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  1. This is basically all I eat except for I season with some meat in most meals. I am gluten and dairy intolerant. Plus very low salt and sugar. Last night: chicken and bean tacos with my own seasoning so little salt. I didn't have the cheese but rather used avacado for fat. We buy the ingredients for taco seasoning from a bulk store and mix our own low-salt variety in quart size batches. Taco seasoning is great on everything! Night before: Stir-fry with salt free chicken, with TONS of vegis, seasoned with onions, garlic, and ginger. My family added some soy sauce to theirs. I eat it over wild rice because it is less dense than brown/white rice. I buy wild rice in bulk, cook it in bulk, and freeze it. Then I just take out the portion I want. Wild rice does take over an hour to cook, so cooking it in bulk saves time and energy. Before that: Chili with salt free meat and salt free tomatoes. I bulk it up with onions, peppers, and beans. I make my own crackers out of masa.
  2. I can't eat much of the meat/chicken in the USA because they inject it with salt. I end up having mostly a vegetarian diet and then spending the extra money to buy salt-free meat, which in the US means that it is typically organic. They inject the meat with salt so it holds more water and they can sell it for more. Besides that, I use regular recipes but buy salt free can goods, and don't add any salt to any dish. I do not season with soy sauce, tamari, fish sauce, or any seasoning pack. I season with my own mixture so I can control the salt. For cookies, cakes, muffins etc, with American cookbooks you simply cut the salt AND sugar in half. The two balance each other, so you have to cut both and you won't notice a difference. Also, baking soda is super high in sodium. So I use baking power and just accept that some things won't be a puffy. I do not buy processed products, like humus, salad dressings, or pasta sauces, but rather I make my own. I do not eat cured hams, deli meats, pickles, olives, cheese, because they have too much salt that really can't be removed. I don't eat soup. Soup is incredibly high in salt, and if you make it low salt, it doesn't taste all that great to most people. Kind of like bread, it has to have salt. I can't eat bread, but my husband makes all our bread so he can cut the salt. Store bought bread is very high in salt. I make masa cakes every morning for breakfast (and freeze the extras), and add only a pinch of salt for 2 cakes. I drink a lot of water. At restaurants, I eat mostly salad because all food in American restaurants is salty by design, and they can't remove it even if you ask. But make sure that that 1000mg does include some iodine. I make sure that I use iodized salt, not sea salt, when I do use salt. Basically, I make my own food from basic ingredients and sit at about 1000mg per day. This effort plus dropping my sugar to 10g per day has gotten rid of my agonizing leg pains.
  3. With a r value of 1.2 or 1.3, they said the numbers would double every 10 days. They are aiming for the 90% double vaccinated within 1 month. First vaccines in Auckland are at 88% I think, so they think they can make it. Once Auckland hits 90% double vax, they will reduce restrictions, but keep the strict border until the rest of the country catches up. Right now there is still no covid at all in the bottom half of the North Island and none in the South Island.
  4. NZ news has not reported any serious side effects from Pfizer. Australia was/is using AstraZeneca which has more problems, but I don't think it is available in the USA.
  5. We finished the night with 2.6% of the entire population, and 3.2% of the eligible population (>12yo) that showed up today to get vaccinated. A very good increase!
  6. I've been watching the vaxathon TV live on and off today, and they are highlighting the baker bringing down the donuts to give away, and the Pacifica community teaching people how to dance, and Taika Waititi offering anyone vaccinated today a chance as an extra in his next movie. All the mayors, MPs, CEOs of all parties are out promoting events. The vaxi taxis and jabin wagons have driven out to the rural areas. It is just a party all over the country. And so far there is only one antivax protest nationwide that they are reporting but only in the small print. All the News channels and websites are just running pro-vaccine articles all day. 4:15 we are at 2.2% of the entire population of NZ showing up to get vaccinated. 5pm we are at 2.4%!!
