict on this and only accepted about half of the requests last March. I'm not sure if ds's reasons (distance and time zone problem) is a reason enough to give him a waiver to stay in the closed dorms. Nor am I clear if that would be a very great option for him. I think he will have to get them and figure out what the living arrangements feel like with all the restrictions of masks and social distancing.
  14. when is the new secured credit card going to be available?
  15. It's me. Yes, I'm eligible and they have kept my records through many computer upgrades. So I didn't even have to prove my eligibility when I got the insurance on the violin. DS told me at 6pm one night that he had 3 violins to try our that were lent to him and currently sitting in his room. We are talking $30,000 of violins in a DORM ROOM! I just about had a heart attack. And he knew he signed for something, but didn't know what!?!? So I did a mad desperate search for someone to temporarily insure these violins and my dad told me to call USAA. USAA was *awesome* and they got it done and had them insured within 4 hours, starting midnight that night.
  16. Yes, I was wondering about some of that too. Main problem as I see it is avoiding the virus. I'm thinking at this point that a direct flight from San Fran to Boston is basically his only risk, and I have bought him a pack of N95s and goggles for the flight. He can't get it on the international flight because it is leaving with people out of NZ who don't have it. Then he walks in his dorm room and goes into quarantine. Seems the best bet for starting the term off well.
  17. haha. So hard to keep everyone straight on the board. We moved to NZ 25 years ago, and we and our kids are dual citizens. This is how he can get into the US right now when the visa offices are closed, and how he will be allowed back in to NZ when only allow citizens can enter.
  18. I think I will go after the USAA credit card. I bet that is a good choice no matter where you live. I keep forgetting that they will work with my ds because his grandfather was an officer.
  19. My ds is a dual citizen. Most internationals are not. MIT is 10% internationals for undergrad.
  20. Yes, but he has decided to go live with my sister. He can take a train from Boston to VA. He feels more comfortable with that arrangement, and he really likes his 17 year old cousin. His cousin will be at school 2 days out of 5 in the fall, so he will be around the house a lot too.
  21. DS has a bank account, but not a credit card. I will fight for that again. I think Dreamergal's point is true, he needs to establish credit. We do have a US bank account and credit card. Our credit card is technically not allowed because we don't live in the US, but so far they haven't come after us. So I think we could co-sign.
  22. Just saw the part about the international friends, that is actually a huge problem. Most internationals cannot return because their visas have run out and there is either a huge backlog to get new ones or there is a block on their countries. The other MIT kid from NZ has this problem and will be unable to return to MIT because he does not have a valid visa. So ds is trying to organize to live with Americans who are already in America. They are much less worried about a place to run to because they can just go home.
  23. Yup, he is trying to organize that too. The wing of his dorm has an open googledoc for the lists of all the people planning to rent or go into the dorms. But we are still waiting on MIT to tell us the specifics which come out next week. So we are really in a holding pattern until then. It is going to get very hectic next week, so I'm trying to get my ducks in a row. So that we have clear plans laid out for whatever the option is that they give us.
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