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  1. I used mathematics: a human Endeavor during the preA years. It is definitely out of the box, and super fun.
  2. So to put your mind to ease with at least one school: MIT has only invited back the seniors into the dorms, and most of the seniors are not choosing to accept. Very few students are choosing to move to Cambridge to live in apartments -- most seem to be choosing to work from their home state. Classes are online even for those in the dorms unless it is a lab/hands-on class. No student living off campus is allowed on campus to take in-person classes. Dorms have closed kitchens, dining halls except for carry-out, commons rooms, and only 1 kid per room. Students on campus are required to get a covid test 2 times per week, and there is a quarantine dorm. MIT is being super strict as I'm sure they don't want to be seen as the university that spread it to Boston. Very very bad PR for a science school.
  3. It is just so tight. MIT has purposely left space on campus for students to petition for family hardship or poor home learning environment. And obviously this counts, but it was not what the university was anticipating when developing their housing policy. MIT wants only on-campus residents to take on-campus classes to reduce influx from the community. But now, with only 6 weeks to go, it is going to be very hard to get all 400 international undergrads on campus, and to find in-person classes for them. Just way way too tight.
  4. There are a number of international students who stayed in Boston in apartments over the summer so they could go to university in the fall. Flights are expensive, so it is not like they fly home every summer; plus they were doing undergraduate research. These students, many who are friends of my ds, have already signed 12 month leases for the upcoming year. They now must break their leases and leave because MIT is only offering in-person classes for the seniors and only for the hands-on type courses. The timing is tight. Classes start in 6 weeks and now their visas are void.
  5. My ds is on the MIT international student page, and they are freaking out. This ruling came out the day that MIT announced their plans and the day after Harvard announced their plans. So now, if these universities want to protect their students and the lawsuit fails, they have to get them all on campus and with some sort of 'required' in-person class. MIT has 10% internationals, that is a lot of students to get sorted in 6 weeks.
  6. Yes. Obviously, I agree. MIT is 10% internationals, so there is a real panic going on right now in the international crowd that my ds hangs out with online.
  7. And yes, my ds is a dual citizen, which means he can get into and stay in America, but can also still be allowed back in to NZ who is only open to kiwis right now. However, quarantine is full, so they have just halted all new reservations for kiwis on AirNZ and Singapore Air for 3 weeks, so he may not be able to get back at all. And if he does, it might cost us $4000 to pay for the quarantine because he chose to leave. gulp. So many unknowns. But we are rolling with the punches, and seeing this as an opportunity for some life lessons.
  8. Piles of students trying to get apartments in Boston. I do think apartments are safer than a dorm situation as long as the students play it smart. Plus, looks like a lot of the seniors don't want so many restrictions on them, so are giving up their spots in the dorm and moving off campus. On the good side, this will free up space for all the internationals that chose to stay in apartments in Boston in March when the dorms closed down, who are now required to leave the country.
  9. MIT has invited seniors back and will consider petitions for students with difficult situations. It will run hybrid classes, but you must live on campus to attend in person as they want to keep campus somewhat isolated from the larger Boston community. DS could petition and would likely get a spot due to hardship (online classes run in the middle of the night here), but he is now organizing to rent an apartment in Boston with some friends and complete the semester online. MIT has given every student $5k reduction in tuition regardless of how much you owe -- so a larger percentage for the people who pay less. Also, they will increase financial aid. They are now scrambling to decide what to do about all the international students who will be deported if not taking in person classes. Based on the MIT policy released yesterday, students must be on campus to take in person classes, so all the internationals will need to move on campus or leave the country.
  10. My guess is that they got it while in a quarantine facility. Here we have managed isolation which is for people who test negative and quarantine in a different hotel for people who test positive. In contrast to quarantine where people are required to stay in their rooms at all times, in managed isolation people are allowed a bit more freedom, like going for walks or enjoying some sunshine. But if someone has a negative day 3 test, it could be a false negative. So I'm sure there are positive people circulating in the managed isolation facility here in NZ. Not many, but I'm sure there are a few who have not been moved to the full quarantine facility, and these few could infect a few more. We have no evidence of this, and our Medical person says it is not likely. ETA: I see I'm repeating Terabith
  11. Oh, it is a size thing too. And an island thing. But yes, we are back to normal with no masks and no social distancing, and 95% of our economy up and running. But we are set to have a HUGE number of problems based on the border restrictions. No country will get off lightly.