  7. Today is NZ's vaxathon. 🙂 The government is trying to get the numbers up from 82% to 90%, so the entire country is focused today on just this one thing. All major political parties are out campaigning for it, plus athletes, actors, general famous people, Māori, etc. And then all the businesses are giving away free stuff - so KFC is vaccinating and giving away free chicken. And AirNZ is vaccinating in their airplanes, etc. They are even running an old-fashioned telethon on TV, and one on Māori TV too. So far the numbers are awesome. 1.7% of the ENTIRE population of NZ has shown up to get vaccinated by 2pm, and we have 5 hours to go! 2:45pm we are at 1.9%! Apparently all the digital signs on all the highways all over the country are advertising to go get vaccinated. And there are people on the side of the road with signs offering free food and party hats. LOL. 3:10pm we just hit 2%! A gardening store is giving vaccines with a tomato plant to take home. 🙂
  8. Well, let's be clear that we are at 80.2% of the eligible population with one vaccine, and vaccines have only been available to people under 55 for about 6 weeks, and they initially reccommended a 6 week lag, so people are only now getting the second. So they are expecting the 59% with 2 doses to get up to 80% within a month. The rural areas are lagging, Auckland and Wellington are over 90% eligible vaccinated with 1, expected to all go and get their second this month. They have mandated that all teachers and health care workers plus staff in those locations must be fully vaccinated by Jan 1 so that will up the numbers. They are also implementing the vaccine certificate requirement for all large venues starting November 1, and are still deciding on restaurants and bars. And our certificate is not forgeable because we have a national health care system and the certificate will give the scanner a QR code to verify. Basically, we were off with a late start to vaccination because of India deciding not to export earlier in the year because of their own outbreak, so we are currently working as fast as we can to get to 90% double vaccinated by December. We currently at 105% of the planned rollout. As for the outbreak, it is still contained in Auckland. Luckily they caught it in two nearby localities before it spread, and we are not getting cases outside of Auckland. So ONE city of 1.6 million people with 71 cases today. They believe the r value is about 1.2 or 1.3, so they know it will grow, but they are preventing an r value of 6 through all the restrictions in Auckland. The rest of the country has only really 2 restrictions: masks required in public indoor areas, and gatherings are under 100. The problem with Auckland is that it is now in 3 gangs who aren't very forthcoming about who they have interacted with when talking to contact tracers. So the government doesn't feel like stricter lockdowns will help because the groups it is spreading in won't follow them. But on the good side, one of the chief gang members just got vaccinated on TV to encourage his gang to get it done. It is a business after all. Basically, Auckland is holding it back, but barely. The rest of us know it is coming so are very motivated to get vaccinated. My suburb is now at 93%. I am feeling very positive.
  9. Yes, she was 4'11" and 95 lbs. The force when it deployed permanently bruised/severed the spinal cord. The point is that she is just a very unusual case -- air bags save way way more lives than destroy them. But all you have to do is focus on her misfortune to build up the case against them. This is exactly what the antivaxers are doing. Focus on the 3 deaths from vaccines rather than the 200,000 lives that could have been saved. I listened to a podcast once years ago called "the case against empathy". And his point was that when we focus on individual stories of woe rather than the numbers and facts, we make poor decisions. We need to be cold and purely logical with some of our decision making.
  10. Can't quote in the quote. But I'm responding to this: My point was that the rare circumstances like that don't dictate what is the safest choice overall. To make other people think that the rare tragic cases are what they should base their choice on rather than the much more common tragic cases My niece is a paraplegic because of an airbag. I'm sure if people focused on cases like hers there would be strong opposition to installing them in all cars without consent. People simply can't understand risk.
  11. When it comes to vaccines, you are *choosing* to accept the risk by proactively accepting the shot. When it comes to getting covid, that is just being unlucky. The mind is a funny thing because it doesn't see the complete risk profile of each choice. It is kind of like the psychology of opting in vs opting out, just a strange quirk of how our minds perceive of risk.
  12. It is also gluten free, dairy free (if you skip the cream), vegetarian, and OK for diabetics if you don't make it too sweet! Best dessert ever! 🙂
  13. There is a very easy but elegant dessert you can bring. Coconut cream chocolate mousse (with cointreau if you drink). Easy peasy to make. Melt chocolate in a pan in a pan of water, stir in coconut (and cointreau). Pour into fancy glasses (I use fluted champagne glasses but you could use brandy glasses or whatever). Then you buy cream you have to whip so it seems authentic not spray can, but then you just dump out half of the container (save for later), and shake the half in the container until it is ready to spoon on. And buy a punnet of blueberries/raspberries to sprinkle on top. So easy, but seems incredibly fancy with the presentation and coconut milk. If you use quality dark chocolate, you can add a bit of sugar to sweeten it a bit. ETA: lol, I didn't read past the first post. Sounds like there is more going on. Good luck!
  14. In good news, my city (Wellington) has hit the 90% target of 12+ for first doses. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/126608294/covid19-wellington-citys-eligible-population-about-to-hit-90pc-vaccine-coverage-for-at-least-one-dose
  15. They announced two days ago the planned (but not finalized) reopening of schools on the 18th Oct. But there has been a lot of pushback by the teachers. Auckland is in a phased reopening and they have said they are signalling plans but not keeping a strict time table as it will depend on the numbers of cases and vaccines.