  12. I was looking at this part of the article: "The last cohort permitted to petition comprises seniors whose theses require laboratories, “practice based” work that cannot be done virtually" I definitely saw only what I wanted to see! 😞 So nervous about tomorrow when we hear.
  13. Just asking. 🙂 Yesterday's NSW/Vicrotia border closure was the first time the borders have ever been closed between states in Australia, so it made me think of the US. There is a first time for everything. As for 'crazy' NZ style lockdown, it was supported by 90% of the population. So apparently not crazy in this culture and not an over-reach of the government either. 90% is a shocking approval rating for anything in politics.
  14. You must have one negative test to leave -- we test day 3 and 12. So if you are positive at day 3 and negative on day 12, you can leave day 14. If you are negative then positive that means you stay longer until you have a negative test. If you refuse to get tested, you stay 4 weeks.
  15. NZ is requiring at least 1 negative test AND no symptoms AND 14 days to be allowed out.
  16. My guess is that he caught it while in quarantine, which is why it was over 14 days later he tested positive. This has been my concern with how NZ has been handling the isolation facilities. Too much mixing between people, but never letting people out of their room for 14 days is not so great either. We had someone yesterday, hop the fence and do a runner. 😞 The PM was hot. She said that 5 million NZers did not have to have a guard outside their homes to keep them in lockdown, and NZers in quarantine shouldn't need that either. The runner was prosecuted and fined.
  17. I was seeing that. So sad that the outbreak seems to be FROM the quarantine centers. There is now a discussion about whether we want our quarantine centers in city centers within high rises (with limited lifts) or if we want to construct facilities out in the boonies. What a mess. Also, we have the military running our facilities. So more strict than Australia had with using security guards. But NZ is watching closely. I heard a heart wrenching piece on a number of tower blocks being completely locked down like they did in Wuhan. They seemed to be all state-housing, so poor and often immigrants.
  18. NZ may end up creating a quarantine free travel bubble with only certain states within Australia. So it is good to know that they can close internal state borders. The discussion is a bubble between Australia/NZ/Pacific islands/Taiwan maybe by the end of the year.
  19. I'm seeing the little states in New England doing quite well. How many border crossings could they have? The cut could be vertically down the borders between VT/CT/MA and NY. Or include NY and make the cut at the NY border for the region. 55 crossings is a lot of crossings but my understanding is that NSW is doing all the manning of the borders with their NSW police force not a federal force. ETA: Australia has a federal system like the USA.
  20. I've been very interested in what is going on in Australia as it is a warning for us here in NZ. NSW/Victoria border has been closed. The police are manning the 55 border crossings between the 2 states. Is it possible for certain US states to do the same?
  21. No that is not correct. All freshman allowed, and all other students to petition to come based on hands-on coursework or family situations. MIT is to announce tomorrow. Harvard Newpaper link:
  22. Harvard announces all Freshmen invited back, and all other students must petition to come back based on family circumstances, etc. MIT announces tomorrow, and I am feeling a lot of apprehension especially now that Harvard is not doing what was initially proposed by MIT (juniors and seniors in person for the fall). We have tried to make lots of plans for different contingencies, but we can't actually get anything done until we know. I know waiting to the last to decide is the best because of the evolving situation, but it will make for a hell of a implementation problem for us.
  23. Oh sure you can pout! I've done my fair share of pouting in the last 5 months! I personally think it is a very very hard thing to be both teacher and parent. You get a doubly wammy of frustration over the cheating. My biggest experience with cheating was when I was 14 in highschool. My history teacher allowed the kids to cheat, and just turned a blind eye. One day I told my mom. She told the principal (without asking me). The principal told the teacher that there had been a complaint. The teacher told the entire class "there won't be any more cheating because there has been a complaint. And the only person who would complain is *Ruth*!" Then the local gang, who had a few members in my class, threatened to beat me up and followed me around school for weeks. And then to top it all off, the teacher died the next year (he was oldish), and they dedicated the yearbook to him because everyone loved him so much! So there you go. I still remember the horror of him naming me to the class.
  24. Well, ds is being philosophical about it. He had great learning, reduced stress, and *he* knows that he did great. I think recognition is important, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. Given your math competition background, it might be particularly hard for you as the mother and teacher. My ds missed getting a perfect score on the BMO2 because he made a simple addition error 2+3=6 or some such. Sure he was mad at himself, but he got right back on the horse. If competitions actually drive your dd, then she will get right back to it next year, because this is not really a setback at all. Just a covid thing. There are lots of covid things.
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