  16. In a strange twist of fate, I think that with the gangs getting it and being less able to be controlled through public health measures, that there is going to be a lot of fear and thus motivation to get vaccinated. So imagine, we have had no covid for 15 months, and then you see every day in the news how it is creeping towards you. You know exactly where it is and the rate it is moving. It is not in your city, but it is coming and you don't have a lot of time. People are very motivated to go get vaccinated who might not have been if the reopening had been more controlled and planned. So this bit of serendipity may drive our vaccine numbers way higher than they would have been otherwise.
  17. Eligible is currently 12+, and they are expecting to go for 5-12 by Christmas. Modelling has suggested that 95% of current eligible people is required to suppress this thing with under 12s being unvaccinated, but obviously they are saying as close to 100% is what is better. They are also very clear here that it is not an *average* of 90+% that they are after, they want that 90+% evenly distributed geographically and racially, because they know that pockets of poorly vaccinated areas will spread it. In addition, no one here is under the illusion that kids don't get or transmit it. Schools are still closed in a city of 2 million people that has 39 cases (and that number is with wide, massive testing and contact tracing, so they don't think there is any more). So we are way way way more cautious than the USA.
  18. It's now in 3 gangs, who as you can imagine are not super keen to get contact traced. The government is working with the gang bosses and has given 2 of them exemptions to cross the Auckland border to mediate. Also, looks like it is now outside the second lockdown zone, so there is a massive push to get the whole country vaccinated in the next month to 90+%. Lots of inter-party cooperation, and they are having a single weekend where the entire country will focus on just vaccinating. They asked all of us waiting for 6 weeks between doses to get the second dose immediately (but still 3 weeks apart), so my second is now tomorrow. The move of the virus will still be slowed down/stopped by public health measures and lockdowns, but the focus is now on vaccination as the gangs will spread it. Looks like our 15 months of covid free life is about to end. But they have stressed that this is NOT a let-it-rip strategy. They are still calling it elimination because no covid will be tolerated, but it is not longer eradication.
  19. Yep. For Pfizer. My understanding is that the UK was desperate earlier this year, so extended the Pfizer dose out to give more people first doses, and then they found that it was more effective than 3 weeks. So since NZ is running behind, we are using all the knowledge learned from overseas to do the most scientifically sound policy. So 6 weeks gap for us.
  20. Ok, first stick has been announced. Starting in November people must have an electronic certificate to prove double vaccination to enter any large scale events, and possibly/likely all hospitality venues (bars, restaurants etc, they are still deciding the details). They will not be required for essential services like grocery stores, chemists, doctors. So Jacinda said that if you are planning on any summer festivals, you need to get vaccinated now, because it will be 8 weeks until your certificate will be valid (6 weeks between doses plus 2 weeks after 2nd dose) and summer is around the corner. We have a single public health database, so there will be a barcode on either your phone or your printed form that will be confirmed at the entrance. So not really an easy way to forge your certificate. For people without phones, their doctor/pharmacist can print the document.
  21. It did get into a gang. But the PM and the Director of Public Health stated at their 1pm briefing a couple of days ago that the gang had been cooperating. And then it has never been mentioned again.
  22. The goal is 90% for 12+ people. We are currently at 83% in Auckland and 76% everywhere else for first doses (more like 46% for second doses). But because we only ramped up vaccination one month ago when we finally got supply, they are assuming all the first dose people will get their second doses in the next 2 weeks (we have a recommended 6 week gap). It is the last 10% that they are fighting for. They want 90%+ nationwide and distributed equally between localities and ethnicities, and all political parties and tribes and churches are pushing the same thing. They have announced that only vaccinated people will be allowed to enter NZ when we open up in January..
  23. They are not sure yet, but they are doing the genome testing now. Governments has changed tacks slightly. They are going for the aggressive stamp it out, but they are no longer expecting that they can get back to zero. Looks like it is a race between vaccines and the spread if they want to avoid keeping Auckland in lockdown, but they have been very clear that this is NOT a let it rip policy. It will continue to be an aggressive stamp it out approach. There was such a big push on vaccines a month ago, that all the second doses are coming up in the next 2 weeks, so our double vaccinated numbers should soar to about 78%. Then it is the long, hard fight to get the hesitant vaccinated, and the government is announcing its carrot and stick approach today. We are still at about 20 in the hospital nationwide and no deaths in 15 months.
  24. Looking bad. Covid has slipped out of Auckland into a small town nearby, and now a taxi driver in Auckland has tested positive. Announcement in a few hours.
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